The Trail Part 1

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When Doug and Emily decide to get away from Chicago and take a friends advice to go camping and hiking in a remote secluded spot for a week they find more than the beauty of the woods. Hiking the one trail that lead miles away from there car wasnt the only challenge they would face. They discover something in the woods that is in their way of getting out. Now its a fight for their lives and there is no one coming to help.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012





This movie is written in scenes 1-17. I will break the script up into several parts to make it easier for you to read the whole thing




The Trail_ Scene 1_ Chicago


* Opening scene begins in the living room of Doug and Emily’s apartment. The afternoon sun is shining on the pictures on the walls of them white water rafting, running in a race, and mountain climbing. Emily is in the kitchen behind a bar in the middle of the room she is comparing two different wines. She yells to Doug in the other room asking him which wine is good for a moon lit night under the stars next to a fire. Doug who is standing over several packed bags near the door with a list in his hand stops to think about it.


Emily, Which one sounds better Merlot or Zinfandel? Do they make a wine for camp fires and starry skies?


Doug, I don’t know if they make a wine for camping, but I’m sure the White Zin would be the better choice.


Emily, Ok


Doug, I got all the stuff packed by the door. All we need to do is get up in the morning and go.


* She walks over to him looking at the bags.


Emily, I’m sure we’ll forget something. Half way down the road we’ll remember.


* They both walk into the living room near the coffee table and lap top computer.


Doug, Ya well all the important stuff is here I checked twice


* She walks over to Doug and wraps her arms around him and kisses him


Emily, I’m glad you packed all the important stuff. You know I might be a little girly at first. This is my first big adventure in the woods. You promise to keep me safe?


Doug, I promise, you have nothing to worry about.


* He grabs the map off the coffee table and shows her


Doug, There’s going to be people all over the park.  Here’s were Dan and Kim camped lasted year. It’s about three miles from the main camp ground. It’s close to people, but we should be the left alone in this area. You can’t drive out there. Dan emailed me pictures of this small lake or big pond whatever you want to call it. It was beautiful isn’t it?


* He shows her a picture on his lap top.


Emily, Wow that is gorgeous!


Doug, Ya and that’s were we are going. I thought maybe we could hike over in this area too.



* He points to a different spot on the map.


Emily, What’s that?


Doug, Dan said someone told him there are caves here, but he didn’t get a chance to see them. I thought it would be a cool to go and get some pictures.


Emily, Heck ya you remember how much fun we had at Mammoth Cave? Those were great pictures too.


Doug, Yep


Emily, You’re awesome how did I luck out with a guy like you.


Doug I don’t know you must be a very lucky girl.


* She smiles and punches him in the chest.


End Scene



The Trail _Scene 2_ Candle Light


* Later that night Emily is curled up on the couch with a glass of wine while a candle burns and lights the room closest to the couch. A lamp is turned on low on the other side of the room. Doug is standing by the camera on a tripod.


Doug, I want to test out this new camera in the dark.

* As he hovers around it positioning it perfectly were he wants it.


Emily, What better way to test it out than candle light?


Doug, My thoughts exactly.


* He goes to the couch and kisses her. She sits her glass of wine down on the table at the end of the couch. They make out for a few seconds and he lays on her on the couch with his arms around her.



Doug, So how are you really feeling about the trip?


Emily, I’m excited, why don’t you think I am?


Doug, It’s not our usual think. It’s just kind of different that’s all. I didn’t know if you would really like doing something where you didn’t get a medal at the end.


Emily, I told you before I was excited about camping. I think it will be challenging, hiking through woods carrying all our supplies with us, and like you said it will be great to go some place where there is absolutely no one else. That’s what I like about it.


* While she is talking he sits back on the couch and listens to her. She stares at him after she is done talking and leans over and kisses him.



End scene


The Trail_ Scene 3_ The Car Ride.


* Traveling down the highway Doug is driving and Emily has her feet kicked up on the dash. They are talking about planning their wedding. They are especially goofy about talking about it making jokes and thinking of movies that remind them of weddings.


Emily, I’m thinking of doing something new at work. I want to mix things up a little make studio different.


Doug, Oh ya… How ya gonnna do that?


Emily, I was thinking of trying of some novelty weddings.


Doug, Novelty weddings?


Emily, Ya, you know for people who want something different, something memorable. I want to do movie spoofs. Get a Vegas experience in Chicago.


Doug, That is a great slogan. Have a Vegas experience in Chicago.


Emily, People pick one of there favorite wedding comedies and we reenact it in there wedding.


Doug, What do you have in mind?


Emily, Dirty dancing was one I have been thinking about. The Groom will be Patrick Swayze and The Bride is Baby.


Doug, Oh wow can we do that one in our wedding?


Emily, Yes!


Doug, Or how about a wedding crashers wedding!


Emily, Eww that sounds fun. Or we could put a projector screen up and in the middle of the service our favorite parts of all the comedies we use to watch when we first started dating.


Doug, Hell ya, Wedding crashers, Anchor man, Talladega Nights. I could be Ron Burgandy and you could be Veronica Cornerstone.


Emily, Lol I love it!


* The car travels down the road  and the laughs continue.


Emily, Oh there’s the sign for Wanatah we are getting close. Did you know Wanatah means knee deep in mud?


* Doug, Looks at Emily with a weird face.



Doug, It’s a Indian name!


Emily, Wanatah means knee deep in mud.


Doug, I’m gonna have to research that!


Emily, Give me your phone I’ll look it up.


Doug, My phone doesn’t look stuff up. Use your phone.


Emily, Its dead, I have to charge it. Give your phone I’ll call my mom she’ll tell you.


Doug, Oh like I would take her word for it, because she’s so knowledgeable about Indian names.


Doug, Ok I’m not saying it’s not, its possible. It’s probably named after an Indian like a last name, The Wanatah Indians.


Emily, Indian’s don’t have last names their like Cher.


Doug, LOL ya they do. Indians are like Running Wolf Tribal man you know or something


Emily, LOL!


Doug, I don’t know something like that, I’m not an Indian. You’re an Indian aren’t you?


Emily, I’m half Cherokee and Blackfoot.


Doug, How in the hell are you half Indian if you part of two tribes.


Emily, LOL My grandma  was Indian…


* They continue laughing and talking as get closer to there destination. The car drives down the highway.


End Scene.

The Trail _ Scene 4 _ Checking into the Park


* Doug and Emily pull into the park at the main office to check in. There are no cars in the parking lot or in front of any of the buildings.


Doug, Alright here we are. Lets go see what we need to do.


* Emily smiles


Emily, Its about time I was dying to get out of this car.



* They get out of the car and walk to the main office building.


Doug, Huh the doors locked, there’s a note that says, campers sign in on sheet in the next building… Ok


Emily, Yep this doors unlocked. Hello? There’s no one here either.


Doug, Ya it doesn’t look like anyone’s been in here for a while. This place is a dump. Do you see a sign in sheet?


* Emily finds a glass case with stuff from the park inside it.



Emily, Eww look at this! They have fossils of animal remains here in the glass case.


Doug, Cool.


Emily, What’s that?


Doug, I don’t know looks like a huge jaw bone of some kind.


Emily, Wow, look at this. It says interesting animal remains found in the park by campers.


Doug, That is cool.


Emily, Ya, look. This jaw bone was found near the marsh in 1934 by a Huntz Shaffer. It says unable to identify do to the condition of remains. But more than likely animal was not from the park. In 1911 a carnival had fenced off a section of the park for there animals till they were discovered and removed. More than likely several of the carnival animals remains are in the park near the marsh.


Doug, Wow that is cool! What if we find a graft while were camping, lol.


Emily, Lol shut up.


Doug, Any sign of the sign in sheet?


Emily, There is a clip board, looks like it’s full. I’ll just scribble our names down here at the bottom so don’t get in trouble.


Doug, I like the way you think.


Doug, Come on lets go camping.


End Scene






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