The Perfect Girl

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Meeting a girl. Then loosing her with no information. what else to do but look for her?

Submitted: December 29, 2014

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Submitted: December 29, 2014



As I walk into the large elegant house. I Sean Williams set a goal to not let recent events destroy this night. As I was coming out of depressing state I was joyfully greeted by one of my best friends, Nicholas Jacobs he is an interesting guy he always leaned on the crazy side. I’m talking about OCD, germaphobic, everything in the right place crazy. But over all a wonderful friend. As we start walking towards the dessert table in deep conversation, a girl with long brown curly hair and perfect hazelnut eyes in a long light blue dress runs by. As if fate my head turns to meet hers, and our eyes meet.

As I come out of the deep love trance Nick says

“ I know her she is new,she goes to my school.”

“ Really” I say in an astonished tone

“ Yea she is really cute isn’t she” Nick almost whispers

“ She is perfect”

After it seemed to be hours of stuffing our faces with cake and pointless conversation. Out of nowhere that beautiful young women walks up and we strike up an interesting topic of relationships, as we talk the night away of course I was not paying attention, it seemed as if I was lost in her eyes. Suddenly something was brought up that was really sad for her, to the extent that she starts tearing up and runs off again.

Nick follows her and I try to keep up still confused about what just happend. We come to a halt to what seems to be a bathroom door, I can faintly hear weeping. Nick knocks and goes in. I hear the tears and sadness stop and him trying to comfort her but at the exact same time trying to comfort himself of all the germs. I walk in i see  him in more stress than her. But then another problem arose, this bathroom was too small were all trying cram into this no more than 5x5 bathroom. In the struggle the girl who name has still escaped me stumbles into the small bathtub. As Nick and I feel like idiots I reach for her and stumble into the tub myself.

Awkwardly we both are pressed into each other. Out of the blue she puts her hand on my cheek and face me towards her eyes. We gaze into each others eyes, she leans in I lean and our lips meet in the middle. It seemed to only last a second but turned out to be almost a minute of pure passion. I wanted it to last forever. I look up to see Nick petrified almost like he saw me got murdered. We both scramble up almost tripping over each other.

Once were both up on our feet. We say our goodbyes, neglecting to get her name I try and get Nick to some fresh air. Still in a daze trying to get Nick and I out of there. Once we get outside I almost drop my phone trying to call for a ride home. I wait for what seems like forever waiting on my mom to come pick us up. After a slow ride home. I finally get to lay down in my bed processing the events that have occurred in the last few hours. Befor I knew it I was asleep.


That morning i woke up in a daze. I tried to sit up and my head felt like it was glued to the bed. Then I remember last night the girl. I jump up burst through my door run down the stairs to be greeted with nobody complete silence in the house. Of course mom and dad would go to work forgetting I was even alive. So I grab a bowl,milk, and frosted flakes, and make a big bowl of frosted flakes with 6 cups of sugar on it. I take it down the hall beside the stairs to the computer room, and immediately video call Nick. Of Course he was there perfectly groomed, in nice ironed red polo, wide awake. I was in my pjs, almost falling back asleep.  

I ask him about last night but he was upset , and I remember how he liked her and I’m the one she kissed. So he turns his head away trying to act like my grandpa when he was mad. Crossing his arms, a bid frown, and his head turned away from me.

“Come on dude it was one kiss.” I said

“But still I liked her.” He said still trying to act grumpy

“I need your help finding out who she is.” I said in an apologetic tone


Now i'm really mad I disconnect and hop onto google. I type South Palm High School, I click the link to the online yearbooks and try and find her. Then I remember she is new she isn’t going to be in any yearbooks. I grab my phone and start calling around asking if anyone knows her.

After at least an hour of calling I get a break. An address  542 Ridge Way, I was in luck only 1 mile away. So I run back upstairs, burst through my door, grab a t-shirt and jeans, grab my backpack, back down the stairs and out the front door. I hop onto the sidewalk and start my long walk. After maybe 30 minutes of walking I was off the sidewalk walking on main street. out of nowhere a cop pulls up and asks me what I am doing.

“I’m going to a friends house.” I try to sound like an angel

“Well go back home this is a public road you could get hit out here” They said in a demanding tone.


I pretend to walk back and as he was out of sight I get back on Main Street. I realize I could cut through the forest and get there faster. So I run down an alley into the woods. As I was walking I think about her. I was thinking so hard that I didn’t realize a little crack in the earth right in front of me. I fall in. I hit my head on the bottom. Now I have another predicament I am stuck in a 8 foot crevasse with no way out. I sit down and now I have doubts maybe I am not supposed to know her. I sit for what seems to be hours staring at a large rock and it hits me. I have a pair of scissors in my backpack. I look around for a sandy area and dig myself foot holes.

I climb out feeling like I just climbed mt. Everest. I start my walk again. I walk now looking befor I step. Now it's maybe 3:00 I’m tired, hungry, and hurt. But I can’t get her off my mind she is what is keeping me going . After maybe another hour of walking I hit the street.  I look at the sign it saids Ridge Way I’m so happy. I’m so close to meeting her. I make my way down the street making sure to read all the signs. Then I see it 542. I run up to the door ring the doorbell, she answers it her hair in perfect curls, wearing short shorts and a tank top.

“Hi” I said nervously

“Hi” she says with a smile on her face

“How are you?” I say trying to keep a smile on my face.

“Good wasn’t expecting to see you though.”

“Well I was wondering want to maybe go do something?”


We exchange phone numbers. This time I remember.

“Whats your name?”

Right as she is about to open her mouth I wake up in my bed. I am astonished it was all a dream.


The End


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