Electricity and thunder

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Lovers connecting

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



I love your hungry eyes and the delicious way your face changes when you see me
Gaze me from head to toe because honey I will put on a show for you
You said you thought lightning was so sexy
So I pray and dream every  night to become that flash and spark to burst every inhibition inside of you
Lick your lips and get on your knees, promise to me this night is ours
Let me be the one to electrocute you in the most sensual way
We're in our own galazy and what about the rules and punishments?
I am the rule you were born to break
And the punishment is me releasing my anger sadness excitement and pleasure all over you
I explode and the air shatters in our beautiful union
In this moment there is no one else
There is 
And a sad little girl who you eat up in one tantilizing bite
This is not home but you are my hotel
The passion is fire and the look in your eyes chokes me on the spot
That beautiful way your forehead creases when you are half asleep mad or at your hightest point of ecstasy
Hold me down and deny me the things we both know I deserve most
I wil break you to ashes and make you feel like a king in one passionate kiss
Light me on fire and we'll fall breathless to the ground
Throw yourself on me so I know I'm always covered and protected
What is the pounding rain to my screams of joy and pleasure and release and ecstasy and sexuality
What are the lights and terrifying cracks of thunder to the way you go down and turn me into lightning
We'll yell our desires and drizzle out at 6 in the morning
Goodnight, my lover

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