How to live forever

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A short story about a scientists and a womans desire never to age..

Submitted: July 23, 2011

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Submitted: July 23, 2011



How to live forever.



‘Well here i am. Where ? i ain’t saying because you’ll send her and it’ll happen all over again. Okay, i’m in europe, northern europe, though the place i’m holed up in isn’t exactly great, but that’s how it’s gotta be to keep her off my tail. I know that this letter is probably gonna put you in danger but i felt compelled to tell you, no, to warn you about what she’s capable of.


She is so beautiful, this old fashioned typewriter can’t emphasise enough that last statement. It’s mostly my fault for making her more beautiful, i know that sounds strange but let me explain John. Okay that’s not your real name, but if by the slightest of chances she found out your name then you’d be doomed to the existence i now call my life. If you were unable to tell her how to find me then she’d have to make do with your talents in the art of palstic surgery, but more particular, your expertise in the groundbraking area of supramicric body surgery.


I met her when you and I were at the end of our eight year in our advanced doctorate in technical microsurgery. I never introduced you to her, I had to keep her to myself, she wasn’t to be shared with my friends, not even you John. I won’t mention her name, not that it would mean anything to you, but if i gave you any clues you might get curious, and you know what happens to cats that get curious? It hurts to think about her John, it really hurts, even, more than the time we decided to practice skin grafts with the laser in proff Statons lab! Seriously speaking John, i’m not the same guy you knew back then, i don’t even look like him. I know it’s only ten years ago but that decade has turned me inside out, both emotionally and physically and i can never go back to the person i was all those years ago. Sorry.


It was only a few months into our relationship that she asked me to perform the first operation. Remember my invention? The skin ink pen, no need for expensive laser surgery with that little gizmo, no scarring and most of all no long waiting list. Okay it gave you the same pain as the tattoo but who cared. I set up my own practise with the income from that, so simple, why had no-one thought of it before? Simply go over the tattoo with skin coloured pigment ink and hey presto ‘the lady vanishes’ or whatever design you happened to want to get rid of, instantly, permanently. Well she had no tattoo, but realised that the same principle could work on wrinkles and the crows feet around the eyes. She was only in her thirties and virtually flawless. At first i refused, you know John, morals and all that, but she insisted and made me think like she was doing me the favour of allowing herself to be the test subject, you know instead of our simian cousins.


We, no damn it, i mean me, i didn’t market it, she said to wait. I wasn’t short of money, and she never asked about it, she was more interested in what i could do with regards to the skills i had in my field. By the end of the year i had gone over every line, every crease, man, she looked like an airbrushed model that had come to life and jumped from the front page of a magazine. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, i mean it’s not as bad as those folks still using the outdated botox injections is it? Maybe. But it didn’t stop there.


I was, and still am in love with her John, you gotta understand that. With her looks she didn’t need a personality, but she did and man was i hooked. She always said the right things to me, knew just how to make me melt. In all the time we were together i never met her parents. In fact she never spoke about them, not that it mattered to me, i couldn’t get enough of being with her. It got to the point where i was only spending two hours per day in my surgery, patients complained, but Greg and Bill were good enough surgeons and i didn’t have the time for other peoples petty self image problems, i only had time for her and hers.


Peter Jennings was sixteen when he was killed in a car crash. When he arrived at the casualty department the Road Traffic Accident surgeons took out anyany organs that could be used for people waiting for transplants. Needy people. Not her. But i couldn’t stop myself. What if she left me? I had to do it, believe me, if you’d have seen her, been with her, you’d have done the same.


The organ bank didn’t notice the missing ‘items’. I performed renal surgery in my own theatre. She told me she was thirty two, she now had kidneys only half that age.


I know what it sounds like John but i ain’t no ‘Doctor Frankenstien’ i wasn’t creating, just modifying, and remember it wasn’t my idea. I would always try to talk her out of it, but her eyes could make me do anything she wanted. I would have cut open my own chest and given her my own heart if that’d been what she wanted. Years passed, she still had the mind of a thirty seven year old, but all the essential organs except the brain and heart were that of a teenager. The immunosupressants were holding fine with each transplant, the only problem now was the skin.


The skin ink pen didn’t account for the elasticity of the skin, which as you know becomes thinner and looser as we age. I had no option John, really i didn’t.


Claire Matthews, the paper girl, had been delivering the journals and newspapers to my home for the past four months or so. She was ten when i stopped her getting any older. Okay i know i can’t excuse myself, murder is murder, but back then it somehow seemed justified. I could’ve done with someone to help me with the grafts but i got through it. She made a good recovery, whereas Claire disintegrated in a bath of acid. Old fashioned i know, but effective, and if it aint broke then don’t fix it. The guilt haunts me now but back then it was different.


I wasnt even questioned about the disappearence of the little girl, she became another picture on a milk carton. Too easy. The heart transplant was going to be the ultimate test of my skill.


I don’t recall the boys name, he must’ve been about fifteen. He was hitching. I picked him up outside of town, i mean who would refuse a lift from a car that had doctor written on the side of it?

She didn’t have to think twice about having the extensive surgery. Even in this day and age it’s a three man job taking at least six hours. It took me twenty two. The vascular system was observed for the following few weeks. Full acceptance by the enhanced immune system. This forty year old woman was a teenager, she’d have at least twenty years added to her life. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted to live forever. But i couldn’t go on forever, murdering, transplanting, plus i wasn’t getting any younger and she knew it. She would constantly ask about the students i lectured to, who was the most promising, lets invite them over, you get the idea don’t you? She didn’t really go out much herself, didn’t want to risk the sunlight on her sensitive skin due to the constant grafting. It would only be a matter of time though, that she would get some younger student to fall for her, and believe me they would, and then my role would be finished.


It would be so easy to go back John, but where would it end? I’d get old and die then i’d be replaced. I don’t think she really loved me, not like i love her, she just loved what i could do for her. But that was good enough for me. You remember me John, always the nice guy, that’s what everybody used to say, never quiet had the looks did i? But everyday for the past ten years i got to hold perfection, man i created perfection. Think about it John, if the brain and central nervous system could hold out indefinitely, then science can replace all your worn out body parts with nice fresh young ones, we could make a killing. Okay maybe that last sentence isn’t quite correct, we certainly wouldn’t get the funding for kidnapping and murder would we? But i bet there are thousands if not millions out there looking to extend their lives. What do you say John...partner..? ha ha, it’s alright don’t worry about me, i haven’t slept for six days and not eaten for half that time. I don’t feel hungry and i don’t want to sleep. Maybe i want to go mad, maybe it would all make sense if i was a little insane.


I think she knows where i am John. When i left her, only a month ago now she was in pieces, literally. You see John, i convinced her about the cryogenic solution. To further prolong her life i told her that if she was frozen for a couple of months a year then she could slow down the ageing process on her brain cells. She fell for it, but you and i know that once frozen there’s no way back for the brain, not yet anyway. I had to stop her, she was the root of the killer in me. So once she was frozen i took a hammer and smashed her to smithereens.


Anyway friend, this is the fifth letter i’ve written to you, the phone number is correct but you still haven’t called, even if it’s just to chew the breeze about the old days, it would be nice to hear from you. I’m pretty lonely. I wish she was here, sorry i mean i wish she was all her. I brought a couple of souvenirs with me, a metatarsal and what possibly looks like a projection from the axis. But i have this dread that she’s gonna come back, science advances so fast, maybe now they can put her back together, well maybe someday. Seriously John i miss her, she’s so beautiful. Was. Should have kept her as a statue, she would have got her wish and i would have got mine.


Call me, write to me, give me a sign. Tell me it’s okay to come back. Maybe i should get the practise up and running again? Do you want in? Come on, five letters, where are you hiding? Maybe that’s you knocking at the door now. Help me. I can help you stay young.

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