Nothing To Do by Jason Wolf

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This poem is a statement about nothing to do yet not sad but trying out the feeling blue just for something to do

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012





Nothing to Do



Nothing to do but sit here and think about feeling blue

but I dont

I would rather feel red or green or maybe yellow maybe if I were a number I would feel like two

but I am not

so I sit here thinking what to do

the themometer on the wall says 62

in my house thats not so new

what can I do

nothing to do

except maybe write this for you

trying to remember when there was something to do

maybe I will remember as I tie my shoe

out the door here I go

going going gone with no clue

what to do

walking for miles down the road looking looking for something

to do

I came to a place that looked familiar

maybe maybe maybe there is something to do

I sat here to sit here to think

to think a thought or two

what can I do


it is quite I like it here

I like thinking a thought or two

maybe just maybe I could try the color blue

sitting here in a place that is familiar with nothing to do

blue was not that bad

a color that gets a bad rap for making people sad

u look blue something said to me in a tree

I said yes thank you

I do

blue the number two not sad just nothing to do

this place the thing in the tree not feeling sad but being the color blue

green minus yellow

one and one make two

two divided by two make make one

that is blue

never ever feel sad for blue

he is just looking

for something to do




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