Miss Stalk and the three Polar bears

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A classic story retold

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Miss Stalk and the Three Polar bears





Once upon a time, there was a little 17 year old girl named Goldilocks Stalk.

Deep alone in the frosty mountains, she went for a walk 

Pretty soon, she came upon a grand house.

Comparing her size to the door, she was big as a mouse

She knocked and, but no one answered.

She walked right in, to make the house chartered 

At the table in the kitchen, there were three glasses of wine.

Goldilocks was thirsty, being drunk is fine. 

Her throat quenching, saying ‘give me liquor my lass’

She tasted the wine from the very first glass. 

"This wine is too strong!" she exclaimed.

So, she tasted the wine, momentarily she claimed.

"This wine is like water," she said

So, she tasted the last glass, wine of red.

"Ahhh, this wine is just right," she said happily and she drank it all up.


After she'd drank the three white bears' spirits she decided she was feeling a little tipsy. 

So, she walked into the living room where she saw three chairs and sighed blissfully. 

 Goldilocks sat in the first chair to rest her feet.

"This chair is too big!" she exclaimed.

So she sat in the second chair.

"This chair is too big, too!" she whined.

So she tried the last and smallest chair.

"Ahhh, this chair is just right," she sighed. 

 But just as she settled down into the chair to rest, it broke into pieces!

Her butt ached from both of the side.


Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedrooms as grand as royalty.  She lay down in the first bed of the first room, but it was too hard. Then she lay in the second bed in the second room, but it was too soft as a bard. Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right.  Goldilocks fell asleep, it was night.

As she was sleeping, the three white bears came home. 

"Someone's drunk my wine!," growled the oldest bear.

"Someone's drunk my wine!," said the middle bear.

"Someone's had been drinking my wine, and it’s all dried up!" roared the youngest brother bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," growled the oldest bear

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," said the middle bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair and they've broken it all to pieces," roared the youngest brother bear.

They decided to look around some more and when they got upstairs to the bedrooms one by one, oldest bear growled, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed,"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed, too" said the middle bear

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still there!" roared the youngest brother bear.

Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears.  She screamed, "Help!" 

But oldest bear clawed her throat hard

Middle bear bit her torso, ripped and discard

Youngest bear broke her neck

Decapitated her head

And that is the story of Goldilocks, a girl who end up dead




© Copyright 2018 Jason Kloves. All rights reserved.

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