The Writer who took 15-year-old advice

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Its a short story for uninspired writers
PS: still the first draft, thanks :D

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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Submitted: September 29, 2011



The Writer who took a -15 year old advice

One upon a day, between countless days, embedded in countless years. It started with a moment that triggered a chain of events that led to this story.

There was a boy, who discovered he wanted to write at the age of sixteen. He typed the first sentence in his computer with an idea crazy enough to be nothing or something great. It was just an idea, nothing more, there were no needed profit after it… Let’s go back on his typing shall we? He typed the very first sentence “It is morning… the sun wake him up” yes, his writing was… let’s say, unacceptable.

Soon enough this boy entitled his finished first chapter “The presentation”. “It’s a fantasy” He said to his friends, let’s add rich before the word ’friends’. He was proud and had the thought I his mind “I wrote a chapter!” he happily said it in his heart.

To summarize the grand things his friends said “This sucks”. With hopes not trampled down, he continued and edited it learning the right tenses

In his 2nd year of college, again to summarize awesome things his friends said “14 chapters wow…” A light in his mind flashed, it was a revived hope.

During his third and fourth year of college, this was his friend thoughts when he gave his story to them “again… if my eyes have a mouth it’s puking. I don’t wanna read your book anymore, fed up!”

But the boy now a man didn’t give up, and continued with his writing.

As soon as he finished all the chapters he spent days and night finding a YA fantasy agent with a hope to be the next J.K Rowling. Like any naïve young adult he aimed high, gunning queries to the most prestige agents in the business. He kept the thought in his heart that there is no such thing as failure… only a delayed success.

So, still with the enthusiastic heart he had since 16, he typed his first query letter, with the overflowing assurance of acceptance. He excitedly waited for weeks until a reply letter went to his mail box saying:
We greatly appreciate your submission, and have
given your book our careful
consideration. Unfortunately, your project is not
a good fit for us at this time.

We wish you the best of luck in finding an
enthusiastic agent and in your writing career.
Again, thank you for thinking of our Agency.

It was generic as can be, but he was naïve.

Months turned to a year, still he sends query letters. Each night he write a query letter a rejection was a reward.

Now for the main event of the story which defies everything about reality.

I’ll repeat the phrase I’ve written…

One upon a day, between countless days, embedded in countless years. It started with a moment…

The boy now a man was out of fuel that was hope. He found the sanctuary of a coffee shop after a night full of senseless drinking and whining about “I shouldn’t type that first sentence”.

Tiredness was etched under his darken lids.

The waiter came by him with that hot coffee and a piece of bread he ordered. He sighed looking miserable and ate that bland breakfast of his. He felt the waste of his life.

“Hey!” the voice was old but not too much. It was a man with a salt and pepper colored beard. He was not dangerous, just bearded.

The boy now a man didn’t give him any attention.

“Had a bad night?” the bearded man chuckled and stood up with his breakfast and same coffee as him. With a smile he went towards the boy-now-a-man.

“I guess” he replied but what in his thoughts implied was this I had a bad four years of a waste, now I’ll find a mediocre job and live…

“Well,” the bearded man started “I had one of these morning back when I was 20. I mean, this might be weird but your face looks like my son, he’s 10 now by the way” his eyes glinted with happiness and told his son’s name “Stephen

“Nice knowing…”

“What do you do?” the bearded man asked


“Let me rephrase my question… what do you dream?”

“Well, just now I gave up writing. Like a smoker giving up cigarettes, and junkie with drugs”

“Rough years huh?”

“You have no idea…”

“Well, when I was in your age.” He sipped his coffee a little “I was a dreamer and I write stuffs too and almost give up. I notice your dull uninspired face” he laughed but the-boy-now-a-man didn’t flinched.


“A man once told me a saying ‘All people who have a dream, I’m one of them… All people had a dream, not one of them… All people who achieved their dream told me four words… I never gave up”

The man smiled and left him with the advice lingering in his thoughts.

“Never give up…” he echoed




5 years later

He landed a book deal and became one of the famous writers surpassing the writers before him…

The boy now a man became a father. He was near his wife holding his new born son.

He asked his wife “what do you want to name him?”

His wife smiled and replied “Stephen







We can never know what is beyond in our dreams, how destiny and freewill play and its rules… but there are moments that you’ll remember and ask how it was possible… if it was real

This is a story of a writer who took a negative 15 year old advice…

© Copyright 2018 Jason Kloves. All rights reserved.

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