Time Kills

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The unfortunate event that I can't seem to forget.

Submitted: November 10, 2012

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Submitted: November 10, 2012




Time Kills


I opened the door to my house and started up the steps to my mother’s bedroom excited to tell her all about my day at school. I knew something was wrong as soon I was walked into the room. I looked down and there he was. It instantly triggered a flashback memory from a little over a year ago:


My mom’s boyfriend had left the house again and I was sure he was coming back sooner or later. He always left for a couple days and then my mom let him back in and it happened all over again. This time was different though. My mom was actually crying, which she never does. I’ve been texting Bill, her boyfriend, sporadically throughout the entire day never receiving a reply. I built up enough courage to ask where he was and my mom broke down and said that she didn’t know and that he wanted to kill himself. She told me as if it was no big deal and I should just leave the subject alone. I was never really good at talking to my mom about my feelings so I went downstairs to my bedroom.


I must of texted him a million times and I intended to keep texting until he answered. He replied after about a half hour of constant messaging and said that no one even cared whether he died or not. This hit me in the gut so hard that I stopped breathing. My entire world seemed to be crashing around me. I tried to control myself in-between the endless sobbing. This wasn’t true. I cared about him. He had been like a father to me for over seven years and he wasn’t just about to waltz out of my life like it was no big deal. I told him how devastated I would be if he didn’t come back. I told him how much I cared about him. I told him he wouldn’t only be ending his life, but also ending mine.


I called the only person I trusted at the time. We had been dating for a little over a year and she was basically my entire life. It was rather late at night and I never talk on the phone so she knew something was wrong. I needed her to help me get through this mess. “Ba- Ba- Ba-,” I sobbed. I couldn’t even talk so I hung up the phone. I flipped it out into a keyboard and messaged her. It was hard to see the letters because my world now seemed to be underwater. I had the keys memorized anyway and I typed Bill said he wants to kill himself.


She already knew he wasn’t home because I had told her about it before. She must have told her parents immediately because she responded I’m coming to get you. I just sat on my bed and tried my best to keep breathing until her parents and her arrived. I went over to their house and wailed away the rest of the night in her arms until I finally went to sleep.


The worst of it was over. I got a text from my mom in the morning saying that he came home and I convinced her to let him stay. I went up in their room in the morning and the awkwardness so too much to handle so I turned around a started back down the steps. He said, “You’re a good kid,” right before I closed the door.


I had saved his life with a couple words of encouragement, but these things are all soon forgotten. People say that time heals all, but I believe that time is just as likely to kill as it is to heal. Time is inevitable and it helps people to forget not only the bad, but also the good. Time can be so good and so evil at the same time. And clearly time had made him forget that night, even though I hadn’t.


I looked down and there he was. He lay unconscious on the bed. I couldn’t handle another episode like the last one. I walked downstairs without saying a word, went to my bedroom, and dozed off to the sound of the oncoming sirens of ambulances pulling up to our house. 

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