Dont stop Believeing

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Sarah finds out she has cancer and she was prego this was based on a true story but a miracle came true and she doesnt have cancer no more and she lost the baby but she is prego again and she is havin twins

Submitted: May 24, 2009

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Submitted: May 24, 2009



It was a day that i've never dreamed of. A day spent at the hospital. It all started when i had to go to the doctors that Friday Night. I thought it was just for a check up but i got 2 shots as well. I was so scared, Because i hate pain. "Stay still or it will hurt worse" said doctor thompson. I began to shed tears, i cried as the needle went in. Finally the pain is over," Cried sarah.

As i came out of the doctors office i began to feel weird, it was just the medicine. As i went home my ex boyfriend came over and started to beat me. The bruise became very brutal. They became very painful; they didnt feel normal at all. I was afraid that something wasnt right like there were blood clots stuck in my arm. I have had that happen before thats why im scared for it to happen bc i had to have surgery on my arm to get the blood flowing again.Im so scared for it to happen again i pray that it isnt that.

Later that night i got dizzy  and i had a small bump on my arm. I just noticed it; it looks like it just appeared today.I began to think it was a beginning of cancer. I wasnt sure or not but that just what i assumed. I know that cancer doesnt hurt and this bump doesnt hurt.

The following day at 11:00 P.M i didnt feel right so i decided to head to the hospital to get my blood drawn to see if it really was cancer. I will get my results back in a day. Im nervous and scared.The phone began to ring. I started to shake and pray. I reached very slowly for the phone hoping it was good news. I picked it up and saw on the caller ID it was the doctors calling me back with the results.I was hopefull and i had faith. We began to talk and he said the results werent the best. I started to cry. Come to find out my stomach sickness and dizzyness wasnt from the cancer they found it was because i was pregnant. But also in blood results they found cancer. I became speechlessl; I dont know what i'm going to do.The next question was is it curable. Luck enough it was, so i just began my kemo therapy and i pray it will be cured soon.

The following week i had o go back to the doctors for a checkup on the baby. It wasnt good.come to find out i lost the baby. My jaw dropped i didnt know what to say.I had so many people raising money for me now to continue fighting this. There was also a race to fight cancer and i hope it will be cured soon.

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