Rotten Romans!

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please check this writing. this is my first publish. if you encounter any mistakes please write it in comments.
this is just a novel about ancient rome.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



Hi guys! I’m Atticus and- wait a second, where is everyone going? Before I get going I need to finish my drink at this wonderful Tavern. Now I am full I need to get going for a furious gladiator fight in the Colosseum (it may include animal sacrifice) today. Before I follow these filthy people I need to find public toilets first! Just when I am about to ask the city watchman about the public toilets, someone interrupted me, I turned around to see who this mysterious person is and guess what? That is the guy who stole my precious travelling bag yesterday. I was just about to tell on that thief to the city watchmen when he started apologizing me.

“Sorry traveler, I thought your bag was filled with valuable things but I have mistaken, here’s your bag.” He handed back my bag, but I couldn’t believe what I saw. IT IS EMPTY!! Then I remembered that I left my valuables at the tavern. I zoomed back into the tavern and luckily there is no one there. All of the romans went to the amphitheater in the Colosseum to watch the gladiator fight. I searched the whole tavern like a mouse looking for its cheese but in this case I am looking for my valuables. Wait, I can hear a similar voice. “Hmmm. Maybe these are the travelers’ important things. What the heck are these things, a map, an old torch, and WOW, 5 AUREUS (gold coins)”
Suddenly I yelled at him. Quickly he ran away maybe because of my scary face. I quickly got my precious map and my gold coins back into my bag. Wait a minute, the thief LOCKED THE EXIT! Now I am trapped in this Tavern. I searched for another exit but the only way out of this tavern is this smelly old sewer. I tried not to go through the sewer but I have to in order to go and watch the gladiator fight. I followed the sewer when suddenly I saw the light from the end of the sewer. I started running when I ended up in an aqueduct. It was surrounded by insulae. I got out of this smelly place and ended up in a busy crowd. The place was so crowded someone push me over accidentally. Because of that accident I LOST my MAP.

I was really angry ‘bout what happened today. I couldn’t believe that I lost my map now I can’t find the Colosseum and the PUBLIC TOILETS. Before I ask someone about the toilets or the Colosseum, I need to start cleaning my cloths. Just that moment I saw gigantic Domus coloured in bright, rich colours. Then I saw the public toilets. I was finally relieved. I rushed to the toilets (also I need to clean my clothes). I couldn’t believe how smelly that toilet was! Now I need to ask the city watchmen about the Colosseum. I was walking to him and suddenly he shouted at me. “WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING TO ME FOR NO REASON, TRAVELER?” I can’t believe he just shouted at me. I apologized and told the whole story about what happened to me today. He fortunately accepted my apology. Then I asked him where the Colosseum is. I can’t believe what he said. The building next to the tavern which I thought it was just a stupid old building WAS THE COLOSSEUM. I knew from that moment that there is something special about that building. I asked a chariot driver if he can get me to the Colosseum but whatever happened to him (I think he is in a very bad mode0 he said no.

Then I heard someone. “Excuse me traveler, may I help you.” I was about to say no when I saw a chariot next to him. Because of that I asked him about the chariot. He said that he can get me to the Colosseum, not because he wants to help me but also he wants to go there. He saw my 5 Aureus and asked me for 2 Aureus for using the chariot. I gave him the money he asked, then he started the chariot. I should’ve know the speed of a chariot before wasting 2 Aureus ‘cause this chariot is WAY SLOWER THAN ME WALKING, but there is no time to get out of this ‘snail’ chariot and walk. Finally I went to the entrance to the Colosseum, but there is a BIG problem; IT WAS CROWDED AS HELL! It took me more than 5 minutes to go through these buzzy romans, or should I say ROTTEN ROMANS ‘cause these romans stink a lot!! I think they’ve hadn’t had a bath for days.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw arranged seats for the people, I thought we could just sit anywhere we like. These nasty rule are gonna kill me for sure! That was real, I nearly fainted when the guards made me sit next to 2 smelly roman. After about 2 minutes the announcer has announced that animal sacrifice is first THEN gladiator fight. I wait in anticipation for the gladiator fight, but these animal sacrifices are taking too long and I don’t care about those funny looking animals. I almost got into a sleep while sitting there watching the boring show. After a minute I REALLY FELL INTO A SLEEP. I was woken by the loud sound of the announce (glad he announced it.) “And finally the gladiator fight will take place this afternoon. I was watching two strong gladiators fight. I guess the one on the right is the Murmillo and the other one is the Dimachaerus who had two swords one in each hands. The fight took place for about ten minutes. Then suddenly the murmillo stabbed the other gladiator. Maybe because the Dimachaerus had poor armor/shield.


The fight ended up with a big cheer from the crowds. It was glad to see the gladiator fight. I got out of my chair and went to the exit, and guess what? THE SAME SMELLY CROWD WAS THERE AGAIN! It took me another 10 minutes or so to get out of the Colosseum. I went back to the tavern to take a drink. It was a happy day till I heard someone talking. “Oh look at that traveler without a bag, hahaha.” Then I remembered that I left my bad back at the Colosseum. I was about to go back to the Colosseum with a chariot than I remembered that I don’t have any money, I left it back in the Colosseum with my bag. OHOH, now I have to walk by myself back to the Colosseum! 



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