The Maiden In The Forest

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A girl wanders through a wood. She praises the moon and thinks about the man she loves. This was written from a prompt my sister gave me.

Submitted: July 05, 2010

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Submitted: July 05, 2010



The maiden slowly strolled through the wood. The forest was dark but she could still see the path before her. Shadows were long and they fell in her wake but she was not afraid of them. She stared down at her bare feet as she walked. Mist engulfed her as she moved and it gave her a magical feel. She felt that she could do anything.

An image filled her mind. It was of a young man. He bore a full smile showing pointy teeth within his mouth. His ashen hair (the color of tree bark) was long, but not too long; just the way that the girl liked it. The shaggy man’s eyes were glittering wildly. The mischief contained in those orbs filled the girl with joy. This was the man that she had grown up with. He had always been there for her and she loved him. He was waiting down this trail for her now but she was in no hurry to reach him, for she wanted to first admire the silent moon.

As she passed the tree that she had always called the goblin tree, she sent her eyes up to the full moon. One little cloud was seated beside it. They were such a happy pair that it brought tears to the maiden.

With one hand she wiped the liquid away while she raised the other up into a diagonal line reaching toward that moon. Her whole being longed to be joined with that moon. She cleared her mind of all other thoughts and said a blessing unto the moon spirits. “If you can hear, mighty spirits, please give me luck tonight when I tell him of the love buried deep within my heart. I ask this in your name, oh mighty moon of women’s power and nature.” With that, she threw her head back, twirled in a little circle, and then took a deep breath.

The musty smell of the wood filled her empty lungs. This was her favorite scent because it was her home in every essence. She felt ready to move on now, and she slowly removed her silken dress that she had worn to the market.

Standing there naked, she felt peace radiate to her from moonbeams. She embraced this feeling and soon her form began to change. Her face was shrinking and hair was growing from every gland on her body. The hair was pure white and it soon left no visible trance of skin. Her eyes turned from their color of blue to a deep reflecting green. She felt powerful and at ease as tiny paws replaced her delicate hands. She could no longer hold herself up and gravity knocked her to all fours. She was ready for this, though, and so she took the fall amiably and with grace.

She was ready to face her future now and she stared one last time up at the mystical moon before running swiftly down the trail that would lead to the clearing which was the place of her birth. Tonight was the day of her mating ceremony. As the princess of the wolves, she had to choose in front of the rest of the pack. She had been troubled when first morning broke, but now she was tranquil and was ready to begin her new life. As she ran into the clearing the mist closed the space so that her image seemed to disappear into nothing.

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