Worst day of my lifeeeeeeeeeee

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story about the worst day of my life

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



Here I was stunned..amazed..nervous..happy.. and anxious all at the same time. This was the best day of my life. I was at my favorite celebrity the R&b and fashionista Rihanna’s concert. This was my only chance to meet her, I had to meet her I had to let her know how much I loved her. The room was dimed with thousands and thousands of fans in front and behind me. We were all singing the tune “cheers” Cheers to the freakin weekend I’ll drink to that yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeahhh. The dress I wore had Indian print which was inspired by her. I didn’t want the concert to ever be over.

Afterwards, me and other fans lined up backstage to meet her. Come on folks come on, and line it up. straight line, its a lot of yall and yall all wont be able to meet Miss. Rih Rih her security gaurds said. Pshhh, I am meeting her if that’s the last thing I do. We waited in line forever the heel of my foot was hurting but I didn’t care. Seconds, minutes, and hours went by and I still was waiting. She was becoming too Hollywood for me leaving all these humans waiting for her. When I looked up I was in front of the line and the guards were directing me to her fitting room. We walked to her room slowly, They knocked on the door she opened it up and ….... I couldn’t believe it.

Hey Hoe , Omg Omg I couldn’t wait to meet you . Oh relax im just a regular person, come on in. Rihanna I have a million questions to ask you I don’t even know where to start. Well not to many I have to hurry up and board my flight to Barbados. Hmmm okay for starters my name is Janie and I swear im your biggest fan I have all your cd’s. All my fans tell me the same thing, tell me something different. Well why didn’t you ever make a video to G4l that’s the navy’s theme song? Because I produced millions of other videos for my fans pshh it takes a lot of time and patience to make videos. Did you ever think about including your fans into some of your videos? Haha on no I’m the star, Helloo. Did you ever think about starting your own fashion line? Oh no no no.

Do you know that many people like myself are so inspired by your outfits, who is your inspiration? Yeah I see thousands of little Rih Rih’s running around. I would say that I just like to dare to be different. I would wear what your mom would tell you not too. Also I love love your hairstyles who comes up with them ? Myself mainly, they are based on which Cd im putting out. For example when I released “Loud” I wanted hair that would be loud and stand out. That’s when I decided to go bright red, very bold.

Who do you see yourself collaborating with in the future? Myself, myself, and myself haha I crack myself up. Ohhh okay. Well umm I’ve been trying to get you to follow me for forever on twitter. Is there certain characteristics you look for when following fans? Oh no its just too many of yall cunts. I follow who I can, when I can. It’s mainly by luck if you don’t get one your out of luck ditto !! It kinda seems to me that your a little self centered but in your interviews your always thanking your fans and giving back. I wouldn’t call myself self-centered I just worked hard for this so I deserve this call me cocky, cold, bad bitch status. I worked for my fame coming all the way from Barbados to America. Tell me im not bad.ha ! Understandable, you had the sweet little innocent look , the good girl one bad, so hard blacked out, loud, and then the freaky era.

Do you know what direction your going to go in next? Hmm I honestly don’t know I’ve been thinking about taking it back to my roots and producing music of the sun. But not too many more questions slut I have to pack for my trip. ard. How do you feel having so many fans and people that look up to you? Its feels great to be honest, I feel like I’m sitting on top of the clouds looking down at the world. I feel like a goddess I own the world. What advice would you give to people that are trying to work there way to become famous? Use what you got to get what you want, you better work it !!! Pass me that blunt and lighter right there. You smoke? Well yeahh i’m human, ya know. I just didn’t expect that from you. Expect nothing from nobody and you’ll never be disappointed Janie. I guess that would be a good idea from now on.

Oh snap, what time is it? I have to get ready to leave, you have to leave soon. Can I get a picture with you before I go? Oh no I don’t like the way I look right now, maybe next time. Next time? What if there is no next time? Well then there just wont be a next time life goes on. I waited all my life to meet you and I can’t even get a picture? I waited all my life to meet Diane Swayer, and I never got a picture with her shoot now you have to leave . Ok well bye Rih Rih.

Tears began to fall down my eyes as I left out the room. After today I completely hated my favorite celebrity. She was nothing that I expected her to be, she was the complete opposite. As many cd’s and concert tickets I brought for her I couldn’t even get a picture. I couldn’t believe this; I couldn’t believe she was a cocky inconsiderate bitch. How was I going to explain to my friends how my night went? How was I going to get over this, was I ever? When my I arrived back in the house my mom approached me all excited. Hey daughter , how was the concert did you meet Rih Rih. It was ok, yeah I meet her. Oh my God, did u get a picture? I know you got one. No unfortunately not. What did she say? What did you guys talk about? Nothing really, I am not in the mood mom I just want to go to bed. I went upstairs to my bed and went to sleep and that’s how the worst day of my life ended.

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Worst day of my lifeeeeeeeeeee

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