Its gaining on you

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A young boy discovers something horrifying while riding his bike down some lonely trails.

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



It’s gaining on you.

Jake ran outside and there it was. The bike his parents promised him if he did well enough in school. It was the first day of summer vacation.  Jake had just completed the 4th grade. His grades had been mostly B’s with a couple of A’s. He sat on the bike.  He had been eye balling it for months. He could not believe it was finally his. Jake took off. It was a beautiful day.  It was still early in the morning.  Jake ripped around a corner, the warm June breeze blowing on his face. He turned hard around another corner picking up speed. The bike handled like a dream. Some neighborhood kids were already up and saw Jake speed by on his bike. They stared in awe.  That is an awesome bike Jake! Will you let me ride it sometime right?  Jake just smiled to himself.

Jake finally stopped for a bit at an intersection near some trails that kids would ride their bikes down. Parents did not like their kids to ride down these trails because several years ago some kids had gone missing. Some people think that someone grabbed the kids as they rode their bikes. One kid had been seen walking down the trails and then was gone. It had only happened a few times over the years, the incidents were random and isolated.  Jake figured maybe these kids had just run away. Or maybe a kidnapper did get them. Or maybe parents simply did not want their kids riding their bikes down a path alongside a lonely stretch of road. It made sense something could happen. Jake smiled to himself. They would never catch Jake on his bike.

That’s when he heard it, the dreadful bark of Black.  Black was a dog in the neighborhood whose owners let run loose. He was by no means a “friendly” dog. He was a tough, ugly, mix breed mutt. Part German Shepard and who knows what else. He had bitten kids before some pretty bad. Why the dog had not been put down or taken away always perplexed Jake. Oh, one more thing. Black was fast and he was making a bee line for Jake. Let’s see how fast you are boy grinned Jake. Black accepted Jake’s challenge.

Jake bunny hopped over the curb that led to the trails. He tore up the dirt path. Black was in hot pursuit. As Jake sped on he would slow down and speed up teasing the nasty dog. The trails started to get more numerous. Some zig  zagged, others broke off on their own. The rail road tracks began to come into view, peeking out from time to time behind the trees. The road to the right started getting lonelier, houses and cars becoming sparser until they ran out. The factory up ahead loomed into view and Jake could now hear the humming noise coming from the machinery. Black was still chasing. The numerous trails wound around stray trees in the middle of the field. One path dipped low and suddenly shot up. Jake caught air from a dirt ramp, coming down hard.  The paths twisted around large holes in the ground. They crisscrossed each other and broke into yet more paths. Some ran alongside the tracks. One path went behind the trees. The trails began to get grittier, rougher. Jake realized he had now ridden much further than he ever had before. The field suddenly got much wider and then it happened.

It became suddenly strangely quiet.  Jake no longer heard the humming from the factory. He slowed down a bit. He no longer heard the chirping of birds or the buzzing of insects. There was something else too. There was no breeze. All the weeds in the field were still. Even riding his bike, he could feel no breeze. The only sound he heard was his own heartbeat. Black suddenly nipped at Jake. Jake had forgotten about Black. Surprised he was still following him. Jake picked up speed again. That was when he heard a disturbing growl. Was that Black? He must really be angry. Jake picked up speed again. Then the ground began to tremble like something very heavy was pounding it. Was it from the factory? Then he heard a roar. It was not Black. It was much too deep, even for him.  Jake peddled faster. Black could no longer keep up. He heard Black squeal and whine. The pounding grew closer. He heard the growl again closer this time. Black let out a horrible cry as something grabbed him and ripped him apart. Jake felt something splatter on his back.  He was now terrified and peddled as fast as he could. The pounding started up again faster this time. Whatever it was it was very heavy. The roar growl sounded closer. Jake could hear its heavy labored breathing. It started to let out another roar when Jake was suddenly propelled forward.

Jake kept peddling he could feel the wind on his face again. The weeds gently swayed in the breeze. He could once again hear the chirping of birds and the noisy insects all around him. Jake was… back. He rode his bike a little further just to be sure. He rode of the trails, out of the field and back on to the road stopping abruptly at the end of the street. What the hell had just happened? He looked back at the trail. Nothing was out there. Jake thought for a moment, grabbed the back of his shirt and twisted it around to get a look at it. It was splattered with blood. He did not imagine it. There was no sign of Black. Jake was simply dumb founded.

That’s when what was left of the 32oz slurpy struck him in the face. HA-HA! Hey asshole! Why are you just standing there with that stupid look on your stupid face? Is it because you are stupid? It was Billy Keller, the neighborhood bully. He was well known for beating up kids, stealing, vandalism and who knows what else. The kid was 12 years old and still in 4th grade. I hope you know I pissed in that slurpy too. Jake just stared blankly. Did you hear me retard? I said I pissed in it too! Billy had the luxury of no adult supervision. He Dad was almost completely out of the picture. His Mom spent her days and nights drunk. Billy approached Jake. I see you have a nice new bike, really nice. Let me take it for a ride. Billy grabbed the handle bars. No chance Billy, replied Jake. Oh come on. I promise I will bring it back safe and sound, teased Billy in a sing song voice. Jake placed a white knuckle grip on his bike. Billy noticed this grinned and gave the bike a sudden and sharp tug. Jake lurched forward with the bike. Billy drew in close. Listen either you let me ride your bike or I’m gonna punch in your stupid face until you let go. At that moment a neighbor who had been walking his dog approached the two boys. Are you guys alright? Jake said nothing. We are okay said Billy just talking. The man looked at the boys holding onto the bike.  Billy slowly released his grip. This surprised Jake because it was rare that Billy ever showed any type of respect toward anyone, even adults. Well you two have fun. You have all of summer vacation ahead of you. Yes Sir replied Jake. Jake then took this opportunity to quickly ride away. He could feel Billy’s eyes burning a hole in the back of his head. Hey, what is that on your shirt? The man shouted.

Billy Keller. Now Jake was going to have to worry about him all summer. Everyone in the neighborhood hated him. Adults had said he would grow up to be a career criminal. He was already well on his way. Many people said he would end killing someone.  Jake did not doubt it. He wondered how he had managed not to get sent away to juvenile hall as it was.

However thoughts of what had happened earlier today had come flooding back to Jake. What the hell happened on that trail? What was chasing him? How and why did it happen? Could it happen again? Jake went home, went upstairs to his room and began to draw a map to the best of his memory of the trials. He had enough excitement for one day. Tomorrow he would get up early and make an accurate map of the trails.

Jake woke up early the next day. He jumped on his bike and made a bee line for the trails. The sun had barely started to peek through the tree tops. He bunny hopped the curb leading to the trails. His bike’s tires dug into the ground, kicking up the dusty earth. Jake suddenly stopped. He took in a good look at the paths in front of him. Looked at his map that he made last night and crumbled it up. It would be better to start from scratch. He pulled out a marker and began to make a map of the trails. He would then ride the various paths until he came up with the right combination through system of elimination. It looked like it would take some time.  Jake sighed and looked up from his map. Was this really worth it? Or was he simply making a big deal out of nothing? A mourning dove cooed up ahead . It was already getting hot and humid out.  Jake tucked his finished map into his back pocket, hit the pedals, and began riding the trails.

Jake rode the trails for hours. He had wished he had brought something to drink. He had marked off several combinations of trails yet had still come up empty. He was beginning to feel foolish. A Cicada buzzed nosily overhead as Jake wiped his sweaty brow with his shirt. Maybe he was just wasting his time. Up the street he could see kids playing baseball. He smiled and headed in their direction. Jake was not about to spend his entire summer vacation riding up and down dirt paths all day.

Jake! His friends yelled. They dropped their bats and gloves and ran towards him. Your bike is so cool! Jake stepped off his bike and let his friends take a ride on it. They rode around on the grass, each taking a turn. Jake you are so lucky this bike is so cool. Want to play baseball? We were just getting started. Jake was more than happy to except the invite.  

Jake was a great baseball player. He led his team to victory with several home runs. Always a good sport about it Jake was anything but a braggart. He even gave some advice to the younger kids, helping them to improve their game. They played ball for hours. It was beginning to get late, Jake hadn’t eaten all day. His hunger pangs made this apparent.  All right guys, I will see you next time. The game broke up and everyone started to head for home. Jake hopped on his bike and headed for home. He did not get very far.

Jake coasted down the Street, he took a corner hard and then slowed down. Something was going on. Jake saw several kids standing around. A couple of them were from the baseball game that had left early. Jake moved a little closer to see what was wrong. It was Billy Keller. He was straddling Michelle Gibson, an eight year old girl. Billy had a long stick. On the need of it was a large chunk of Dog shit. He was tormenting Michelle with it. Now open your mouth and ahhhh, tormented Billy in a sing song voice. His ugly face twisted in a cruel grimace. Michelle started to scream and Billy quickly shoved the dog shit towards her mouth. She closed it just before he could shove it in. It smeared on her lips. Billy laughed. Now I’m going to make you eat this so you just better open wide. Billy leered over her. He reached down with his other hand and tried to force open her mouth. The other kids just stood around in shock, too scared to do anything to help. One of the kids who had been holding a baseball in his mitt relaxed his grip, the ball slipped out and rolled towards Jake.

Jake watched the ball roll towards him and stop as it bumped into his sneaker. He could hear Billy laugh. Anger flushed through Jake’s face. He will grow up to be a career criminal they said. He was already well on his way. Jake reached for the baseball. Some said he would probably end up hurting or even killing someone. Jake gripped the ball tightly in his hand. He looked over at Michelle. Tears leaked from her eyes. She dare not open her mouth. Billy tried more viciously to pry open her mouth.  It was only a matter of time before Billy shoved it in. Jake stood up and took aim. He was nothing but a waste. He needed to be put away now. They said. Jake drew back his arm and threw the ball at Billy as hard as he could.

Billy had not been paying attention to the kids around him, when he finally decided to have a look over at his audience. He could not have picked a worse time. The hurled baseball struck Billy dead center in the face. It crushed his nose and knocked out one of his front teeth. Jake watched in horror as Billy fell over on his side, his hands covering his face as he withered in pain. Michelle quickly got up and scurried away. Jake just stood there in shock. He had wanted to hit Billy, but not like that. He was hoping to hit him in the chest or arm. Billy rolled on the ground, letting out a tirade of swearing. A feeling of dread crept over Jake. Who did this?! Billy boomed. Who threw the ball?! Who threw the fucking ball?! Most of the kids began to take off. Jake just stood there stunned. He then noticed a tugging on his arm. Jake! Jake! It was Michelle. You better go. Billy is going to kill you! Jake nodded his head as he reached for his bike. Hurry Jake go home, pleaded Michelle. Billy was on his feet now. Blood was pouring from his face. He had pried one eye open. He glared at Jake, who froze at his stare. Billy just nodded his head. He said something silently. Jake clumsily mounted his bike and took off. As far as he was concerned he was marked for dead. He knew it and come tomorrow all the neighborhood kids would know it too.

Jake did not eat when he arrived home, he had lost his appetite. His sleep was restless. Lying awake in bed he thought about Billy Keller and what to do about him, and what he might do to Jake. He was well on his way to becoming a career criminal. He was no good. He will probably end up killing someone someday.  Maybe he would start with Jake.  Jake turned over in bed and looked out the window.  He still had some trails to ride. There were only a few possible combinations left. He might as well finish them off.  In fact why not finish them off right now?

Jake snuck downstairs. It was easy to sneak by his parents who would not wake up if you set a bomb off. It was 4 in the morning. Jake slipped through the door which sometimes creaked when opened to widely. It was very humid out. The air seemed heavy. Jake grabbed his bike and hopped on. It was very tranquil outside this time of night, or morning. The neighborhood was asleep but would soon start to slowly come to life.  Jake felt like he was the only left alive in the world as silently rode his bike down the street. He rounded a corner and saw a shadow, causing him to jump. He could not see who it was. Was he that paranoid about Billy Keller? Jake chided himself for being scared and continued riding his bike down the middle of the street.

Jake bunny hopped the curb leading to the trails. He rode fast and then stopped hard. He pulled out his map which he could barely read through the moon light. Yes, he only had a few more paths left. He decided to start on a particular run when he heard a car coming. He set his bike on the ground and crouched down in the cover of the weeds. The car stopped almost right in front of him. Two guys stepped out. They were laughing and being loud. One guy was holding the other up. The driver was yelling at the guy who could not stand on his own. He started to say something back and he suddenly bent over and puked. Drunk, Jake thought.  He stood there for a moment, puked again and then staggered back to the car under his own power. Reassuring his buddy he was alright. They tore away noisily in the night.

Jake picked up his bike. He peered down at the trails. It was going to be hard to see. Further down the street lights became sparser. Some did not even work. Jake sighed and looked up at the moon. Hopefully it would be bright enough so he could see on the trails. Jake started on the path. He rode it fast and swiftly. The breeze was cool. He thought about Billy Keller again. What was he going to do? There was no doubt in Jake’s mind that Billy would end up a career criminal. Hell, he already was. Jake hit a bump in the trail he did not see, almost losing his balance. He steadied himself and slowed down, straining his eyes to see. Then it happened again.

Though it was already very quiet, Jake noticed the subtle change in the environment. The weeds did not sway. The only sound he could hear was his own breathing. He braced himself and waited then he heard it, the roar of the monster. Jake peddled faster. It gave chase causing the ground to shudder with each step. Jake hit something in the path and almost lost his balance. The monster was gaining on Jake. A new sense of panic washed over him. It was darker further up ahead. He had no idea how much further he had to go. If he rode to fast and hit something he could not see surely he would crash and fall off his bike. Jake resisted the urge to look back. It would be especially dangerous now. Stupid, stupid, stupid! What a really stupid idea this was Jake grumbled to himself. Jake bumped into a rock. The frame shook the monster gained. It growled in anticipation of grabbing Jake. Jake began to sweat profusely. He could hear the labored breathing of the monster. It was closer. How much further down this trail? He was forced to pick up the pace. At the last second Jake caught a glimpse of something in the path. He splashed threw a large puddle. His bike slid sideways in the mud, slowing him down even more. The monster was closer than it had ever been. Jake just went all out. The monster was to close now and would grab him anyway if he kept going at this pace crash or not. The monster roared with frustration at Jake’s increased speed. Finally the monster gave one final lunge like a linebacker trying to tackle a wide receiver just before he scored a touchdown. Jake broke through.

Jake rode down the trail a great deal before stopping.  Finally Jake hit the brakes on his bike and turned around. He had gotten away, again. Jake grabbed his crinkled map and highlighted the paths that unlocked the monster. Jake quietly rode his bike off the trail, on to the road and headed for home.

Jake had successfully snuck back into his house undetected by his parents. He amused himself by thinking that they would never make it as guards or night watchmen. He had fallen back to sleep and did not wake up until about 11 A.M. This annoyed Jake, wasting the day. He got up, ate, grabbed his bike and headed out.

Jake thought about Billy Keller as soon as he started to ride around. He wondered when he was going to hear from him or see him again. What would he do or want? Jake thought for sure it would be something really bad. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach. Why couldn’t the baseball just have hit his arm or something? Why did he have to hit him right in the face?

But for several days Jake did not hear from or see Billy Keller. In fact nobody had. This made things worse because Jake knew Billy would not forget about what happened. Jake thought that maybe Billy did finally get sent away to Juvenile hall. Wishful thinking if that were the case all the kids and the adults in the neighborhood would be talking about it. Then one day after playing baseball the whole day, the silence finally broke.

It was beginning to get dark when Jake headed for home. He rounded the corner to his street and slowed down suddenly. There riding their bikes in the middle of the road were two kids that sometimes hung out with Billy Keller. Billy rarely hung-out with anyone but Jake remembered seeing at least one of these kids with Billy at one time or another. He thought they were in the third grade, Billy’s little delinquents in training. They had been waiting for Jake. Jake stopped his bike. They had not noticed him yet. Jake looked around cautiously, wondering if Billy Keller was out there getting ready to ambush him. He heard one of the boys say something so Jake knew he had been spotted. Jake slowly rode his bike towards the boy who was heading for him. The other followed causally behind.

Jake though the boy’s name was Steve, he stopped in front of Jake and very business like began talking to him.  Billy Keller said to meet him tomorrow at 8P.M. at Clover’s Hill. He wants to talk. Talk? Jake thought to himself. A feeling of dread washed over Jake. Just you and him the kid added. Jake tried to speak. He tried to ask what he wanted, but no sound came out. The other kid looked back at Jake and smirked, saying to his friend yeah, he’s scared. Jake just stood there on his bike, leaning on the handle bars. He knew this was coming but now what? Should he really head up there alone? Jake gripped the handle bars on his bike. He was almost certain he was going to try to take his bike. Jake felt numb and hopeless. HONK!! The car horn blared behind Jake, Scaring the shit out of him. Jesus kid, get the hell out of the road a 20 something year old guy shouted. Jake could hear laughter coming from the car. Jake headed the rest of the way home and went to bed.

Sleep did not come easy for Jake. He finally had to face Billy Keller. There was no way out of it. What would Billy want? He could hear the voices, He will grow up to become a career criminal, he will end up killing somebody. He was no good a waste.  Jake tossed and turned in his sleep. He needed to think of something soon.

Jake woke up early but groggy the next morning. He headed out on his bike and began riding around. He wondered if the reason this whole mess happened was because of his bike. Jake tightly gripped the handles. He had worked very hard for his bike. Still he rode it for a while up and down the streets in the neighborhood as if it were to be his last day with it. Kids starting showing up outside to play and enjoy the still early days of summer vacation. Some kids looked at Jake and whispered to each other. They knew Jake thought. They knew Billy Keller was going to take care of Jake.

Jake finally brought his bike to a rest at the end of Hudson Ave. Some kids were heading up to the school to play baseball. Jake did not feel like playing.  Jake, a voice behind him called out. It was one of the kids that witnessed the incident a few days ago. Matt, was his name. You want to play some baseball with us? Jake shook his head maybe next time.  Jake wondered if he would ever play ball again.

For the next several hours Jake just casually rode his bike around the neighborhood. He played out the scene of meeting Billy Keller in his head over and over again. How he might handle it. What approach should he take? Should he be apologetic? Should he try to act tough? Maybe Billy would not show up at all. Jake looked at his watch. It was 7:30. Jake sighed, it was time.

Jake rode his bike down Terrace Ave. He stopped just short of the end of the Street and looked up at Clover hill. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach. Jake heard some noise to his right in some bushes. A dog had flushed out a cat. The dog had the cat cornered. With no place to go the cat turned and confronted the dog. The cat hissed and arched its back. The dog stopped suddenly in its tracks, caught by surprise. The cat stood its ground. The dog growled lowly but made no move towards the cat. It was a stalemate.

Jake watched for another second or two, but did not wait for the outcome. He did not really want to see how it ended. However he understood that it really was not the ending that mattered. He rode his bike up the hill. Jake stopped at the top of the hill, his chest heaving from the strain of riding up the steep grassy hill. Jake looked over at Lewiston Road it was heavy with traffic. Maybe something was going on at Art Park? The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge was backed up. It was Friday night though. Jake gazed over at the power vista.  He must have visited it at least a dozen times

Jake glanced at his watch, it was 8:10. Puzzled he looked around. A new sense of paranoia crept over Jake. Where was Billy Keller? Jake spun around looking frantically. Assuming Billy had the drop on him, but he was not there. The pine trees were too sparse to hide in or around. That is when he heard his voice. Jake, Jake down here. Jake looked over there was Billy at the other end of the hill. He motioned for Jake to come over to where he was at. Billy then walked down his side of the hill. He was in the gully the whole time. Surely he must have seen Jake ride up the hill. Slowly and cautiously Jake rode his bike over to where Billy was waiting.

Jake had to step off his bike and walk it down the gully. It was littered with beer cans and other assorted trash. Several dead trees and over brush had been thrown in there as well. Billy stood at the front of the gully, the only way out. The other end was a flat earthly wall. No one would be able to see them in here. Billy suddenly did not seem so stupid after all. Jake, Billy started his voice somewhat muffled by the face mask he was wearing, to protect his broken nose. Jake’s stomach sank. You can see what you did to me. You broke my nose. You humiliated me in front of everyone. You even knocked out a tooth. Billy grinned, revealing a gap in his mouth. Jake grimaced. Billy took a step towards Jake. I think we can work something out though. You give me your bike and I promise not to make your summer a living hell. I will make it so you will wish you were never born. Billy walked a step closer to Jake. Jake sat on his bike. He gripped his handle bars. Billy looked up, his face starting to turn red. I can really hurt you Jake. I will get your bike one way or another. Believe me I really, really want to hurt you. You embarrassed me in front of everyone!  Billy shouted. You had no business sticking your nose in!! You god damn little fucker! You had no business picking on a little girl. Jake was shocked the words came out. Ok, said Billy nodding his head. Alright I will pick on you then hero. Billy threw a punch, hitting Jake right in the gut. Jake doubled over. He had knocked the wind out of him.

When Jake looked up again Billy had taken a few steps back. He was grinning, his chest rising and falling. His face was red. Billy got off hurting people. He was enjoying this. Now Jake he said I really think you should give me your bike. No, said Jake weakly. No, he said a second time shouting.  Billy stared at Jake for a moment. He reached into jeans and pulled out a gun. Jake’s heart sank. He would not really shoot me would he?  Jake thought to himself. He is just trying to scare me. It was working. Billy calmly walked over to Jake he flicked the gun, the cylinder snapped out from the frame. It was loaded. Billy skillfully spun the cylinder and flicked the gun again. The cylinder snapped back into place. Jake could hear the voices again… he will probably end up killing someone.

Jake’s mouth was dry. His heart beating what seemed like a thousand beats a minute. Billy stood in front of Jake. I will use this on you. Nobody will know. Nobody will see what happened. I will still get your bike. Now step off and give it to me. Jake stood still. Billy grinned aimed the gun at Jake’s crotch. Holding it there for a minute then he lowered it and fired a round between Jake’s legs. If Jake had to shit is pants he would have done so by now. Billy was crazy. Surely someone had to hear that and call the police, right? Billy did not seem concerned. Jake had no choice. He stepped off his bike. Billy grinned.

That’s right Jake. Do the smart thing for once. Billy put the gun away. Jake could not believe that Billy would actually kill him. Over a Bike! However there was more to it than that. Billy walked up the bike and wrapped his thick hands around the handle bars. Jake’s eyes closed. He tried hard to hold back tears, but they leaked out anyway. He also doubted that Billy would leave him alone. The rest of his childhood filled with the humiliation of Billy Keller’s torment. Jake let go of his bike. Billy seized it. Jake drew in a big breath, brought his leg back and kicked Billy as hard as he could in the balls. Billy dropped to his knees. Jake threw a punch, hitting Billy square in his broken nose. Fresh blood poured from his face. He cried out in agony and shock. No one had ever stood up to Billy Keller this way before ever. Jake watched Billy wither on the ground for a bit. He felt his adrenaline flowing.  Billy started to regain his composure. Jake grabbed his bike and ran out of the gully. Incredibly Billy was already right behind him. Jake jumped on his bike and sped away. He was headed for the trails.

It was a good couple of miles to the trails from Clover hill. Jake did not want to get too far ahead of Billy. He wanted him to follow. Jake sped down the street. Kids playing outside turned around to witness the chase. Jake could hear Billy behind him. I’m gonna fucking kill you! You little fucker! I will rip your head off he screamed. Jake kept Billy at a close distance he did not want to lose him. Jake made the turn down Hudson Ave. Billy was still in pursuit. Jake was surprised he was able to keep up. Jake bunny hopped over the curb. The trails started just ahead.

Jake thought to himself, was this the right thing to do? What else could he do? Jake was sure that Billy really would kill him or maybe something even worse. There was no other way out of it that Jake could think of. He felt a sense of guilt creep over his conscious. Jake hit the dusty trail. Billy was still shouting obscenities at Jake. What if Billy did not follow Jake down the trails the same way he rode them? Would it matter? Would the monster only come after Jake? What would he do then? Jake slowed down a bit. He had to make sure Billy followed him exactly the way he rode the paths. Should he be doing this? Leading Billy to a most certain death? He will be a career criminal. Probably end up killing someone one day. Jake felt nauseous. He veered onto the last path. You god damn cock sucker!! Billy was still behind. Jake rode a bit more and then it happened, again.

The same eerie stillness as before. The same strange silence. Jake could hear Billy’s heavy breathing. Where are you going faggot? He growled.  Jake did not hear the monster at first. No, this time he felt it. The ground shook, the monster’s heavy steps coming after them. Billy started to say something but was cut off by surprise by what he saw. What the fuck he yelled. What the fuck is that? The monster roared. Jake sped up. He could hear Billy trying in vain to keep up with Jake. Keep the hell away from me! Keep away from me!  He never heard Billy sound like that before, so scared. How does it feel Billy? A feeling of guilt and shame came over Jake. He almost turned around to look. He wondered if he should even be doing this, but what else could he do? Billy screamed as the monster grabbed him. He heard the horrible sound of flesh being torn apart. Billy was cut off in the middle of a scream, which turned into more of a gurgling sound. He heard another tear, and then another. It had ripped Billy apart. It was quiet for a second when Jake was suddenly hit in the back of the head with something hard. It was Billy’s head. Lucky for Jake the monster’s aim was a bit off. It did not hit Jake solidly, merely it had clipped Jake. Still Jake felt suddenly woozy and light headed. He could feel his legs begin to buckle under him. Jake almost lost control and fell off. He had to steady himself. The monster roared. It ran in long heavy strides. It had gained on Jake. Jake pedaled as fast as he could. He suddenly became aware that he had never rode this far before on his bike. What if he could not out run the monster? Jake pedaled furiously. His legs screamed in agony from the strain. Jake started to hyperventilate. He noticed a sudden pain in his right foot. His shoe lace had come undone and tangled itself around the pedal. Jake stood up on his bike and leaned forward. The monster reached out and grabbed Jake’s T-shirt. Jake went numb as he broke through once again.

Jake coasted down the bumpy path. He dropped off the seat of his bike and landed painfully on the frame, crushing his balls. He slumped over on the ground. His breath coming out in short labored gasps. Finally he sat up. He noticed this foot was going numb. Jake slowly untangled his sneakers shoe lace from the pedal. He sat down on a rock, bowed his head and began to sob. He had lead Billy Keller to his death. It was premeditated murder Jake thought. What else could he have done? Guilt and shame washed heavily over Jake again. He was going to kill you Jake. He was really going to kill you. Why else did he bring the gun? He even fired a round at you. Everyone in the neighborhood said he would grow up to a career criminal. That he would kill someone. He would have started with you. Jake shook his head how would he have known either way? Maybe he should have just given Billy the stupid bike.

Jake dried his eyes. Jake, are you ok? Where is your shirt? Startled Jake looked up. It was Michelle the girl he rescued from Billy. She had something in her hand. Are you ok? She asked again. Yes, Jake stammered. I was just trying to see how fast I could ride the trail. But your shirt? Oh, I must have lost it on the trail. I took it off when I started to get too hot. Jake stood up. Oh, replied Michelle. Here is your baseball. Jake looked confused. It’s not mine. Michelle just looked at Jake. Thank you for saving me. My Daddy said you are a good kid. Jake said nothing. Well it is getting dark. I need to go home bye Jake. She started to walk away, suddenly stopped turned around and gave Jake a hug. She then ran away shouting bye Jake without looking back.

Jake looked at the baseball he held in his hand. He sat down again on the rock and thought long and hard about everything that had transpired. Jake looked up and noticed it had gotten dark. It was after 10 O’clock. His parents would be worried. Jake picked up his bike, turned it around and was about to sit on it when he froze.

There it was staring back at him. It was immense. It stood about seven foot tall. It was incredibly thick. Its legs were like tree trunks, its arms almost as large. Thick veins pulsed through its massive limbs. It was naked. Its flesh looked like a dead skinned animal. Oozing pus like wounds covered its body. There were random patches of hair or fur on its body. Its head was massive. Its mouth opened from ear to ear, exposing rows of decaying jagged teeth. Bits of rotten flesh clung to the corners of its mouth.

However the most horrifying thing about this monster was not what it looked like but who it looked like,  Billy Keller. It had the same stupid ugly face. It was unmistakable. It was unbelievable, but true. The monster grinned at Jake as if it knew what he was thinking. It lurched forward with sudden quickness, its huge hands grabbing Jake. Thick yellow nails dug into Jake’s arms drawing blood. It open its mouth wide, its breath reeked of rotten flesh. Jake screamed.

Jake shot up in bed. His heart raced. His sheets were soaked. His eyes were shut tight but hot tears squeezed through anyway. He had a white knuckle grip on the sheets. He tried to slow down his heart, controlling his breathing with short deep breaths. Jake opened his eyes.  It was two in the morning, the same nightmare again. Jake collapsed back down in his bed. In life he was able to escape Billy Keller and the monster, however in his nightmares they were both still very much alive.














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