masked merchant

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you will see
just practising a type of way of writing tell me what you think

Submitted: June 09, 2009

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Submitted: June 09, 2009



i am just like you, unless you are not like me

all i can say is what i see, or hear, or came to be

i help those in need, unless i dont

only thing i do is give hope

but i am weird

in a weird sorta way

i feel sorry one day

and the next the feeling decase

i guess you can say i am half and half

unless you wanna say 2 quarters and and a half

but dont make me laugh, unless you want to

but i wonder who, would laugh with you, or at you


what i wanted to say was that i love you all, unless i hate you all

that would be a weird call

like running down a endless hall

but i progess


you want me to stop

then you can walk away, unless you feel like a hop

i lie,cheat,steal and kill

unless i dont

who wants to take a vote

1 on none i guess i win untill i have a son

but i dont seem that way

i change like night and day

unless i change like black and white

or invisible out of sight

but you never know

even when you keep things low

like down to your toe

you never know, unless you do

all i know is that you know

that i dont know

because i told you

but you is who?~

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