Happy's Watchful Nights- A Fairy Tail Fanfic

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In the middle of the night Happy takes the opportunity to gaze upon his family.

Submitted: January 17, 2013

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



Happy wiggled out from underneath Natsu's arm. The night air flowing in from the open window wafted passed him smelling like Sakura and fresh water. He smiled and began flying happily. He stared down at his best friend. His pink hair was strewn about, his mouth agape with some drool pooling on the right corner. He had always been there for him ever since his birth. Happy loved him as a brother; though he had actually acted more like a father. However, since Lucy's arrival Happy had begun to grow another strong attachment.

His wings carried him closer to the sleeping girl. Hovering a mere centimeter above the bed, Happy gazed at her sleeping form. Her face was relaxed and peaceful, a small flush upon her cheeks. Happy knew that his love could never be. Of course he knew he was a cat. And even if he wasn't why would Lucy ever pick him? So many others where there for her to choose from. Though his love would never be returned he was content being this close to her. He could stay by her side in friendship and even have the privilege of her sleeping face every so often. Satisfied he laid back down beside Natsu on the floor and drifted to sleep.

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