can i trust u?

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Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



at the movie

ray:so what movie do u guys want to see?

alexis:how about ice age?


lady:welcome to cobb theaters how may i help u?

prince:8 tickets to see ice age

lady:here u go have a nice day

roc and jasmine share a drink they drink at the same time

jasmine: *giggles*

at jasmines house

ciara:i had an awesome time princeton

prince:me too uhh.. maybe i could call u sometime?

ciara pov:omfg! princeton from mindless behavior just asked for my number is this reality

end of pov

ciara:sure here it is

roc:so ill see u later

jasmine: yeah but before u leave i want u to have this

roc:wahts this

jasmine:my phone number so u can call me sometime


the next morning roc calls jasmine


roc:hey i was wondering if u and the girls want to come to the beach with us?

jasmine:sure hold on im gonna ask the girls


prince:what happened

roc:she went to ask the girls

jasmine:roc im back and they said kk

roc:so keshia is going to pick u guys up in an hour or so

jasmine:k bye


knock at the door

jasmine:i got it its probably the boys

roc:oh hey jas-jas-jas

roc pov:damn she look sexy in a two peice

end of pov

jasmine:earth to roc

roc:huh oh hey

jasmine:hey u guys can come in the girls are packing the stuff that they need

tori:lets hit the beach

at the beach

???:well if it isnt my ex girlfriend jasmine


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