The Trail Part 3

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The final part of the screen play the Trail. Doug and Emily fight for their lives.

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012




The Trail Part 3 The Conlusion



The Trail_ Scene 12_ The Way Back


* Early that next morning Doug and Emily are tired and weary they grab what they need and start hiking back to the car.


Emily, Can’t believe this is happening.


Doug, Believe it, its happening. Come on we got what we need, lets go.


Emily, Could that have been someone in a suite fucking with us?


Doug, I don’t know and even if it was it doesn’t make me feel any better..


* They leave the camp heading back down the trail the way they came. There is camping supplies scattered along the path from a small bag ran it took. Doug stops when he notices an air horn in the midst of the debris. He stands there for a minute starring at it before bending down to pick it up.


Doug, We packed this for an emergency so people could find us if something happened.


Emily, Oh that’s great do you think anyone would hear it right now?


Doug, Yeah, if they’re close enough. Whatever that was last night, those things will hear it too. Then they will know exactly where we’re at. We’ll keep this and if we here any vehicles we’ll blast it.


Emily, Keep checking your phone maybe we’ll get signal somewhere.


Doug, We barely had any signal at the car. There’s no cell phone tower in this park.


Doug, I checked my phone on the way out here the only place I got anything was when we climbed the rock to take the pictures, and it wasn’t much of signal. It might be enough to send a text.


Emily, That rock is almost two days away.


Doug, Yeah I know. That means we have to get moving.


* They begin hiking again.


Emily, What the hell did we see last night? Was that Bigfoot?


Doug, I don’t know anyone big enough to fit into a suite like that. That thing had to weigh 600 lbs.


Emily, It was too fast for a man in a suite.


Doug, The way it looked. I’ve never seen anything like that. It wasn’t like any Bigfoot I’ve ever seen pictures of.


Emily, They didn’t sound friendly, they didn’t act friendly. You were right to shoot it.


Doug, I know.


Emily, What if we started a fire? You think someone see the smoke?


Doug, Yeah how big of a fire to see it all the way out here?


Emily, I don’t care if this whole woods burns down as long as we get out of here.


Doug, You know how long it would take to build a fire big enough. I don’t know about you, but I’m really not into gathering fire wood with those things out there. Are you?


Emily, Alright lets pick up the pace.


End Scene.


The Trail_ Scene 13_ The Marsh Trail


* Doug and Emily have hiked all day. They have made it back to the marsh trail. The marsh trail is a narrow lane only large enough for one vehicle to cross. On both sides are wetland reserves for birds.


Doug, after we cross the marsh trail we’ll take a break. I just want to get across first. At least we know nothing is going to come at us through the marsh.


Emily, I haven’t heard anything following us. We covered a lot ground. I feel a lot better.


Doug, I’d be surprised if they come back after putting two rounds in one of them.


Emily, I think we’re in the clear. I can’t wait to get back and tell people this story. We go camping and run into Bigfoot lol.


Doug, Yeah, our next vacation is at Lockness.


Emily, lol


* As they come to the marsh trail they make their final step from the woods. They both look in terror and disbelief, horrified by what stands in front of them at the end of the trail.


Doug, Ho ho, stop


Emily, Oh my God.


* At the end of the trail three large ape figures stand and walk back in forth.


Emily, How do we get around?


Doug, We can’t. That is the only way for miles.


Emily, What about over there it looks like there is ground past the water. We could make it through that.


Doug, Its not what it looks like. There’s no footing there, we would sink as soon as we stood on it. It’s like quick sand, but its mud.


* They notice one of the creators walks in their direction and stops. They hunker down and whisper.


Doug, Come on, come on, lets get out of sight and be quiet.


Emily, What are we going to do?


Doug, I don’t know lets just


* He pauses and runs his fingers through his hair. He looks at Emily and quietly says.


Doug, I don’t know.


* She breaths heavy and lays back looking up at the sky with her mouth wide open in disbelief. Doug leans over to comfort her.


Doug, Hey its going to be ok, alright. We are going to make it through this.


Emily, How?


* Crying and hugging


Emily, We can’t get back we’re stuck, our phones don’t work, no one even knows we are out here. There is no help coming.


Doug, We have a gun we’ll be ok.


* She pushes him back and looks into his face.


Emily, There are three of them Doug. You might as well throw sticks at them that guns not going to stop one of those things.


Doug, We’ll wait it out here and when they leave and know there gone we’ll cross over. Its an easy path to the car and it wont take us that long.


Emily, It took us three days to get out here.


Doug, I know, but we were sight seeing. If we march through we can make it back in half the time.


Emily, That’s still a long time with those things in the woods.


Doug, Yeah I know, but we can do it. We didn’t run a marathon because we can’t. We did it because we can. I know I can and I know you can too.


* Emily wipes her tears away sniffling.


Emily, Ok


* Nodding her head


The beasts turn and move toward them. She gets to up and he points for her to go in that direction. They scramble franticly not knowing if they were seen or not. The biggest of the three Sasquatch sprinted after them knocking over a limb as it jumped into the thickest part of the brush after them. Doug an Emily looked back and seen its face. Its face struck fear into their hearts. There was no doubt it would harm them if it could. The eyes are sharp and colored red. It has teeth that are meant eating flesh. They break their stare and sprint away dropping their back packs. The beast runs up to their backpacks and grabs it holding it over its head it tears the pack throwing its continence everywhere.  Doug and Emily move quickly covering more ground without the backpacks. Doug runs by a thicket of smelly plant he had noticed a day earlier. He stopped Emily and explained to follow close to these plants they might help to cover their sent. They quietly made there way into the middle of the patch of weeds where they watched for the one chasing them. A few minutes go by and then they can hear it coming. They watch it pass them by and go out of sight. They waited a long time before moving. When they did they moved towards a part of the woods that had a clearing on one side in the hopes that they maybe able to see around them better. It was getting dark so they found a spot to huddle up out of sight for the night.


End Scene


The Trail _ Scene 14 _ What Do We Do?


* It has been a terrible experience encountering this animal, but even thought they help each other stay composed. They are worried and they are unsure, but they are partners and will keep each other going. They discuss their situation and what to do next. He walks away from the stump they are leaning on. He looks at the tree line its infinite number of trees as it goes on forever. They look at the map and decide there are two options, to go back the way they came again or move towards an old bridge that is out of service in the hopes they manage to cross. As the sun comes up they know they must make a choice. It is now a mission to escape the woods as fast as they can. They weigh the option of going back to the way they came. If the Sasquatch are in the trail again they may be trapping themselves. Going away from the beasts sounded the better option, but the urgency to not to spend another night in the woods created a grim reality. They were unsure the bridge is crossable.


* It is morning time. The weather is overcast and it has just stopped raining. The woods are wet and cold. Doug and Emily huddle together. Emily is shaking not because she is cold but because she is scared. They haven’t slept and can’t stop looking around them to see what is coming next. Emily speaks in a whispering voice.


Emily, We have to get out of here today. We can’t stay in these woods another night. Doug?


* She looks at him. He has an unsure look in his face. He doesn’t want to say anything to scare her, but knows the situation is grave.


Doug , Yeah (shaking his head.) Ok well we know that the way back is blocked, so we want to figure out if there is another way we can get out of here were there are people.


Emily, Maybe we can make, what if their not there anymore? If we can get past the marsh trail we can sprint the whole way back.


Doug, Ok that’s one option, but if we go back and they are still there. Then what?


Emily, Well what else can we do?


Doug, There are people on the other side of that woods. The map shows that most biggest camp sites are over there.


Emily, Ok how do we get down the rock slide and across the river and then back up the rock slide?


* They stare at each other.


Doug, I seen a sign a ways back in the grass that said dangerous rope bridge unsafe do not cross. I’m willing to bet they put up a barricade in front of the bridge and they left it in tact in case the park ever needed to use it.


Emily, Why would they do that?


Doug, Because these park rangers still come out here every once in a while to take survey’s  and wildlife studies, they’re not going to make their job any harder out here unless they have to.


Doug, One thing I learned in the army is you never get rid of a bridge if you can use it.


Emily, Ok lets say it’s still there, then what? What’s on the other side?


* He pulls out the map


Doug, Look at this, I know we’re farther south, but the trail has already started heading back east towards the Miami camp site. This is were the bridge should be in this area, that’s only a mile maybe a little more from the Miami cabins sites.


Emily, What if there isn’t a trail on the other side of the bridge, what if the bridge is really out?


Doug, Listen if we can get across on the bridge we can cut the ropes, that will buy use more than enough time to make it a mile even if there isn’t a trail its all down hill hiking.


Doug, Or we can go back to the marsh trail and hope they left. If we do get across hope they won’t be right on top of us the whole time. This is their territory. I’m willing to bet if we go back they’re waiting for us. If we make it across that bridge at least we’re out of this part of the woods. I don’t think they’ll follow us once we get across. .


Emily, How do you know that?


* A quiet moment


Doug, I don’t, but they’re probably out here because it’s away from people. If we can get close to the campsites I would feel a lot safer. I’ll do whatever you want to Em. You choose.


End Scene


The Trail_ Scene 15_ Going to the Bridge


* They walk up to the bridge and look at it hopelessly. The bridge is rotten and no way across.


Emily, It’s out!


Doug, No fucking way!


* They are silent frozen in fear of what this means. She bends down to her knees and buries her head in the grass and cries. He stands a few feet away looking across the bridge with his hand on his forehead.


Emily, Great so we’re no closer to getting out of here. Where are we at? Is there another way, Do you even know?


Doug, There has to be something out here. A road or emergency station something. I’m telling you those camp sites are on the other side of this.


* Its nearly evening the sky is over cast and they are going to be in the woods another night. She starts to make her way to the edge and attempts to put her foot down over the edge. He grabs her and explains it’s pointless it won’t work.


Doug, It’s nearly dark. 


Emily, I’m going across.


Doug, No, you won’t make it! You’ll get half way down and get stuck. Then you’ll be lucky if you don’t kill yourself getting back up. 


* She gives up, looking to him for direction she has her hands up in the air while kneeling on the ground. He immediately starts to think about a safe place to hide for the night. She yells at him, they can probably smell us. How are we going to hide in the woods from them?


Doug, Ok listen we’re not getting across tonight we have to find a safe place to hide its going to be dark soon.


Emily, lol hide? From them, they’re animals Doug. You think they can’t smell us? They know exactly where we are.


* They are alert when they hear a rustling in the bushes. They don’t speak; they only look at each other. The sounds continue to get closer to them. They attempt to sneak away in the opposite direction. when they hear the Bigfoot near the bridge. The sun is nearly gone and the lighting barely enough to navigate the under brush.


Doug, Sh, come on.


* They are given away when one of their back packs becomes hung up on a tree branch. The release of the branch whips back into the bushes. The animal turns and runs towards them. They flee their hiding spot. During the chase Doug and Emily both throw off their packs to go faster.


Emily, Oh God!


Doug, Go!


* Branches are flying by their faces as they run through the under brush of the woods. They move as fast as they can navigate the terrain. Doug and Emily come to a place in the woods where the ground feature may give them cover and defense from attack. They stop to evaluate there location.


Emily, Right here, the top up there.


* She finds a wall of rocks, soil and vines growing together. He hikes her up and she jumps on top of the formation. Once Doug pulls himself up with Emily’s help they find a used trail. It was six feet across and a vehicle had recently driven on it. Now the prospect of running into other campers was possible. The trail helped them to see if anything was behind them. As long as they are on the trail and the Bigfoot are in the woods they knew they would be gaining on them.


* They cover a lot of ground in a shot amount of time and then stop. He pulls out the compass from his coat. She stands close to him looking out as he reads the direction they are headed. With no warning a tall brute dark figure steps out of the woods in front of them. Doug raises his pistol, but before he can aim the Sasquatch delivers a devastating blow, disabling him on the ground. Momentarily stunned on the ground he quickly grits his teeth together and pushes past the pain. Doug squeezes his trigger once and again he fires. The creature shrieks in pain and turns badly injured to the woods. She runs to him kneeling on the ground supporting him she asks if he can walk.


Emily, Doug come on, you’re ok. You’re ok……. You’re ok baby. Can you get up? Can you walk?


* He can, but not fast enough to escape the monsters chasing them. Doug tells Emily he has two bullets left in his gun. He will stay there and create a diversion while she escapes. She is still in excellent condition and can move quickly.


Doug, You have to go baby. I can’t keep up. I’m hurt bad.


Emily, Not going happen. We are not splitting up! Come on.


Doug, Hey listen to me. If I can distract them long enough you can get out of here. It’s like a marathon. You run and run and don’t stop till you find someone.


Emily, No!


Doug, I’ll be ok I got two shots left and I’m going to make them count. Now get out of here find help and come back for me.


Emily, I love you I love you so much.


Doug, I know and I love you now go their coming.


* She refuses at first not accepting the fact he could not continue. All of the sudden a noise they were coming. She flees down the trail. Doug is now to his feet gun in hand. He musters up everything he has swelling his chest and flexing his back as though he was going to a fight. He yells to get their attention, distracting them from Emily running on down the driven path.


Doug, Hey you smelly piece of shit I got something for you.


* Now that she is out of sight and on her way he turns his attention again to the figures coming slowly towards him weaving in and out of the woods and path as the come closer. He begins talking out loud recording himself with the video camera.


Doug, If I don’t make it, one of you fuckers is keeping me company.


* On his left side about ten feet from him. A Bigfoot emerges from the woods.


Doug, Big mistake you ugly son of a bitch.


* He takes careful aim and pulls the trigger as the creature drops. He winces in pain from the recoil of the gun. Barely able to stand he stares at the creature lying on the ground. Doug cracks a smile and begins to laugh softly when another one jumps from his right side. The scene goes black, only a scream is heard followed by a shot.


End Scene


The Trail_ Scene 16_ She Lives


* She is stumbling down a hill grabbing small trees as she walks. She is wavering side to side and only looks at the ground. She is not paying attention to what is in front of her. As she comes to the bottom of the hill she enters a clearing with tire tracks it is a road. A car approaches from her right side it is a park ranger. He stops the car and quickly runs to her. He grabs her and helps her stand straight. He looks at her and asks if she is alright.


Ranger, Are you ok?


* She shakes her head while starring at the ground.


Emily, It’s behind me.


* He raises his head and looks behind her cautiously.


Ranger, It’s ok no ones there.


* She buries her head in his shoulder and weeps.


Ranger, It’s ok I’m a park ranger you’re safe. What’s your name?


Emily, Emily (quietly spoken)


Ranger, Ok Emily my names Rick I’m going to help you. Was there anyone else with you?


* She cries with her head on his chest saying Doug’s name over and over. He knows the way she is saying his name he probably isn’t alive.


Ranger Rick, Its alright I’m going to get you out of here and send back some more rangers, ok. We’ll do everything we can ok Emily.


* He walks her to the car opens the door and helps her into the back of the car. He shuts the door when the Bigfoot grabs him from behind and rips his throat open blood spurts out of his neck and mouth. He drops dead to the ground. The creature stands motionless looking toward the car. She is in the back seat looking down in her lap whispering.


Emily, I’m not going to run anymore.


* The screen goes black and the beast howls. The movie begins playing home videos of the couple together. Scene 17


End Scene


The Trail_ Scene_ 17_ The Lost Video


* The Scene goes black….. Then a video of Doug and Emily at a marathon, smiling and joking around with each before the race, then a video of them cooking in the kitchen together having a food fight. Different video’s goes on and on till the last clip is Doug in the woods looking in the video camera.


* Emily I love you more than anything in the world. I’m so sorry this happened it was my idea to go camping. I just want you to know I’m not going to let those things get you. This ends right here now with me. Ahhhh, my collar bone… Uh its broken, its bad. There are two of those things out there. I would have gotten you killed if you stayed here. I’m in no shape to run anymore. They’re coming right now, but I’m not letting them leave. They’re staying here in the woods we me.


* Then the Bigfoot comes out of the woods on his left side as in scene 16. He aims and shoots the creature. A gunshot is heard followed by a long pause.


Doug, I got you son of a bitch. Haha


* Then a commotion with a scream and gun shot. The last picture on the video is of Doug falling to the ground dead with the back of his head covered in blood.



The End

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