Not What you think

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Well this is one of my first poems that i wrote when i was going through a rough time.

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



Not What You Think

ON the outside you might see a happy person but under that smiling face is a girl that’s crying

I’ve been through soo much pain in my life that I can’t even cry anymore.

I guess I was spouse to have a fucked up life cause when I was born I was born with drugs in my system.

now lets’ fast forward to when I was 6 when I was molested

by my neighbor for a year until we moved

that’s when I was starting to get beat and when my father forgot I even existed

and this went for 6 yearsuntil

I pisst off my mom so bad she lost her mind then that’s when I started drama with mi parents

haha man you must wonder why I laugh

it’s because I can’t cry anymore I officially ran out of tears and I damn Shure don’t want to be a charlady case

because I know theirs light at the end of the tunnel

or maybe I’m wondering in a enclosed room full of darkness.

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