A Quick Look Around?

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How I Ended Up In This Cell With Giggles

Submitted: July 12, 2009

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Submitted: July 12, 2009



Take A Quick Look Around

Hi my name is Jason. Im 21 years old and sitting in a jail cell. While i have a bunch of free time I thought I would take a look around at my life and explain to everyone just why I am sitting in this cell. It all started about 9 months ago, I was out with my friends doing our normal things when i spotted the most beautiful girl i think I have ever laid eyes on. I wanted to go say hi, but im a really shy guy. My friends egged me on so i finally went and introduced myself. Hi im Jason I said, what is your name? She responded softly that her name was Angela and she couldnt believe that I stepped over to say hi to her. I told her if i had a brain I wouldnt have waited as long as i did because she had my attention since i saw her. She really seemed to like me so i got her number and we parted ways.

I called Angela the next day to see what was going on. She told me not much and the conversation was on. I did my best to sweet talk this angel i met, and she latched on to every word i said. I told her i could see us getting serious. She told me that she would love that but there was a problem. She quickly changed the subject and asked how old I was. I told her i was 21 and she went silent for about 15 seconds, "are you there?" i asked. She finally responded with an awe in her voice that it could never work cause she is only 15 years old. I laughed pretty hard when she said that cause i would put her at no less than 20 years old. Against my best judgement i told her i didnt care and would continue this conversation. We talked all night long it was like i was a school boy again.

After 2 weeks we started talking more seriously and sexually. I knew the risk when i went into this situation but i was blinded by the beauty on the other end of my phone line. I was talking casualy to her as we had been for most of the 2 weeks and she told me her mom was leaving town for the weekend. Silently I jumped for joy when i heard this news, we could finally be alone together without interuption. We set up the date and I had no clue what i was going to do with her when i got to pick her up. I made a split decision and grabbed a movie from my car to watch, so she invited me in.

We watched some of the movie but the attraction between us was anamalistic. We couldnt keep our hands off each other. When she asked me to fuck her i was hesitant. I told her that the age difference would end up getting me in trouble, but she promised noone would ever know. So i continued with her for the whole night. When we were done we both looked at each other in shock of what great sex we just had. She turned to me and told me she was a virgin and her complete outlook on life changed that day. I didnt know what to say to her after that, so i started to get dressed, gave her a kiss, and made my way out the door with a promise to call her as soon as i could.

She told me going in that i wouldnt get to see her much and she had a trip planned with her family for a week. That week dragged so slow without the new love of my life. When she finally returned i told her i had to see her or i would go insane. She told me it would be difficult but she would try for me. She said she was staying the night at a friends house and i picked her up and headed to my house for a full night of fun. It was 3:29 in the morning (ill never forget that number), her phone rang. Prolly just your friend i said so we shook it off and continued, but the voicemail notification went off soon after so she went to see what the problem was. It turned out to be her parents calling because they talked to her friends mom earlier that night and found out Angela wasnt staying there.

We were caught in a sense. The voicemail said she was in major trouble and to be home as soon as possible. My mistake was driving her back to her house. As soon as i pulled up in my car and she got out of the passengers side her step dad met me at my door with a 12 gauge. He told me to step out of the car slowly so he could get a look at me. When i stepped out of the car i knew i was screwed. He asked to see my drivers liscense immidiatly. When I pulled it out he took one glance and straightened his grip on the shotgun. "You like little girls?" he asked me with a smile on his face. I responded with a dumbfounded i guess so sir. He told me to wait right here as Angelas mom called the police and walked inside.

I stood there in shock with a shotgun pointed at my face waiting for the cops to show up. When they got there I was questioned by the officer about Angela. I told Officer Bradley that i was just friends with Angela, nothing more. Angela back outside at this time turned with a disgusted look on her face and started to cry and screamed "IS THAT ALL I AM TO YOU! JUST FRIENDS!" Not knowing what to do next i sat in silence. Angela was getting spastic now yelling about how it was all so special and everything. The cop said that was all he needed to hear to order a rape kit to find out if i had, had sex with her. Since we had been having sex all night long and was scared by the voicemail we didnt bother to clean up. I sat in a holding cell for the rest of the night and was released on bail the next morning. The rape kit came back positive that i had sex with Angela.

The court date was set for my rape charges. With overwhelming evidence and testimony i was convicted without much hassle. The judge smiled as he looked at me and said "they like people like you where you are going." I knew my life was pretty much over when he banged the gavel and told me 8 years maximum sentence. Straight from the courtroom they took me in a blue and white to the station for booking. They walked me to my new cell where i met Giggles my new companion. Giggles had been in the prison for 9 years doing a life sentence, and he offered me protection if i would give him sexual favors. I started with the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and ended up with Giggles the mexican murderer.

I will be out when i turn 29, if i make it that long, and i dont think ill have a chance of trying to win Angela back. Well theres my story and the end of my freedom. Ill sit here and write these tales for your entertainment while im locked in my prison cell for laws that shouldnt exist. When i think back to every time i told Angela i loved her not once was there hesitation or dobt in my mind that i ment it. Why are we forced to live under the constraints of age in this society? Sorry, Giggles is back and its time to earn my protection for the day sorry.

Dont think this cant happen to you, next time take a quick look around and think before you make hasty decisions

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