Summer 2012

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Some thoughts I wrote after my boyfriend and I broke up about the feelings that still linger and the ones that won't leave you alone

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



You are my thoughts and my escape, a black hole who drags his nasty claws down my body
There is blood and marks all over me as if I have been attacked
Attacked by something holy evil something innocent when you examine every inch of it?
But I'm still waiting for you
And I only miss you when I'm drunk
The liquid spills and the rain falls down my face but you were a mistake
And a god damn long one
A mistake who grasped every inch of me and held me so carefully
Maybe I'll keep you a secret and tie you up in a bed and laugh as you struggle
Struggle to get out of something terrible that is tying you down, but ha-ha-ha I will laugh and drink wine
As you hang your head and realize this time I have trapped you
Or maybe I'll blow you up like you did our failed relationship
Like you exclaimedto the world about your indiscretions but slipped your mind to tell the woman you claimed as your soulmate
And isn't it sad and so pathetic that I am still waiting?
Maybe maybe maybe you are the one in the end
Maybe I'm just a stupid drunk girl who wants to appear deep with intellectual thoughts
Who wants the world to look at me as more than you ever did
But let's go back to square one when you were my temptation and something so evil I just had to sneak a kiss a finger
A love so mistaken but secretly so beautifully pure
Something the devil concocted one day when he was bored
I'm still waiting for you

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