August 19

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Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



He calls me in the middle of the night and says come closer little girl.
You are so small and my little one. An angel whose wings haven't quite grown to the correct size, they blossomed and broke your poor little spine.
You're broken but I am here to fix you.
I fall and fall but it doesn't bother me anymore.
The miniscule fights and silly drama go on and a fire burns under me. She knows where to go and confrontation is my best friend.
I know you see me and are disappointed but I am so tired and can sleep for days.
As long as you become my spine and fill the empty spaces where my broken bones have shattered
and as long as I am your little girl this world and exhaustion does not phase me.
Tell me who I am because my emotions are yours. Tell me more and give me more and
fill me fill me fill me.
Every tear that falls and
smile that grows and
frustration that burns
and scream that shatters me even more is
you you you you.
You are my fucking star and I will use you to climb higher.
Boast about me and let the others believe how wonderful I am.
I'm slipping but as long as no one knows who I am we can fly by and stay low.
Tell me I'm your little girl and you are my castle.
I am swaying with desperation and I am pathetic for you.
These feelings don't bother me anymore because I am on my knees crawling for you.
I know you'll always come to me and talk for one two three hours three to four months a year is a blessing.
Tell me more and give me more

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