Taking Care

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 13, 2009

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Submitted: July 13, 2009



Most Of My Friends Often Suggest That I Take Care

I Want To Do The Opposite, That Burden I Cannot Bear

Taking Care Of Me Is A Full Time Job

I Try And Try But It Just Makes My Head Throb

What Does That Statement Really Mean

Figurativly Or Litterally It Depends On The Scene

Suicidal I Am, Most Of The Times

Shit Im All Out Of Rhymes

Cant Go Any Further, But Yet I Continue

What The Hell Am I Doing But Extending This Venue

More Time Wasted That I Should Be Using To Take Care

Pink Floyd Plays In The Background But Its Lost Its Flare

On The Drugs Is Where I Loved Pink Floyd

Now It Just Sounds Like A Bunch Of Noise

Deep Rooted Meanings That Some Will Never Understand

Its All Wrote On And About Drugs Its Never Planned

Good Music Is What I Call It, But I Actually Get It

Ive Done The Shit That They Speak Of, Gotta Give Them Credit

I Think My Writing Stems Alot From My Drug Use Just Like Them

Get Out My Bong And Take A Hit, FUCK I Broke The Stem

Gotta Get That Replaced, But Its Not A Rush

Gotta Pass A Drug Test So My Parents Will Hush

Living For Free I Am Right Now

Enjoying The Free Ride, If I Had Drugs It Would Be Like...WOW

A Wise Man Told Me The Best Things In Life Are Free

These Very Words Might Just Be The Key

Its Free To Take Care Of Myself Most Of The Time

To Be Honest I Enjoy Sitting Down To Write My Rhymes

I Rhyme Time And Rhyme Twice In This Poem But You Probably Didnt Even See

Just Keep On Reading All My Words Are Free

Tell Them All To You Without Saying A Word

Taking Care Of Myself Is Still Very Blurred

Be More Specific, I Take Instruction Well

Like A Drone I Am For Jason, Im Just A Shell

Please Insert Instructions...

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