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A forbidden love

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



And I miss your skin I miss your taste You are unfamiliar in this world I have grown to hate
How to conform how to become similar I over analyze and I curse
You hated me yesterday so I burned myself to the ground
Please dear lotus don't let me down don't leave me
You are something so different and my favorite sin to commit
I cannot leave nor can I think Let me breathe you in you are the scent that burns my nose
And the sight that blinds me, but baby Lotus don't stop coming
Around me around town Wrap your arms around me
You are so frail and I feel like a giant I am so comfortable yet you are so unallowed
This is scandalous and a dream come true Fill my nose and my mouth with your wicked taste
Feel me down and throw me to a dangerous place Where morals are fucked and the devil is smiling in my ear
Oh I know they are disappointed but I am so happy in the heavens
I am fucking flying
Darling lotus please give me your hand and strangle me to the bed
Throw me across the room you are my favorite sin
We are different but you are perfect
Maybe it is too soon, oh yes it is too soon
I curse myself day and night for these lfeelings but I long for a word a look
I long for a curse or a finger
I die for the smallest simplest pleasure because you're it
Watch a few months and you'll be nothing to me
But right now my dear baby Lotus love me up and hate me down

I am ready

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