A Circle and a Square

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We all have differences. Voting for Barrack? McCain? Doesn't matter - really. We're all AMERICANS.
What makes us great are the DIFFERENCES we share - compare. Would you DARE? Having two feet makes not a person complete. Being sweet - that's unique! Smile...

Submitted: October 14, 2008

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Submitted: October 14, 2008



A Circle and A Square
A square didn’t like a circle
This circle didn’t care for the square
Circle and Square. Nothing to compare
The square was nothing more than a box
The Circle, a ball
They weren’t that different after all
Today they face each other. They stare
They compare
This square declares, “Look what the circle’s found
An emptiness so complete it’s perfectly round!”
The circle replied,
“Don’t be jealous! How does it feel to be stuck?
When I roll and play this way or that way – you are so out of luck!”
The square gives a glare
“Hey Circle, are you right side up or upside down?
Half of you forever smiling – the other half a frown
Why,you’reno better than a clown!”
With a tear streaming from it’s eye, this circle replied,
“I have no line with an ending or start. Forever enclosed am I
Not very smart.”
The square simply stared before it too declared,
“You? I cannot move – this is no lie! Here I sit day after day
Who wants to play this way?
Who would want me after all – nobody wants a block!
Nor a rock – they want a ball – that’s all.”
So, this Circle and this Square
All that was not
The Square would never be a ball
The Circle, never a block
They too had a moment to share
A laugh and a grin and all that was not
Never forgetting the sadness

We all share when wanting to compare

A Circle and A Square


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