Lunch: The Debate of the Believer and the Atheist

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This is a first draft. Inspired by a debate :D

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



Lunch: The debate of the Believer and the Atheist

Believer: God… he did and doing things for us we don’t even understand. Like pain and sufferings, but he did all of those for a reason

Atheist: What reason kind sir? So we can go to a so called heaven? We don’t believe in a god because if there is a god he won’t let things like pain and suffering to occur in his creations. If there is a god he is not kind. We are here by our selves, this is heaven and this is hell, there is no bigger meaning to it. Just this.

Believer: I’m not finish good sir… HE did all of those for a reason a reason even the brightest mind won’t understand. I will not be saying to you the cliché that he is mysterious and works with that way. I’m here to shed a light and prove a point that there is a God.

Atheist: That’s it kind sir, No one understands… If there is a so called supreme being why he doesn’t give us the chance to understand?

Believer: That’s where faith enters. I myself don’t read the bible because I don’t consider an ultimate religion. For me all religion is just a guide towards Him. All suffering and pains is persistent because of people… us, we create our own pain and we are so much use to it we blame it to God and eventually evolved in losing faith.

Atheist: you didn’t completely answer my question my good sir. If this so called faith of yours a bridge to understand a myth but then not understanding it completely… then what’s the point about that?

Believer: The point is that faith is not just about God… faith is everywhere as we speak. When a person hears faith, the overrated rated religious idea enters their mind… but no good sir, faith is everywhere. Do you have a family my good sir?

Atheist: [nodded]

Believer: Do you have faith that they are alright right now? Somewhere… even an atheist with a dying father has faith that his father will recover. My good sir… I don’t pray a lot but my faith is intact.

Atheist: True… but still, you couldn’t prove that he exist that a fairy tale exists. I’m greatly disturbed that only a few sins and a man who did good forever goes to your called hell, and there have no chance in heaven anymore. The bible is just a harsh fairy tale to tell children to do good. Also I don’t want a god who don’t like gays and lesbian who knows true love. There are many holes in the bible I tell you that. And anybody who believed in God is silly, superstitious, ignorant, and had simply not looked at the evidence. No offense kind sir.

Believer: Non taken.

Atheist: All the religious sects have a share of the immoral. The church killed thousands of poor women just to prove that there is a witch among them. Wars had been held because of this god of yours, death of thousands good men. But does this god of yours did something?

Believer: [silence]

Atheist: I guess not

Believer: If a Christian is standing before you, you already won my good sir. But I stand as a believer. I don’t believe in the promise of heaven or the torture of hell to keep me morally good. I just believe in God. I discovered him in a very unlikely story. I was an atheist and became an agnostic. And I’m always winning in debating that there is no God. But if you come to think of it, all happenings is because of us… wars had been held because of their faith but little did they know that both of their God is one, its just their belief is not. I said that bible is just a guide because people wrote it. Many gospels was not been considered in creating it, only the pope and the priests back then decided, so like you, I don’t believe much in it, but it is a wonderful guide. Good sir… I’m not standing in front of you as a Christian… but as a believer in my own right. I found him deep inside me when I was an atheist that changed me. It is just respect that people don’t have with each other’s belief… Atheist or believer we are people, we are humans.

The Believer looked at his watch and said: Thirty minutes! We’re late!

Atheist: Oh! [Laughed] right

They stood up in the coffee shop and went back to their works. They shook hands with smiles on their faces and said.

Atheist: I’m still what I am

Believer: And I respect that. Tomorrow again?

Atheist: Tomorrow

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