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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic



 STORY BY ### JOJO16121993

   WRITTEN BY ###  JOJO16121993



The.. 2 Undercover Agent Name (#X44) Jatin Rawat  and (*Z99) Rishabh Sinha are assigned to locate Shivali Shukla, the runaway daughter of the CEO of a Big Jaipur newspaper.  Jatin & Rishabh  finds Shivali at a Sanjay Jheel park and a chase Continuous, but she escapes in disguise.



Shivali boards a luxury cruise liner, the Z………, with the ticket she found in the suit she stole. From her Friend Pragya also boards the ship with her lustful cousin Romi while Jatin & Rishabh  sneaks inside to follow her. A terrorist gang Called as RED BOYZled by Nandan Shukla have plans to hijack it and take the rich passengers hostage with Police Officer Deep Chaudhary and his Team also Helps the terrorist Group.



Staying next door from each other, Shivali overhears Nandan's plan. Nandan discovers her and sends one of his men to kill her, but she knocks him out and escapes. She then goes into the ship's first officer, who takes her to the engine room and reveals himself as a terrorist. When he attempts to silence and kill Shivali, jatin & Rishabh, who had been staying there since his encounter with Pragya and her cousin Romi at the swimming pool, saves her. When Nandan's gang arrive, the officer is killed in the shootout while Jatin, Rishabh and Shivali escape into the movie theater, where Another 2 persons attack Rishabh & Jatin . To beat two towering opponents, Jatin & Rishabh interprets with the Voiceless to the Agency.



At the ship's casino, a party hosted by the captain is interrupted when Nandan kills the captain and terrorizes the Rich Peoples, including Pragya and his cousin Romi. After robbing them of their valuables items and Money, he Plays with the rich Guys into a Poker card game. A few opponents are quickly Lose and Dead until Ashok, a skilled card gamer who uses his cards as Weapon, joins in. When Nandan is distracted by seeing Jatin, Rishabh and Shivali not far away, Ashok and Nandan put an end to his game.


Nandan's Brother Shanky kidnaps Pragya and takes her to his room. When Jatin & Rishabh Saves her, both men fight with Shanky before Nandan and his men interrupt, capturing Jatin & Rishabh in the process. Pragya escapes, and meet with Shivali, Romi , and the rest of theother characters




The next day, Jatin & Rishabh is stood before a firing squad. Shivali, Pragya, and her Friends interrupt the planned execution, but are forced to separate by Nandan's gang. Shivali uses her Basketball skills to defeat one the nandan’s men, Pragya saves Ashok after he runs out of cards in a fight with several terrorists, and her hand falls of a corner and is left unconscious. Jatin & Rishabh goes into the Gym parlor with his hands still tied, but is thrown into a Street


Fighting  by Shanky and suffers an Injury to Shanky. This causes him a great problem to shanky hands and foots.

As a West Vinod Nagar counter terrorism unit, the "W.V.N.SQUAD", arrives and take his men out, Nandan’s blows up Time bombs he had set up all over the ship and takes Pragya hostage at the casino. When Jatin, Rishabh and Ashok arrive, he injures all the mens of Nandan’s army and starts a long fight with Nandan. However, Nandan is thrown into the stage and dies when he accidentally steps on his remote, setting off the bombs behind the T.V. panels.



Jatin, Rishabh and Pragya find Shivali and return to her father. He speaks to Rishabh privately, seeing him as a future husband to Shivali. Listening to their conversation, Jatin leaves to find, Pragya who Disappered . However, Jatin finds her and tries to Captured her, but then Romi drives up and flirts with her. Jatin Leaves her and back 2 Rishabh talking about his Marriage With Shivali. At Arrival of shivali Father’s Office Rishabh Disappers then jatin calls him ask about the marriage proposal. Rishabh ends by Saying a Big ‘NO’………………………… I think the Story Starts Here…..










  • Jatin Rawat as Undercover Agent of (W.V.N.SQUAD.)
  • Rishabh Sinha as Undercover Agent of (W.V.N.SQUAD)
  • Pragya Rawat as Pragya as Jatin’s Running Cousin
  • Ashok Kumar as Ashok as The Gambler….
  • Nandan Shukla as Commander Nandan with his Red Boyz.
  • Shanky as Shanky as Nandan's Brother
  • Shivali Shukla as Shivali The Daughter of The CEO of the Big Newspaper
  • Deep Chaudhary as The  Ship Police man
  • Romi as Pragya Cousin

Submitted: November 20, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Jatin Rawat. All rights reserved.

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