A Message on Wealth

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A man in desperate search of power gets the surprise of his lifetime.

Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012




A Message On Wealth


Rich Wilson was the richest man on Earth. He lived in a house made of gold that was big enough for him and his hundred closest friends. He didn’t have any friends though because he was too busy looking down at other people in the world. He built his golden house of the largest mountain he could find to show how superior he was to everybody else. It would be an understatement to say that Rich was a snob. He could afford to buy any material item in the world that he wanted, and he let people know that. Regardless of all his wealth, there was one thing Rich loved even more than money and that was power. Money could only keep him happy for so long. He always came back to the idea that he had to have control of the world. He needed to be the most powerful man in the world.


There were rules on Earth that prevented complete dictatorship of the world so even though Rich had the most money on Earth, he could not ever obtain complete control of Earth. This kept Rich awake at night and drove the man completely insane. Power to Rich was like food and water to the normal human being. He devised a plan to build a spaceship, go to another planet, and takeover their civilization. He sold his house, his cars, his stocks, and all his material possessions and invested in engineers to build four spaceships. One was for Rich and the other three were to transport his money to this new planet.


Everyone was happy to see Rich leave, even if it did mean that over half of the world’s wealth was going with him. He hopped on board the spaceship and set off toward the planet Fanokelah. When he arrived, he was pleased to see that the world was struggling. It was frozen tundra on Fanokelah and people seemed to have little to no wealth. Everyone looked poor, hungry, and cold. This pleased Rich is a self-absorbed kind of way. He was wearing a suit that maintained a temperature of 75 degrees so the weather did not bother him. He found the closet village he could and demanded to see the richest man on their planet. A man by the name of Ubanto pointed him toward an old, poor looking individual and said, “this is the richest man on our entire planet.” Since everyone on Fanokelah looked poor this didn’t really strike Rich as odd.


He approached the old man and asked how power was obtained in their culture.


“The richest man on the planet rules.” The old man spoke in a raspy voice and seemed uninterested in Rich’s questions.


This was exactly what Rich wanted to hear though. There was no way these poor people would have more wealth than him. He would easily become the ruler of their planet and fulfill his deep burning passion to obtain power and control.


“I have spaceships full of wealth,” said Rich. “I will bring that to your village to prove it and then I will be the ruler of this planet.”


“Do as you wish,” said the old man.


Rich gathered anybody in the village that was willing to help him carry his money into the town and started to pile it in the center of the village. This adventure took about seven trips on account that he had so much money. The people in the village stirred in excitement and this made rich a very happy man. He couldn’t wait to finally control an entire civilization.


Rich went back to the old man and said, “I have brought you everything I have. It is piled in the center of the village. If you can’t match that, I guess I have become the new ruler of this planet.”


The old man seemed unfazed by anything Rich said. He simply looked straight ahead and said, “This is a great thing you have done for our planet. We thank you.”


Rich smelled smoke. This seemed impossible to him since the planet was well below freezing. Where would a fire be coming from? He turned around to see all his money set ablaze by the people of the village. This invoked all kinds of emotions inside of Rich. Anger. Sadness. Confusion. Fear. 


“What are they doing!?, Rich screamed at the old man. “That is my money!”


“I’m not sure what you mean by money,” declared the old man.


“My riches! I’m the richest man on this planet and I don’t care if you burn my money, I’m going to control this world!”


“Oh you poor fool. That is not riches. You brought us loads of paper to burn and stay warm. This should be enough for years of warmth. Again, we thank you.”


“What do you mean it isn’t riches?” Rich was confused and furious.


“The richest man is the man with the most knowledge, you poor fool. How does this paper bring you knowledge? How is that paper worth anything but warmth?”


Rich fell to his knees, now the poorest person on planet Earth, and realized that without the value instilled by people, money was just paper to burn.

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