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Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



Sometimes I think about us. And the nights of no sleep and conversatoin. We were one of the same one of the two. One one one you were the one. And I sit in a cliche lifestyle of long term desires and marriage in the future. But seduction and infedility run through my mind even though he is perfect. And you were nothing but a tease. But there was perfection and you were more and there was a sense of hope and perserevernce and more. Gangly and boney you breathed the green and the smoke was you. You became the smoke and he and you are one of the same one of one. One you were the one. We could be fulfilled we could be the future. What do you know or what do I know. Other than the on the one meaning of...... Of ghosts floating in my mom's house and every movie we watched I see your ghost sit beside me. The spirit of laughing and of never ending. But we ended and you disappeared like the smoke you inhale. It is over it is one and done. You were the one and are the one but we are done done done. And I am always waiting waiting creating a fantasy in my mind and believing we will find a way to each other again. And your taste is still so good and a forbidden habit. Come back to me but don't come back. Come back but keep it  a secret. Be the one I don't want and the one I reminesce over. You were the one but I am tied down and buried alive now that you've gone. Wrap a string around me and drag me through this city and only speak when you are too tired to make efforts with anyone else. I am running running running and maybe you'll remember the conversations and the 6am laughter and movies and arms around me only me. Delight me and tempt me with the same routines. Forever ago come back forever ago

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