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“When did I realize I was god? Well, I was praying and suddenly I realized I was talking to myself.”
—Peter O’Toole

Here is a startling vision of the future where most humans are hosts to self-psychologist programs and someone obvious will want to rule the world from his Gothic moon base.

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The evolution of the Podhead Phenomena began around the turn of the second Millennium.

In the early days of the Network Revolution humans networked via a primitive form of communication called the TelePhone. The more generic term phone is still used to this present day to describe peer-to-peer authentication. This early primitive network was initially run via an extensive implementation of the precious metal copper and was actually hard wired at huge expense across the globe. Transmitters and satellites came later but we still use the term wireless to describe frequency connections as a legacy from this era.

The Pixar Corporation was, during this period, a small company making children’s flat screen entertainment. It was their link to the Apple Corporation by the facilitator Steve Jobs that allowed Pixar the opportunity to design the first Podhead Class 1 device. Simultaneously they released the original BAW (Brain Alpha Wave) and began to BAW Pod’s to human hosts. The original devices were discreet and confined to two wealthy hosts with the BAW patterns Parkinsons and class A2 Aspergers respectively.

In it’s early phase the ME (Multi Entity) was implemented as a simple self-diagnosis tool and a crude robot controller with low level Artificial Intelligence. Early on, however, it became obvious that the superego of the host brain was superbly suited to support two cognitive processes and that the union formed a formidable bond. Humans began for the first time to experience true duality and balanced judgment. BAW Pods provided people with their own best friend and counselor within themselves.

Following the development of the Turing 3 chip (named in honour of Alan Turing inventor of the now ubiquitous Turing Test) the self-psychologist programs began neural management as we know it today.

The largest implementation phase of Podhead followed the release of the Turing 2 chip. This groundbreaking duo chip heralded a vast number of BAWs aimed primarily for sexual stimulation with the ME. The VIVID PornStar series became a huge overnight success with tens of thousands of BAW surgeries opening to offer a simple push button Robot facilitated procedure. The original Jenna model alone still has a world wide active population of over 50,000 ME’s. The vast majority of these are now 2nd or even 5th churn BAW Pods utilizing the crude Jennabots for mostly manual labour.

The earliest worship forum under Podhead occurred within the Goth community for two main reasons. Firstly because of their keen adoption of the body disfigurement possibilities when installing a pod onto a human skull but secondly, and most significantly, it was due to the revolutionary software release of gOtHaM to BAW Pod. The now familiar silver horn’s of the Grand Council of Goths are an example of early Goth network Pod Baw styling and design.

Of course the most famous Podhead is one of the two original human Pod BAWs. The original test subject, Professor Jason Myers, was at the time of his initial BAW a 19 year old presenting class A2 Aspergers and in a state of self suspended catatonia. Jason went on to become the CEO of Pixar and is credited with inventing the ME term. He also controversially pioneered the Schizophrenic Hub programs which made it possible to host brain access for two or more separate entities. As a result of this groundbreaking research he remains the only known being to have 3 schizophrenic hub entities under Podhead control. With his vast neural capacity and both male and female ME’s he is able to balance a Professor level spectrum of sciences, translator programs for all common usage languages and has an adrenalin system jacked to level 1 defense. He resides in the Pixar Corporation’s own sovereign 100 Km radius Polyhedra located in the mid pacific ocean and powered by it’s own underwater geothermal system.. Jason is constantly monitored for signs of the Rosenburg Syndrome and is voluntarily a prisoner of his own Big Brother wired Polyhedra. The Pixar Corporation today wields unprecedented power by keeping billions of Podcasters logged in with an entertaining and informative virtuality network and a huge array of creditable nano-form products.

None of the rumours of Multi Entity beings beyond 3 BAW have ever been proven.

The Universal Network’s administrators decreed that no other being will ever join Prof Myers and be legally permitted to have more than two entities. This Global decree was developed following the now universally famous Blog published by Thiery Rosenburg called the Rosenburg God Syndrome. Rosenburg proposed the hypothesis that an individual or singularity with the neural network capacity of more than two entities will soon develop an insatiable urge to replicate its entities. The exponential increase in it’s considerable powers to “absorb” other host’s entire ME’s would eventually produce an omnipresent and highly unstable Podcluster.

Rosenburg calls this the God Syndrome.

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“Yes yes I actually do have my own wiki connection”, he said patiently._“Well yes I know that because I’m patched in here as well if you hadn’t noticed”, she responded curtly, “I was just trying to make…”._“No, I know precisely what you were going to do, you where going to start looking at Rosenburg again, I can feel a repetitive eddy in your BAW”, he replied as he swam lovingly into her liquid blue gaze. _“I’m doing this for us”, he whispered._Her reply was a simple cerebral response as she followed his reverent worship of the 5 BAW Host, glacially waving like a puppet on strings in it’s liquid oxygen tank._“I mean look what is here before us? It is the chosen one. It is Christ . Every word and movement uttered in this moment will be ambient blogged. So let me decree that these words I speak be known in time as the Third Testament. The Holy Ghost is our spiritual guide on this glorious path we are bidden to follow Its divine spiritual grace”._She sits patiently and lets the nanofibres of her body shift to nude. A tattoo of a wild rose nano-forms a winding path slowly up one of her long legs. She knows instinctively what he likes when he is about to give a sermon. This was such a momentous occasion that she slightly adjusted his 5-HT balance for maximum confidence and oratory skills._“Our Holy Pentagram behind me on the wall, how many points does it have ”?_“Five”, she answered obediently as she returned his rhetoric wide eyed and wet lipped._“And can you tell me what they stand for? “ he demanded in a sermonized baratone._“Well”, she licked her lips increased their red saturation level slightly and dilated her pupils. “The Father, the Child and the Holy Ghost”._Stopping for dramatic tension she unbuckled his gravity trousers and smiled luminously, “and our favorite two, the Goddess Venus”._She took his now erect penis and put it into her expensive nanofibre mouth._“And Lucifer”, she said quickly before returning to her required task._“That’s right poor old Lucifer number five” he said closing his eyes. “The ancient Romans called him the bringer of light and knowledge but alas our Christians cousins didn’t like the idea of too much knowledge, they imagined themselves as Sheep”, he chucked to himself, ” they always believed in him it never faltered. But they would never acknowledge their love for him. And now they are nothing, a mere rabble off the network”. _He brushed back his Lion Mane and stroked two of his feline whiskers whilst observing the majestic passage of the Africa Islands 363,000 km below him. _“Look at us here on our Moon holding, we are no longer residents of Mother Earth. We live in the heavens and it is fitting that our creation be neither male nor female. This is such a rare creature that we have made and it is destiny that we create this god, this literal god”.

“And is it not fate that has allowed us to do this from here in the Tycho Crater? And do you think it is coincidental that the corporation was named thus by my distant ancestor Richard in the last millennium”?

Sun beams streak over the Tycho crater and glisten across his magnificent Goth Lord golden horns.

“Isn’t it only destiny that my family, my Sovereign Corporation, Virgin be the ones to give birth to the second coming of the lord”.

Allowing his golden fangs to form a human-like grin on his cat lips he roared,
“Let all of them down there on Earth realize…that this is Judgment Day”.



Jason Hampton Taylor 28/9/07

Submitted: September 28, 2007

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wildly inventive!

Fri, October 19th, 2007 2:28pm

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