Stanley Hotel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stephan and Elena went on a vacation and were staying at a hotel. Elena felt something was off about the place when they got to their room. While Stephan is away a murderer comes and kills her and everyone on the floor. Read to see if Stephan makes it out alive!

Hotel Employee

The day had been really boring not very many people come to this hotel. Not because it’s badly kept, but because people think it’s haunted. I was just about to doze off into a nice slumber when the sliding doors of the entrance opened, and an overly attached couple came in laughing like they had just saw the funniest thing in the world.

“How may I help you?” I asked looking down at the computer that sat in front of me.

“We’d like a suite for the week,” the man responded.

“Preferably on one of the top floors, with a balcony,” the woman piped in.

“Okay, well we have one on the 4th floor, if that’ll work?” I replied, watching the man turn to the woman, waiting for her to nod.

“We’ll take that one!” He said smiling, and pulled the woman closer to him.

“Five days then?” I asked.

“Yea, just five.”

“That’s going to be $580, you can pay it all now or pay a couple days worth now and so on.”

“We can pay it all now,” the woman said handing me a credit card.

Once I had given her back her card she turned and gave the man a kiss and bounced down the hallway to the elevator.



Elena went ahead of me, while I grabbed our bags and took the key to our room from the staff. She waited for me to catch up by the elevator, pushing the button repeatedly like a five year old.

“Babe, this elevator is slooowwwww,” she whined.

“Look here it is, cry baby,” I said as the dinging went off hinting that the doors were opening.

I clicked the button that had a number four on it, and waited for the doors to close and the elevator to start moving.

“Babe I’m so happy we got to get away this week!” She said, smiling at me.

“Me too, honey!”

The elevator stopped and the doors opened letting the cool air of the hallway to flow in. I grabbed Elena’s hand and walked down the hallway to room 416. Elena took the key from me and opened the door and squealed.

“Baby, it’s perfect!” she said running over to the window and throwing back the curtains. “Look at the view!”

I sat our bags down on the bed and walked over behind my girlfriend. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and rested my chin on her head. “It’s beautiful, love. But you’re prettier,” I said moving back a little and grabbing at her sides making her laugh and squirm in my arms.

“Stop! Baby, stop tickling me!” She said in between gasps of air.

I stopped and kissed her rosy red lips. “I love your laugh.”

“Oh, okay.” She said moving to the bed, “well are you going to help me unpack?” She said glancing up at me and smiling.

“Sure thing, darling.”



Stephan ran and leaped onto the bed picking up a pillow and throwing it at me.

“Hey! What was that for?” I asked picking it up off the ground, and chucking it at his face with all the force my arms could muster.

“Having fun,” he replied simply.

“Well, stop having fun for five minutes and help me please.”

Stephan’s face immediately turned serious, and started helping me unpack, and once we had finished he kissed me and said, “I’m going to go get some ice, and food from the floor above us, I’m hungry!”

“Okay, babe. I love you!” I said kissing him back.

I watched Stephan grab the bucket and I stared at his gorgeous butt as he walked away leaving the door opened. When he had turned the corner I grabbed the bag with all of our bathroom supplies, and went into the bathroom.

A couple minutes later I heard someone scream, and I dropped the shampoo bottle I was holding. I could tell it came from the room above me, then there was more screaming and I moved from the bathroom and opened the door to the hallway. I was planning on seeing if anyone else heard the noise, but when I opened the door Stephan was right on the other side and scared me. “Ahhhhh!”

“Woah, are you alright?” He asked me, after I quit screaming.

“No, I thought I heard someone screaming from the level above us. Did you hear anything while you were up there?”

“No, and everything looked fine. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.”

“I’m not crazy Stephan! I heard a girl screaming. We should go check it out,” I insisted.

“Alright, but I’m telling you there won’t be anything,” he said putting the ice on the desk, and the packets of food on the table.

“Then you can say ‘I told you so’, okay?”

Stephan grabbed my hand and walked toward the elevator, when I said, “I want to take the stairs.”


Stephan made a different path to the stairs, and held the door open for me. When I stepped into the stairwell I heard another door slamming shut, it sounded like it came from below us so it could’ve been anyone.

Walking up the stairs behind Stephan made me feel more comfortable somehow. When we reached the landing of floor five, I pushed the door open afraid of what I’d see. But there wasn’t anything there besides Stephan’s breathing.



I am pretty sure Elena is imagining things, I mean I was up hear five minutes ago, and I didn’t hear a thing. But because she was scared, and I wanted to show that nothing was wrong. We walked down the hall checking each door we past, to make sure it either wasn’t left open or busted open.

“See, nothing is wrong, honey. Maybe someone is just watching TV, and it screamed,” I said rapping my arm around her shoulders.

“Yeah, maybe. But thanks for coming up with me!”

“Come on, lets go to bed,” I said, pulling Elena to the elevator.

When we were a couple meters from the elevator, it dinged and opened letting a man dressed in a black suit get out. He hastily shoved something in his coat pocket, and sped around us.

“Stephan did that man seem strange to you?” Elena asked me.

“He just seemed like a man, who was in a hurry, darling,” I responded pushing the button with the number four on it.

I waited for the elevator to reach our level, while Elena fidgeted with her fingernails. The door opened, and Elena moved past me, to unlock our door. She went to the kitchen, and opened a bottle of wine. I turned the TV on to some childish cartoon show, and Elena handed me a glass and sat down on the bed.

“Honey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little shaken up,” Elena responded.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” I asked after a few minutes.

“Can we? I mean we already paid to stay the week here.”

“I am sure I can do something,” I reassured her.


“I’ll go do that then, okay honey?”

“I’ll be here!”

I kissed her cheek and grabbed my wallet and a key so I could let myself back in.



I watched Stephan leave for the second time tonight, and stood up to refill my glass. After I downed that glass I wanted to take a hot bath. When I walked past the TV, I turned it down, and grabbed an extra towel.


A while later I heard the main door slamming shut, “I’m in the bathroom, Stephan!” I yelled.

There wasn’t a sound from the other side of the door. No indication that Stephan had heard me. As I strained to hear a sound, any sound, heavy footsteps starting moving towards the door. Stephan had just gone to get some food from the vending machine the level above ours, and I didn’t think he could’ve done it that fast.

“Did you forget something, Babe?” I tried again.

After no one responded again, I decided to open the door and see what Stephan was doing, but the man on the other side of the door wasn’t Stephan. It was a strange man that I’ve never seen in my life.

“Um, may I help you?” I asked.

Just then the man pulled a knife from behind his back and lunged at me. I screamed and jumped back grabbing the door and forcing it shut, but the man had got in the door part way to where it wouldn’t shut. I looked around trying to find something I could use to defend myself with when I noticed a sharp sting coming from my left arm. The man had cut me!

“STEPHAN!?” I screamed kicking at swatting at the man in front of me. I started crying then, “Help, Stephan!?”

The man seemed to be getting aggravated, which I took as an advantage. The next thing I heard was a gunshot, and then I felt myself move my hand down to my side and felt warm liquid oozing out of me. I managed to whisper ‘I love you, Stephan’ before everything went black.


Hotel Employee

I glanced up from the book I was reading, and saw the man who came in with his clingy girlfriend walking toward me. I sighed, sat my book down, and turned all my attention to the man walking toward me. “Is everything alright sir?”

“Um, actually there isn’t. My girlfriend has an uneasy feeling about the hotel, and I want everything to be perfect. I am planning on purposing this weekend, and was wondering if it’s possible to get a refund so we can go somewhere else,” the man informed me.

“Yeah, it’s possible. I’ll just need the card you used to check out with and a few moments,” I said, sighing again.

“Okay, that’s great,” the man said pulling out his wallet, “here’s the card.”

“It will just take a few minutes for me to complete the process.”

“That’s fine, Ma’am.”

The man went and sat on the couch that was facing the TV, while I transferred his money back onto his card. After I had made the transaction I called, “Sir, your card is ready.”

The man stealthily got to his feet and came over to get his card, “thank you, Ma’am.”

“Yep, no problem. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience you and your girlfriend have had,” I frowned.

“Well, I should go tell her that we’re all set,” the man said looking toward the elevator.



I turned away from the front desk and stepped into the waiting elevator. I clicked the button with the number four on it, and listened to the music that was playing. The elevator jerked to a stop and the doors opened, it was eerily quiet besides the whispers of TVs. I came to room 416 and pushed the key into the automatic lock, and pushed the door open.

“Elena?” I called, when I didn’t see her in any of the rooms. She didn’t answer, and she obviously wasn’t in the main room, or the kitchen, so I decided to check the bathroom being that it was the only room with a light on.

I pushed open the bathroom door and saw my girlfriend laying on the floor unconscious. There was blood everywhere; splattered on the walls and door, there were bloody handprints on the walls, bathtub, and floor, and Elena was laying in a pool of her own blood. I was in shock; my beautiful girlfriend, who I was going to ask to marry me, was murdered. I was going to be sick.

“Elena, wake up,” I moved her body into my lap and held her there. She couldn’t be dead. “Baby I’m here, it’s okay.”

She wasn’t moving, so I carefully moved her back to the floor, got up and ran to the hallway and started banging on the door to room 417. The door wasn’t even shut; I pushed through it and saw more blood on the floor. What was coming about this place? I should’ve listened to Elena she knew something wasn’t right. I started to feel nauseous, and left that room to try another one.

More blood.

Anybody occupying these rooms was murdered. I heard a scream from the end of the hall, and then silence. I ran to the door and pushed through it only to find myself face to face with the tall, well built, man who had passed us earlier that day.

Looking at this man I realized that the people on the floor above us were probably murdered as well. And Elena was probably right when she thought someone had screamed. Looking at the fire in the man’s eyes I knew that he wasn’t going to spare me. I knew I was going to die.

Submitted: March 30, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Jasmine Dix. All rights reserved.

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