Angel A Music Compilation Poem

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This is a poem I wrote for choir that compiled all the songs that we were singing. Sadly,I cannot remember the song titles. This is the story of a guy (the narrator) and his love (the angel). He is going somewhere, and wishes her to protect him. He is very close to her but still can never reach her.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




She flies at night

She's always in eternal flight

She will protect us from all harm

So grab a hold of her arm

And say Fa Na Na Na

But Oh

Her hair is lovely in the breeze

She died of a disease

I frowned

But then the healing robe was found

Now I can lay my sword down

Little children get on board

Keep a hold of the cord

Which allows the spirit to move you

So smile thou sweet heart

I have struck you with a dart

I am facing my doubtful doom

Lost inside my gloom

The only thing to save me is your love enchanting eye

You eye as fare as morn as fresh as may

Is all I think of as I lay

Tell me my sweet, Live I or die?

My void is like a valley is wide or ocean deep

We are afar by but a leap

When my words fail my music speaks

Guide us in our flight



She smiles

Fa La La La

Fa Na Na Na

She frowns

I die

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