Loves Chance?

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This came to me While I was watching the movie Ghost Rider. Pretty odd huh?

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



Loves Chances?


The day began just like any other. The sun opening my eyes. The stillness in the air, a reminder. A reminder of where the road of life had now taken me. This staight narrow road. Still I put on my smile, like an old familiar shirt, finding solice in this old friend.

I get some coffee, grab the cigarettes from the table, and head to the patio to grab the last few moments of the world just awakening. The wind caresses my face and teases my hair, while the sun's rays warm my body as if a hug from someones' loving arms. The smell of the morning dew still in the air, tantilizing my nostrils.

As my mind starts to replay all the dreams of last night, I hear you awake. I hear your footsteps get closer, and heart skips a beat, a swarm of butterflies stir up in my stomach, sending chills through my entire body. I turn to see you opening the door as you come to join me. You look up and smile at me, heat rising in my body, making the summer sun jealous of such a warming light, knowing it will never compare. Yet I still look away, hoping you won't see inside. Aching for you to hear my heart screaming it's desires for you. I take a deep breath collecting my nervesness as you sit down, hoping you don't capture the sight of the cigarette shaking in my fingers, as once again the relentlessness of those wonderful butterflies rise again in flight.

Conversations traveling between our lips, my aers embrace every word just as a mother would embrace her newborn baby. Watching your lips pronounce every syllable, such beautiful movements from such an effortless action.

Then it begins. The words from an old relation pound my subconscience. At first like a light summer rain echoing a memory. Then the winds blow, bedris now visable in the air. 'You failed at love already!' Do I have the strength to go through heart break again? Still having something else tell me the wonderous joy those feelings bring.

Fearful of disappointing you. Stuggling with desire to make you happy. A knowledge of being able to show you how it feels to be treated as though you the most important 'possesion' anyone can own. Scared! Knowledge that I may be able to be part of such a rare energy's life by simple opening my mouth and allowing those emotions to stabe my tongue. Scared!

Then, with the power of a supernova, an old man's voice, an old man whom I have entrusted above all others. 'Grandson, opening your heart to someone is the best gift you can give yourself, no matter the outcome. It relieves you of doubt. It destroys walls. It opens your soul and allows love to find you when it's time" "Be beautiful, be willing to take the fall. Maybe you'll be caught, maybe you fall and get bruised, but isn't it allows worth it?" "Remove the, what if, and seek the answer."

My eyes focus back upon your ever beautiful eyes and face. Feeling like I am about to speak for the first time. The stabbbing begins. The bitter taste of chance fills my mouth. Every word a sheet of ice causing me to fumble and stumble. Then silence.

As you look up I hear those words I so longed to not hear again. One more notch on the bed post? Failure feels my ears and becomes all I hear. Left in the gutter to be alone with the rats, the slime, the filth. Floating along, waiting for someone to find and think, "What a treasure."

A treasure to be found, and lost? A treasure seeking for it's one hunter to cherise it? ATreasure to be lost in the clutter, waiting for it's chance to shine. Dimming as everyday passes into the timeline of history. Left in History?

Only life will tell.

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