The lies we believe

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A little poem I wrote during a bad relationship

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



We laid together in underwear We spoke words of silence.And you promised me every night
You love me
Baby you love me
You love me baby
Saving my life and tearing apart storms I hold your hand during the worst shit.You grip so tight and you bust my lip I have bruises up and down my arms but it's
Not hate, no All it is is love
All you are is love.Love love love love love
Love me all night and keep promising me the same things Becausein my heart I know they all may break
But right now you're playing your guitarAnd I'm smiling because of how beautiful every sound you create isAnd sometimes I wish I was a song
A note
A key
That you createdSo I know for sure that I'm a part of you no matter whatAnd we'll fall and we'll smile and I drink all the alcohol to get away from your hateYou love me baby you love
And I hate the nights that I'm on the other side of the worldYou're just an alien on a planet I'm not aware of
But you're mine you're mine you're mine you're
And I'll die with you

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