The Zombie Cover Up_Part 1

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Not a day of the dead story at all. Its a perspective of a man knows the truth. His job is to make sure you never do.

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



The Zombie Cover Up

It’s been a hell of a day. I can’t stop thinking how’s this going to end. One day soon it’s all going to come crashing down. I did my job today that’s all that matters. That’s what I tell myself. Today I’m going to need something more to believe it.

I always look for the perfect parking spot. Not too close not too far away. Doing this job has its down falls. The service doesn’t care if I want to be an alcoholic as long as I do it in my home. Having agents liquored up in public isn’t something the people I work for want to worry about. I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to get away with a few minor infractions.

Walking through the door to this place smelling the booze and smoke almost makes me remember a normal life. Sam’s working today, I like Sam he’s quite, doesn’t ask many questions. He does all his communicating with his body language. He’s a tall fella, age about 58 if I had to guess. Gotta respect a guy who wears a stone face like Sam, every time I see him he watches me walk through the door and leans over the bar with a white towel on his shoulder and gives me the silent stone face. I like Sam because he pays attention. You could put a hundred bartenders behind the bar and Sam would be the only one who knew someone walked in the bar every time. He was a soldier, I could tell by looking at him. We never talked about it, but we didn’t have to.

He served me my drink, Crown on the rocks. “Today I’ll need the bottle Sam.” He raised his eyebrow at me and handed me the bottle. Sam wasn’t the kind of guy who was going to do that for anyone. I think he could tell by the look on my face I needed it; two warriors looking eye to eye giving each other the respect of understanding without saying a word.

I found my spot in the back room on the side. I liked the table that had a half lit lite, similar to the famous painting with the poker players sitting around a table in a smoky room. No one could see me slouch here. My job didn’t permit me to do that. Here I am sitting at this table again. The last time I was here I talked to a woman, Rachel. I had a few that day and I did something out of character. I opened up. Maybe I came here tonight because I thought I would see her again. She would have already heard the story on the news by the time I got here. Maybe that’s why I got the bottle; because I knew I would be here for a while. Not only that it makes ita lot easier to break national security after a few glass of whiskey.

I'm good at things almost everything I do. I had good grades, the military was easy for me and I worked out well in the teams. The teams aren’t about being the strongest person, but I was. I work well under pressure and don’t question orders. The farther up the latter I went; the more I saw things that changed me. I still follow orders I have to in this job. Details are very important in what I do. Now I’m involved in something that isn’t easy. I know things now I wish I never did.

I heard her walk through the in the other room. By the time she sat down Sam was behind her with a glass of ice. He sat it down next to me and left. “Hello.” I said.

“I wasn’t sure you would be here.” She said.

“But you came anyhow.” I replied. She smiled and grabbed the empty glass of ice and poured herself a drink. I watched her eyeball me as she raised the glass to her lips. When she was finished she asked me “Rough day at work?” I smiled as I exhaled cigarette smoke shaking my head admiring her humor knowing what she knows. I know what she knows because I told her.

“Was it bad? I mean I heard the news they said two were dead and one injured.”

“Yeah it’s not good. They got the media under control. Probably hundred people in the mall saw it.”

“How will they handle them?”

“Probably the same way they did L.A., Texas, and Miami.”

“They’re going to threaten them?” She asked.

“Yeah if you want to call it that, they’ll freeze their bank accounts, tell them they will foreclose on their homes and call in all their bank loans on family members. No one will say a thing and if they do they’ll be discredit and smear them into the ground. Everyone will think they’re crazy.”

I couldn’t help thinking of her as one of them when I looked at her. I see people now in my mind, they look horrible. I have to come back to reality, Rachael shes real.

"Are you ok, you look like you're zoning out?"

“Yeah I was thinkiing I’m surprised the fanatics and crazies haven’t caught on yet. Usually they’re the first one to yell aliens or Bigfoot.” I said.

“How would they figure it out if you guys control the media and keep the witnesses quiet? She asked.

“The news coverage is almost enough to give it away. I mean really, a man runs through the mall wearing a white hockey mask and carrying an assault rifle. The cops make a statement the shooter intended to kill as many people as possible; then they release another statement saying only two dead and one wounded? Seriously you would have to be an idiot to believe that. An untrained kid with an automatic weapon could kill dozens. There were people everywhere in that mall and he was only able to kill two people. It’s a bullshit story and I expect someone to find some holes in it sooner or later; if it even matters by then.”

“Why do you say that?” She asked.

“Russia, Africa, now here in the U.S. we been tracking and disposing of these things for years and the recent activity is nothing like before. The outbreak in the U.S. is only going to get worse and at some point we won’t be able to keep up the lie.”

She didn’t have much to say for a minute. I could tell she was thinking of all the things I had already thought of so many times past. Thinking about family, children, our way of life; it could all come crumbling down. “Listen I will tell you these things can’t last long in the cold. I mean like real cold, Siberia, Alaska. They freeze quickly in a few hours. The circulatory system doesn’t work to well when you’re dead. Lucky for us that’s what keeps us warm and moving. Florida, California, everything south of Indiana is going to turn into hell .I’ve seen the predictions. Once it happens and we lose control it will be total and absolute chaos. The survivors might have a chance in winter to put up a fight. The only problem is when it happens Russia, China, Europe everyone with a nuke is going to consider us a biohazard. I think Alaska or Canada would be the best place to survive.”

I don’t like saying any of that or how it makes me feel, but I told myself for a long timeit would never happen because we had under control. The truth is the day is coming when the zombie cover up will end.

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