The Move

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Chelsea is forced to move away to a town shes never heard of and make new friends. But when she get there and bumps into a cute guy, things seem to fall into place.

Submitted: March 19, 2016

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Submitted: March 19, 2016



I was sitting on my swing that I had since I was little, dreading that this day would have to come so fast. It meant that I would have to leave everything behind, all the smells, people, houses, and streets, down to the very last rock in the driveway of 214 Sherman Drive. I sat there watching the moving trucks pull up in my driveway, and men in oversized overalls got out and walked to my house. They came back carrying box after box and piling them up into the backs of the trucks. I glanced up and saw my mom through the kitchen window, putting cooking utensils into a box and yelled, “Mom, I’m going for a walk!”

“Okay. Be back before four o’clock.”

“I will,” I said back.

I jumped off the swing, stuffed my hands in my hoodies pocket and started walking. I had found myself walking to the part of the beach where my friends and I go to hang out and party. The ocean was beautiful. The bright blue that radiated off of it, and how in the distance where it meets the sky, it seems to join together. The seagulls flew overhead, and squawked at each other and the sun felt a little warmer laying there on that big rock. I stayed like that until the sun had moved to the far side of the lighthouse hinting that it was getting close to four. I got up, and slowly walked home, just in time to reach the car as my parents locked the doors to the house.

I settled in my seat for the long drive ahead of me, searched in my bag for a book and started reading. Two hours later I was asleep.

I was woken up to the sound of engines turning off, and my dad sighing really loudly. The inside of the car was really warm, and when my mom opened up her door a gush of cool air came in the door with the smell of rain, and leaves. I looked out of my window at a big house that could easily fit two families in it. The second thing that I noticed was the balconies that wrapped around the windows, and a big beautiful tree not far from the side of the house.

“Well this is Oatstown,” my dad said

“Mom it’s beautiful” I exclaimed gazing at the house.

“Isn’t it?” My mom asked

I grabbed my bag and nodded, “It is.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it dear” my dad hugged me.

“Do you think I can go check out the town?”

“Sure, but be careful please,” My mom said.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and started walking towards the middle of the town. Every house that I walked by had flowers and birds chirping around it. When I rounded the corner at a street the town unfolded in front of me, leaving me gazing at a huge mall, a bunch of people and the smell of pizza and French fries flooded my senses. I hadn’t really seen very many people so far, but it seemed like everyone was here. The signs on the outside of the building mentioned what stores were inside. I spun in a slow circle taking it all in, behind me was a big park that was so jaw dropping; it had the normal playground area for small kids to play at, and an area for bigger kids. But there was also a trail that had flowers lining both sides of it, which a couple people were jogging on, a fountain, and a whole field of flowers, which the birds were playing in.

I stood there astonished by the beauty of a single area when someone bumped me knocking my bag to the ground. I bent down to pick up the contents that had spilled, and my fingers grazed against someone else’s. I looked up to see a gorgeous green eyes looking back at me. His blonde hair rustled in the wind, and he flashed me a killer smile. I stood up, and he handed me back my book that I was reading on the way here.

“Hello, my name is Chris.”

“Oh,” I smiled shyly, “Mine is Chelsea.”

“What a beautiful name, Chelsea. I don’t think I’ve seen you around much.”

“Well, my family just moved in that big house on the hill today. So I wouldn’t have expected you to see me before.”

“That would probably be it,” he laughed, “I should probably go, my mom is expecting my home five minutes ago. But I am so glad I bumped into you.” He winked at me and walked away.

“Wow,” I sighed.

I slowly turned and walked through the park, stopping to smell or pick a flower every couple of steps. By the time the sun started to go down, I had walked a lap around the trail, and had a whole bouquet of flowers to give to my mom. I quickly walked past all of the houses I had previously past when I could still see. Gawked at the beautiful tree before I went inside to find a glass to put the flowers in.

“Mooom!” I yelled

I vaguely heard a reply coming from the second floor, and ran up the stairs to find my parents taking things out of their boxes and decorating their room.

“Honey, when are you gonna make your room?” my dad asked.

“I’ll do it tomorrow. But dad did you know that there is a beautiful big park down town? And a huge mall, Mom?”

“No I didn’t,” my mom responded sidetracked.

“That’s great Chels, I’ll have to check it out soon.”

“Yea, dad.” I turned and went to my soon to be room curled up in the beanbag and fell asleep.

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