Hotel Nowhere

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I'm panic stricken after leaving the scene of a horrific accident. Driving on my car throught the night I come to a hotel as it appears through a dark fog. Finding nobody to sign me in i retrieve a key which oddly bears the date of my birth. Trying desperately to fall asleep I begin to hear strange noises not allowing me to sleep.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008






Jason Stanbridge

It is past midnight and raining as I reached the outskirts of the city for a place to stay. I was lost, I didn’t know why I got out of my car, I should have kept going, but I couldn’t in case my car gets known to the Gardai. They would’ve never believed me it was accident.

The place around is empty with only the sound of a few dogs barking and a few cats crying. It was actually kind of frightening because I couldn’t see that far into the distance due to the thick fog that had settled over my eyes for the night.

I should have stayed in a near by hotel after leaving the car, but I panicked and told myself to just keep going with the hope that I’d find something. But now I’m here lost and wanted for my terrible actions earlier in the day.

Everything was looking bleak until a ray of hope came when the fog began to clear away, and as if out of nowhere a hotel appeared in front of me. It wasn’t as fancy as some of the other hotels I had passed on my travels, but it’ll have to do.

The outside of the building had little traces of overgrown weeds that were growing out of the bricks it was built with. There were three large windows, one of them is boarded up, and plus the front doors were all rotted beyond fixing.

I didn’t want to stay in a dump like that, but I was soaking to the bone, cold and nervous. So it looked like the best hotel I’ve ever seen because it was a place to stay for the night, and in the morning I can continue running.

I walked up to the doors and knocked on it hard three times, the doors slowly creaked open, it was like as if someone had all ready been expecting me, but I didn’t care if they did because all I wanted to do was rest.

Inside the place there was a huge dark red carpet that went from the door all the way across the lobby floor and up the three flight of stairs that are straight in front of me. I glanced up at the two balcony’s above me on each side and saw that there were five doors on each.

As I walked over toward the empty reception desk the carpet started to throw little bits of dust into the air.

“Jesus this place is old,” I muttered to myself. I stopped at the reception desk, and opened on it was the signing book.

“Hello is there anyone here! I yelled, but the sound of my voice just echoed off the walls. It seemed that this place hadn’t been used in ages. After getting no reply I looked back down at the book and decided to sign my name, I looked over at the wall at the back of the reception area and saw only one key hanging up on the key rack.

“Whoever owns this place won’t mind if I get that key,” I said to myself. I walked behind the counter and over to the wall I picked the key up off it and looked at the number that was on it, it was 20181.

This number looked very familiar to me.

“Man if there was a slash after the twenty and the one that would be my date of birth... Fascinating,” I said to myself then walked out from behind the desk and made my way up the stairs to my room.

In the room there was black carpet with weird designs on it. The single bed across from were I was standing was neatly made, and there was an old brown mahogany wardrobe in the corner facing the bed. There was another door just next to the wardrobe that I could only presume was the bathroom. Even though I was soaked to the bone I didn’t want to go in and wipe myself down all I did was take my jacket off and throw it onto the floor, and quickly removed my runners. I got under the blankets and closed my eyes. In a matter of seconds I was fast asleep.

When my watch beeped at two o’clock I was woken up by the sound of a child crying outside the door, I sat up.

“What the-

“Mammy! Mammy were are you!! I can’t find you... The girl cried outside the door. I rubbed my eyes.

“Well at least I know there is signs of life,” I muttered.

“Mammy... Mammy I can’t see you,” the girl practically screamed. I jumped out of the bed and rushed over to the door.

“Don’t worry! I yelled, and opened the door, “I’ll help... You!

I looked around the place outside and there was no sign of a child or anyone. I walked out onto the balcony, looked down at the reception desk still there was no one. I put my right hand onto my forehead.

“Jesus... It must have been only a dream,” I said and took one last look around before returning to the bed. I lay my head back down and listened to the silence that was all around me trying to hear something, but there was nothing. I was a little relieved and put it at the back of my mind as just a dream, but I was still terrified about what I had done earlier that day. I know I should’ve came forward and said that it was me, and that I didn’t see them. But I was sure they’d look at me as a monster for not coming forward.

“Jay forget about it and go asleep,” I said out loud to myself. I closed my eyes, it was quiet for only a brief moment because a few seconds later after I had closed my eyes I heard the sound of a car screeching to a halt, and a loud thump followed by the screams of a mother and her child.

My eyes opened suddenly, I got out of the bed and dashed over to the window. I pulled the dark red curtains across and took a glance out, there was nothing, the road was empty, and the sound of the car I had heard was somehow familiar to me.

“Come on Jay! Come on Jay! I insisted and started to tap myself repeatedly on my forehead with the palm of my hands, I was slowly but surely going out of my mind. I walked across the room and over to the other door, I opened it, inside there was a mirror hanging on the wall above the sink that is just across from were I was standing. I walked over to it, turned the cold tap on, and threw water on my face. I looked back up, and took a glance into the mirror, and saw the ghostly figure of a six year old girl, blood all over her face standing in the doorway. I turned quickly, but the girl was gone. I quickly turned back around and glanced into the mirror to see if she’d be there again, but she was gone.

My entire body begins to shake in terror.

“No, no... This can’t be happening! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t see them... I cried.

It was clear to me that the events that had taken place earlier in the day are coming back to haunt me. I walked back into the room tears are flowing down my cheeks. I face the window, Suddenly, from behind me I hear the wardrobe shaking. I turned around, the door of it swung open and two glaring red eyes glance out at me from the darkness.

“Who! Who are... What do you want! I cried.

“Jaaaassssoooonnnnn... It wailed, and they began to move toward me. I turned around and looked at the window.

“Is this what you want... I cried, and looked back at them getting closer to me. “Then you’ve got it!! I turn quickly and throw myself through the window.

“I’m sorry... I yelled before I hit the pavement below, and was killed instantly.

I lay in a pool of my own blood, well I guess I deserved it for killing a mother and her six year old daughter with my car in a hit and run accident that I had ran away from, but now I ended up here alone and dead in Hotel Nowhere...

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