Unique strangers

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a reflection of the real world

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Unique Strangers

Did I mention that I'm 19 and life was bitter?

Should I have been a famous singer to make life easier?

I thought falling inlove was a major thing

and that everything ends with a ring


It's a selfish human act of behavior

to fantasize is our normal nature

we are one of a kind but merely nothing special

Strangers who are "Artificial"


We think of ourselves and our own desires

Gets greedy just to get what requires

How is it going to work for all of us?

when everyone thinks of the same sort of fuss?


"You don't know me "

and you can say the same thing for me

but we have the same idea in mind everyday

and that is power and money


I should've been a dog on a leash

so I won't have to worry about the governments lease

They are the elite type of strangers

the ones my granny has before she brushes her dentures


You, I, We, are factually strangers to each other

But we disturbingly affect one another

Afraid to get broke, to get old and to get hurt

But would risk everything to end up in dirt.

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