Cutting Squares

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A baby sitter is left home with three kids Eliza, Michael and Josephine. Everything was normal till the phone call came.

Mr and Mrs Phillip were eating with 5 year old Eliza, 3 year old Michael and 11 month Josephine, while they were eating the the phone rang so Mr Phillip went outside to talk and very soon came back to tell Mrs Phillip that they had to go out for a conference meeting.

'DING DONG!'the bell rang. Mrs Phillip went to open the door. 'Hello, how are you? come in ,the money's on the table,' Mrs Phillips said in a quick but kind voice. 'Very well Mrs Phillip,' 'We'll be back at 10.30,' 'OK then, bye,'

Soon after the parents went, the babysitter, Alice put the kids to bed, then came back down stairs to watch telly. After a while the phone rang, Alice picked the phone up when someone said 'Cutting squares, Cutting squares, i'm entering your planet,'Alice put the phone down and thought psychopaths these days. She went upstairs to check on the kids again, they were fine so she went back downstairs. The phone rang again, so she picked up the phone and someone said 'Cutting squares, Cutting squares, i'm entering your world,' she just put the phone down and thought it would soon stop. She went to sleep for a while.

'BRING BRING, BRING BRING!' she awoke from from a call yet again. so she picked it up and said 'WHO IS IT!' 'Cutting squares, Cutting squares i'm in your country,' 'OH ITS YOU, if you call again,I promise you i will call the POLICE!' With that she slammed the phone down.

After a while the phone rang again, so she picked it up and someone said ' Cutting squares,Cutting squares i'm in your county,' she slammed the phone down once again in rage. She soon called the police, but the police said it was probably just some teenagers messing about.

The phone rang again, this time he said 'Cutting squares, Cutting squares, i'm on this street,' soon after she heard from outside 'Cutting squares, Cutting squares, i'm on the path way,' Alice was in fright and didn't know what to do, so she just hid under all the pillows downstairs she could find. As she hid, she heard the echoes of the voice saying Cutting squares repeatedly and i'm upstairs. She tried not to move, not even her tummy till she heard the front door slam. She ran as fast as she could upstairs, to find the three kids cut up into tiny squares.

She called the police, and told them what had happened. They were trying to track down the call, while the were doing this they investigated the kids rooms, they found nothing. At last they had tracked the phone call down, and had found that the phone call had come from Alice's own Mobile.

Submitted: May 24, 2011

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Devils Heart

Woow! That was great! Make some more! I cant wait! UPDATE please!!!!!

Thu, May 26th, 2011 1:32am

Princess Lilith

uh huh

Tue, December 20th, 2011 4:32pm


I remember being in y5 and being told this story and being so scared hahaha saying that cutting squares was in the local park !!!

Fri, October 19th, 2012 4:11pm

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