The Trail Part 2

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Doug and Emily are on their vacation. It couldn't be better. They hiking, scenery is romatic and the trip is wonderful, but this is the end of the wonderful trip. Soon they will find the thing that they share the woods with.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



The Trail_Scene 5

* Doug and Emily are unloading the car. They are in a parking area that has several different trails.

Doug, Alright all the stuff is out. Should we do another check.

Emily, I think as long as we don’t forget the packs we’ll be ok.

Doug , Ya probably right.

Doug, Im going to just make sure.

* Doug looks in the car

Doug, Oh see good idea I checked we would have forgot the bag of snickers.

Emily, lol Oh what would we have done.

Doug, Probably starved if we wouldn’t have brought the snickers. (Fore shadowing)

* Emily locks the car and sets the alarm.

Emily, You think that car alarm is going to do any good out here.

Doug, I think that’s probably one of the last things we have to worry about out here.

Doug, Im more worried about putting some mosquito spray on.

Emily, I guess you’re right that would be a terrible way to go death by mosquito.

Doug, I cant think of a worse way to die can you.

Emily, Really I can think all kinds of worse ways to die.

Doug, are you kidding me? Have you ever seen that William Shattner movie where everyone gets coved with spiders and dies?

Doug, Now imagine if you were covered with mosquitoes. That’s a horrible death.

Emily, that’s it, no more sci fi channel for you.

Doug, See you don’t even want to think about death by misquito.

Emily, well if I thought it were a real concern mabe I would put more thought into it.

Doug, You don’t think death by mosquito is real concern.

* They begin walking away from the car

Emily, No! Indians ran around half naked for hundreds of years I never heard of them being killed by mosquitoes.

Doug, Are you kidding, Thousands of Indians died from mosquitoes.

Emily, No thousands of Indians died from disease. Not death by mosquito.

Doug, You really think out of the thousands of Indians not one Indian got eaten to death mosquitoes?

Emily, Ok its possible one Indian might have died from mosquito bites.

Doug, Thank you! And wouldn’t that have been a horrible death?

Emily, Yes, I can’t think of a worse way to die.

End Scene

The Trail _Scene 6 _Hiking

* Doug and Emily have been hiking for a couple of hours and have made good time towards there destination. It is a beautiful day and they are enjoying the outdoors.

Doug, This beats laps around the track huh?

Emily, Ya it’s a good workout.

Doug, You know what I just thought of?

Emily, What?

Doug, Did you send the electric bill out?

Emily, Really? You just now thought of that?

Doug, I remember writing the check and putting the envelope on the counter with the mail.

Emily, Nope I didn’t mail it.

Doug, Awesome! That’ll be nice no lights when we get home.

Doug, This is a cool place I like this, lets stop for while.

Emily, Ya why not.

* Doug and Emily stop and help each other take off their packs. They find a nice spot to sit and they dig through there packs for gator aid packs. To mix with their water. Doug breaks out the map and points were they are and were they are going.

Doug, Want a snickers?

* He hands her a mini snickers bar, Emily opens the wrapper and stares at a fallen tree

Doug, Whats up?

Emily, Oh nothing, I was just thinking of that old saying “does a falling tree make noise if there is no one there to hear it.

Doug, lol

Doug, I’m going to say yes and that’s my final answer. (game show)

Emily, How do you know though?

Doug, Because if I push tree over it’s going to make a noise, that how.

Emily, Ya but you’re there to hear it, plus I don’t think you could push over a tree. Sorry.

Doug, What! Maybe a small one?

Emily, Nope

Doug, I’m a stud! How’d you know I can’t.

Emily, Because people don’t push over trees. Not even you tough guy. (She gives him a kiss on the cheek)

Doug, But if anyone could…

Emily, It would be you.

Doug smiles and flexes his muscles. Then they grabs their back packs and start walking into the woods toward their planned camp area.

Doug I want to get to the top up there and set up camp.

* He points his finger at the hill.

End Scene


The Trail_ Scene 7_ Beautiful Day

* They hike through the woods happy at their choice in vacation spot. They wonder what it would be like to living in country. Would it always be as beautiful or if it would wear off. Emily takes pictures of trees and birds and occasionally they stop and set the self timer for a pose.

Emily, Can you imagine what it would be like to walk out of your house and see this every day?

Doug, Oh I know that tone. What are you getting at?

Emily I don’t know just thinking.

Doug, If we did live here I would want a house away from town in the middle of woods.

Emily, Oh ya

Doug, Yep and I would hunt.

Emily, HUNT! No! No hunting.

Doug, Ha ha ok well if you lived here what would you do?

Emily, I would take pictures of it everyday. I love nature.

* She jumps and points at the grass where there is a huge brown spider.

Emily, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Doug, What the hell are you doing?

Emily, Freaking spider! It’s huge. Oh my god.

Doug, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ya nature, you love it.

* She looks at him with a scowl

Emily, What are you doing? Don’t mess with it!

* Doug pokes at the giant spider with a stick. The grass is tall and he flings blades of grass with the stick so he can see the spider. Emily is behind him yelling at him.

Doug, It’s huge. I want to see it.

Emily, Doug I swear to god… If you get bit

Doug, You better lock it up and stop being a sissy. I’m not going to get bit.

Emily, OOOH, I hope you do get bit now. see how much fun you have then, and I’m going to laugh my ass off.

Doug, You’d laugh at me if I got bit?

Emily, Um damn right I would. If you get bit by that spider its your own damn fault..

Doug, You know these woods are loaded with spiders right?

Emily, Ah yes… I do, but I can’t see them.

Doug, So if you don’t see the spiders You’re alright even if they’re there?

Emily, Yep.

Doug, That’s insane it doesn’t make any sense.

Emily, I don’t care if it makes sense. It works for me. I’m scared of sharks, but I go in the water.

Doug, Because you can’t see them?

Emily, Yep.

Doug, If I’m scared of something I want to see it so I know where its at.

Emily, Not me. I want to be totally oblivious, till it jumps out and eats me.

Doug, That’s like the slutty chick in Friday the 13th.

Emily, WHAT?

Doug, In every Friday the 13th movie there’s a girl who gets naked, she’s always the first to go.

Emily, What are you talking about?

Doug, You said you weren’t afraid of something if you didn’t see it. That’s like the slutty chick on Friday the 13th she always the first to go, because she’s not paying attention.

Emily, I can’t believe you are comparing me to the slutty chick.

Doug, Just saying, better watch out Jason could be anywhere.

* They keep joking around back and forth with each other hiking at good pace once they leave the spider behind in the grass.

End Scene

The Trail_ Scene 8_ After hiking all day_ Day 1

* It’s the end of the first day. Doug has been leaning on a tree watching wild animals in the clearing for a while. He enjoys the scenery its not like pavement and sky scrapers. Emily approaches walking up from behind him.

Emily, Its beautiful, I love it.

* He turns around and smiles at her.

Doug, You’re beautiful.

Emily, Aww you never fail with me.

Doug, Never fail at what?

Emily, Anything.

* He kisses her and at the same time some deer in the field suddenly take off running for cover.

Doug, Guess they don’t like love scenes.

Emily, Their loss.

Doug, How about I set up camp and you break out some Ramon noodles.

Emily, Deal, I’m going to walk over by the stream and get some of those wild onions.

Doug, Yuk.

Emily, Its just the tops.

Doug, Yuk!

Emily, Fine, don’t eat them. I’m not giving you any of mine though.

Doug, Now your catching on.

* Emily finds the stream and takes her time admiring some of the flowers and plants she sees growing. She kneels down to pull the tops off some wild onions, when she is startled by a deer standing in front of her. She smiles and enjoys the moment. It seems as thought the deer would stay there forever watching her till a sound in the woods scares it away. The sound makes Emily feel uneasy she cautiously scans the woods. She remains very still trying not to make any noise. She takes her greens and goes back to camp.

Doug, Did you get lost?

Emily, No I seen a deer at the creek. It was a few yards from me.

Doug, Wow that’s awesome.

Emily, I thought it was going to come up to me, but there was this weird sound and it ran off.

Doug, What kind of weird sound?

Emily, Umm, something like a low grunt “Uhhh.”

Doug, That’s the sound bucks make.

Emily, Oh! I didn’t know that. I was like what the hell is that a bear, lol

Doug, Ya right I don’t think we would be out here if this was bear country.

Emily, It’s the woods. Couldn’t there be bears?

Doug, No, there is no bears.

Emily, Ya ok I heard you, but why isn’t there any bears? And why couldn’t there be any bears, it’s the woods, right?

Doug, There’s no bears, there’s no lions, there’s no tigers.

Emily, Ya, but couldn’t there b …

Doug, There’s no dragon’s, there’s unicorns, there’s no bigfoot.

Emily, Ewww Bigfoot! Maybe it was Bigfoot?

Doug, Maybe it was a bear? Maybe it was Yogi bear waiting on you to make something to eat because he is starving.

Emily, lol ok, ok dinners coming right up.

End Scene.

The Trail_ Scene 9_ I wouldn’t have done this without you

* In this chapter the camera shows the two hiking farther down the trail even though at one point it stops looking like a trail and begins looking more like an animal path. They pay little attention to the distance they have hiked partly because the day is filled with laughs and practical joke hiding behind trees trying to scare each other. At one point during the day they stop to take a swim. They go on and set up camp for the second night.

Doug. Em look at this wow lets climb it.

* He drops his pack and starts up a bolder. She drops her pack and follows. At the top they sit and look down Emily takes pictures and he points out places in the woods he wants to check out.

Doug, Look, right there.

Emily, It’s the lake. We’re here. We found it wooo hooo!

Doug, More like a big pond, You feel like going swimming?

Emily, Heck ya.

* They crawl down from the rock and head to the pond. When they arrive it’s the sunniest part of the day and the leaves on the trees around the pond are glistening in the sun. They find a good spot to set up camp and decide to stay here the rest of the day. Doug and Emily strip to there underwear and run in. They swim about 15 yards out and stop where they play around splashing water on one another that eventually leads to them kissing.

* As the sun goes down they build a fire and listen to the frogs and look at the stars.

Doug, Geez… Those frogs man…. They’re almost as loud as rush hour traffic.

* She looks at him and smiles

Emily, I want you to know I’m having a great time, thank you.

Doug, Me too.

Emily, I wouldn’t have done this without you.

Doug, Why’s that? Cause it’s the woods.

Emily, That’s part of it, I feel safe with you. You wouldn’t catch me in the woods in a million years without you.

Doug, Well it wouldn’t be because you couldn’t do it. You’re about the most capable woman I have ever met in my life. You’re like a green beret.

Emily, lol thanks, I never wanted to go anywhere when I was alone or not close to people.

Doug, Why?

Emily, When I was a little girl I use to have this dream that something was always following me and I was running to get away from it. It never got me, but it was always right behind me and I had this feeling it was real when I woke up. I would go crawl into bed with my mom. We would go visit my aunt in Wyoming and I would get scared of the woods. I thought whatever it was in my dream was in the woods watching me. Lol I know its silly.

Doug, Its ok, you were a kid. Kids get scared of things like that. I use to be scared of Big Bird. Mom took me to a Seasume Street show one time I didn’t sleep in my bed for a month.

Emily, I wish I was scared of Big bird. It wasn’t till I was a teenager that I forgot about it. Every once in a while I still have the dream I’m running from something big and scary and it reminds me of when I was a little girl.

Doug, You never told me that.

Emily, No I guess the older I get the less it affects me. I can remember having the dream when we lived in the old house.

Doug, Is that when you were sleeping with every light in the house on?

Emily, Ha ha ya I can’t believe you remember that.

Doug, I remember it. Because you told me there was a rat in the garage! And you couldn’t sleep in the dark thinking it might be in the house. I called an exterminator!

Emily, In my defense there was a big rat in the garage, but it wasn’t the reason I was sleeping with the light on.

Doug, That’s so funny.

Emily, Its funny I couldn’t sleep with the light off? I had a terrible dream you jerk. I hope Big Bird scares the shit out of you in your dream tonight.

* She slaps him in the chest

Doug, Big Bird isn’t going to scare me, because I know you’re here next to me.

* They kiss

End Scene

The Trail_ Scene 10_ The Carnival

* The scene starts with Doug talking about the caves as they walk on the path that is now simply some deer foot prints. It is a sunny morning the leafs are glistening with do. Emily walks behind him trying to avoid touching too many of the wet leaves. They have their usual intellectual conversation about completely off the wall subjects. They call it their Seinfeld moments.

Doug, Seriously if that wedding scene would have been one minute longer I would have shot myself in the face.

* She makes fun of him

Emily, Whatever, Mr. I can’t wait to see the last Twilight movie. “Oh I can’t wait its going to be so awesome he is going to turn her into a vampire I’ve waited so long to see this.”

Doug, OH! I’m so sorry I have cinematic taste and appreciation for a good story.

Emily, You hated it!

Doug, I did hate it (lol). It was terrible. The wedding was so long I felt like I got married. And the last scene took forever, I thought I was going to be 90 before she turned into a vampire.

* As they clear the brush and move to the edge of the tree line they approach a very old wood building it has no paint, the wood is faded dark gray and the roof has holes in it. As they look around they see more building in tall grass behind the first building. There is an old fence that is fallen apart in the back ground. They stop at the edge of the clearing standing side by side quite for a moment taking it all.

Emily, Is this the carnival?

Doug, Could be come on lets check out these cabins.

Emily, Hang on, these are great shots. This will look fabulous in a picture frame.

Doug, ya this is almost better than the caves no one ever sees this stuff. I feel like Im rooting around in some body’s back yard.

* He says it with a big smile waking towards one of the cabins with haste. As he walks up to the door of the cabin he looks in the door from the steps and sees nothing but dark. The old boards or the cabin steps creek as he steps on them. He looks down with care and cautiously continues into the door. The sun light was noticeable from the cracks in the * wooden boards that made up the walls. The window in the back wall lit the left side of the cabin. There tools sitting on a shelf. Next to the tools are old rusted iron claps attached to a chain that jingles. The floor creeks as Emily walks up behind him.

Emily, Woow those are big clamps.

* He Look at them holding them up in the air.

Doug, I don’t think they used these for people. They had something big out here.

I’ll bet you this where they found the bone in the glass case!

Emily, OHHH ya

Doug, I’m amazed this isn’t a tourist attraction.

Emily, Probably would be if it weren’t a hundred miles into the woods. There’s still clothes in the closet.

Doug, Look at those duds. Man, were they styling or what?

* He touches one of the shirts and it falls apart.

Doug, Wow it just disintegrated when I touched it.

Emily, Its amazing its was still on the hanger. You want to go check out the other buildings?

Doug, Ya

* They walk out on to the steps.

Doug, Look at that over there what is that?

Emily, It looks like a medieval torture post with chains on it.

Doug, It doesn’t look friendly.

* He picks up one end of the chain and again the shackles attached to it are huge.

Doug, It’s weird these look like they would fit around your neck. Grab that end stretch it out.

* As they stretch out the chains the camera backs up and from a elevated position showing the surrounding area, buildings, grass, tree line. In the grass just before the tree line on the edge of the field a figure stands motionless. Neither Doug nor Emily notices it in the background. It doesn’t move at the end of the seen, it only stands in one spot. The figure is large and dark. The animal is covered in long stringy hair green and black and grayish.

Doug, This is freaky shit. What could they possible have chained to a post.

Emily, It was a freak show baby who knows

Doug, Weird

Emily, You still want to hike to the caves?

Doug, Ya its not too far lets go.

* They hike farther up the trail and soon they find a rock formation with holes in the rock face.

Emily, Hey walk over there in front of that cave I want to get a picture then you can take one of me.

Doug, Put the timer on lets get one of both of us

Emily, I will I just want to see what the best angle is here. Then we can take one together.

* They snap some pictures, they make some funny poses in front to of the cave together. Then they look inside of the biggest cave with a flash light.

Doug, It looks like we should be able to walk in there. Switch to night vision and lets go inside.

Emily, You don’t think they’re any lions or anything in there do you?

Doug, If anything was living in there it would have come out with all the noise we’ve been making. We won’t go far I just want to take a quick look.

* They walk inside shining there flash lights around and recording with night vision.

Doug, Looks like something has been in here.

* Doug points out a pile of sticks striped of all their branches.

Emily, What did that?

Doug, I don’t know, looks like something ate all the leaves off of htem.

Emily, Ok I can handle vegetarian

* Doug sees something on the cave floor. He reaches down and grabs a hold of something hard. It jingles as he lifts it up.

Emily, Is that the same chain we just saw on the post?

Doug, Looks like it.

Emily Alright that’s too creepy! Lets go.

Doug, Ha ha some kids probably brought it in here?

Emily, Why were kids playing in a dark cave with chains and shackles?

Doug, Good point lets get out of here.

* They emerge from the cave Doug is holding the chain up in the air letting the shackle dangle while Emily records him.

Doug, I’m going to throw this back in the cave leave it here for the next people to find. I think it’s neat to come out here and find stuff like this. This trip has been one surprise after another. This is going to be one of our best memories ever.

Emily, I have to admit I didn’t think it was going to be this fun. The trails, the lake, the lost settlement in the woods, I sort of feel like explores ya know.

Doug, Ya maybe we’ll find some treasure next, lol. Its sort of like no one has ever been out here. All this stuff we found. You would think there would be signs out here asking people not to touch stuff. I mean look how many things have we moved around. Usually parks are big about on preserving things.

Emily, Maybe they didn’t care about the gypsy camp in the middle of the woods.

Doug, Obliviously not. Lets head back towards the lake set up camp.

End Scene

Sketch 1-5


* between 2 and 3 there should be a walk and dialog while Doug sits down his back pack.

The Trail_ Scene 11_ They Finally Meet.

* A small fire burns a few feet away from a small two person tent. A few hiking packs are open and sitting around the camp site. Doug and Emily have just finished eating and getting ready to settle in for the night and enjoy the fire.

Doug, Hey Em where are the hand warmers?

Emily, Are you getting cold tough guy?

Doug, Ya well I have the connivance of modern technology to keep my fingers warm I’m going to use it.

Emily, Lol here you go.

Doug, Thanks.

* They move away from the tent closer to the fire laying down blankets folded blankets to sit on.

Emily, It’s quiet tonight.

Doug, It’s quiet every night compared to Chicago (chuckle).

Emily, The frogs were loud last night thought. There’s no frog, no owls, not even bugs tonight..

Doug, Probably cause it’s colder since the clouds rolled in tonight.

* She gets a bottle of wine out of the tent. She hands Doug a glass of wine. He looks at her and smirks.

Emily, Can you believe that we carried all this shit out here on our back. I mean can you see Jane and Kenny doing this?

Doug, Kenny pays the neighbor kid to mow his grass; his yard isn’t 10 feet long.

Emily, Ya I never got that, he’ll ride his bike forty miles, but doesn’t want to mow his grass?

* Snap. They both turn their attention to the noise in the woods.

Doug, That was loud.

* Doug notices Emily unbutton her leather case and pull out her knife.

Doug, I’m glad you’re here or I wouldn’t know what to do (smiling.)

Emily, I know.

* The leaves of a near by bush shake followed by another snap.

Doug, Sounds like something is interested in us.

Emily, Shine the camera light over there maybe that will scare it off.

* Doug pans the video camera around in the direction of the noise. He doesn’t see anything but trees and leaves.

Emily, Oh I heard it its over there now.

* Doug swings the light in her direction and about the same time a small stick hits him and the camera. He is startled and yells. He pulls out the gun While Emily grabs another light. They move closer together.

Doug, What the fuck was that?

* Emily doesn’t say anything she remains calm and keeps her attention on the noise in the woods.

Doug, A fucking stick? I got hit by a fucking stick!

Emily, What?

Doug, Look it’s laying right there on the ground.

Emily, Did it fall out of the tree?

Doug, I don’t know I was turning to shine the light over here and I got hit by a stick. I’m pretty sure it came from that direction.

Emily, Are you sure I think it probably came out of that branch.

Doug, I don’t know, I think so?

* Another sound this time from above in the tree branches.

Doug, What the fuck?

* He turns the light upward and eyes glow in the tree. It’s a raccoon.

Emily, Oh God damn raccoon lol.

Doug, Oh shit, I am pretty fucking happy to see that raccoon, lol.

Emily, Ya definitely got my blood pumping.

* They start to make light of the situation happy now they think the raccoon was to blame.

Doug. God, are we pussies or what?

Emily, lol

* As soon as they begin to laugh a large figure bursts out of the bushes running through the camp. Doug grabs Emily and pulls her toward him away from the animal. They get clear of it as it runs past their tent dragging it to the ground and knocking their things all over.

Doug, Are you ok?

Emily, What the?

Doug, I don’t know… I don’t know. Stay in the light by the fire.

Emily, I don’t think its afraid of the fire. Why didn’t you shoot it!

Doug, Are you kidding me? The way that thing jumped out I didn’t even see the fucking thing till it was past us. Let’s stay in the light. If it comes back I want see what the fuck I’m shooting at.

* The bushes rustle around them. They huddle close together their fire is burning low and there’s much light to see what is happening in the woods. They’re both breathing heavy standing close to one anther Doug uses his video camera to see what is moving around the campsite.

Emily, Its in the bushes.

* She points in the direction of the noise. Doug has the gun in one hand holding it at waste level.

Emily, What are you waiting for shoot it.

Doug, Em I can’t see it! I have six shots. I don’t want to waste them.

* She leans over closer towards Doug and whispers in his ear.

Emily, Shoot it before it comes back.

Doug, We don’t know if its trying to hurts us. Maybe it wants to chase us away? It could be territorial.

Emily, I would rather be the first person to shoot Bigfoot than be killed by one. .

Doug, Em we’re talking about the find of the century. If it was a blood thirsty killer I’m sure more people would have seen it.

Emily, Maybe they didn’t get a chance to tell anyone?

* He looks at her and knows she might be right. A horrible King Kong like scream comes from in front of them, then another one behind them.

Emily, There’s more than one, their surrounding us.

Doug, I know.

* The sound in front of them is clearly moving towards them. Closer and closer till it seems as thought its going to walk out of the bush into camp. The creature is breathing heavy and has unfriendly growl as it comes closer.

Emily, If you’re not going to shoot give me the gun.

* Doug looks at her and then turns back in the direction of the sound. He raises the gun and fires two rounds. There is a painful scream and crushing of branches in opposite direction.

End Scene

The Trail_ Scene 13_ The Way Back

* Early that next morning Doug and Emily are tired and weary they grab what they need and start hiking back to the car.

Emily, Cant believe this is happening.

Doug, Believe it, its happening. Come on we got what we need, lets go.

Emily, Could that have been someone in a suite fucking with us?

Doug, I don’t know and even if it was it doesn’t make me feel any better..

* They leave the camp heading back down the trail the way they came. There is camping supplies scattered along the path from the bag it took when it ran through the camp. Doug stops when he notices an air horn in the midst of the debris. He stands there for a minute starring at it before bending down to pick it up.

Doug, We packed this for an emergency so people could find us if something happened.

Emily, Oh that’s great do you think anyone would hear it right now?

Doug, Ya, I do if anyone is close they’ll hear it.

Emily, So will those things. They’ll hear it too. How much longer till we can get a signal on the phone?

Doug, We barely had any signal at the car. There’s no cell phone tower in this park.

Doug, I checked my phone every time we stopped the only place I got anything was when we climbed the rock to take the pictures, and it wasn’t much of signal. It might be enough to send a text.

Emily, That rock is almost two days away.

Doug, Ya I know. That means we have to get moving.

* They begin hiking again.

Emily, What the hell did we see last night? Was that Bigfoot?

Doug, I don’t know. No ones big enough to fit into a suite like that. That thing had to weigh 600 lbs.

Emily, It was too fast for a man in a suite.

Doug, That thing, the way it looked. I’ve never seen anything like that. It wasn’t like any Bigfoot I’ve ever seen pictures of.

Emily, They didn’t sound friendly, they didn’t act friendly. You were right to shoot it.

Doug, I know.

Emily, What if we started a fire wouldn’t they’ll see the smoke.

Doug, Ya how big of a fire would it take for someone to see it all the way out here.

Emily, I don’t care if this whole place burns down right now as long as we get out of here.

Doug, You know how long it would take to build a fire big enough. I don’t know about you, but I’m really not into gathering fire wood with those things out there. Are you?

Emily, Alright lets pick up the pace.

End Scene.

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