The Bachelorette Party

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The Bachelorette Party chronicles the week in which a woman by the fictional name of Renita Tyler prepares for the party. She appreciates the efforts of her friends, but remains less than convinced that marriage to Rob is the right thing for her. The women go to Vegas as planned and then the truth is revealed. And Renita thinks that she will lose her friends, but they are far more resilient than a little disappointment. However, she does find love in a very unsuspecting situation.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



The Bachelorette Party
“Actions Define Your Character & Words Define Your Aspirations”
written by James L. Adams Jr.
©2012, All Rights Reserved.

Renita Tyler was the epitome of female beauty in Southern, California with straight white teeth, platinum blond hair, deep azure eyes, sun-bronzed-skin, wearing a two-piece D & G black and white bikini on Santa Monica Beach not too far from the pier. A cluster of guys with binoculars, cell-phones, and cameras with bulky telephoto-lenses zoomed in for shots. It was not uncharacteristic for her to be mistaken for a sexier version of Paris Hilton. She basked in the sweltering July heat in the summer of 2012 atop her black and white D & G beach-towel as if there wasn’t a care in the world. In only forty-eight hours her life would change permanently.

“Wake up Bitch!” shouted her best-friend Lora Myers decked-out in a black Chanel one-piece bathing-suit with the gold logo reflecting from the sun. “I see you made it” replied Renita before sitting-up and drenching her body in LaRoche-Posay Anthelios XL, SPF 40. She unfastened the back of her top and handed the bottle to Lora. “Get my back” asked Renita. Lora knelt behind her and poured a hand-full of the lotion and smeared it all over her back. “Damn girl, you are shining like a slave on auction in Havana”. “Hah! Hah! So not funny” replied Renita dryly. “Your big day is coming up and I’m so excited” said Lora with several strands of her long straight auburn hair temporarily covering her reddish round face. “I still have some reservations about Rob” said Renita after a brief pause. “Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” Lora exclaimed up ceasing to rub in the remainder of lotion in her wide clutch hand. “Something is just not right and I can’t put my finger on it”, she whispered under her breath. “Well anyway everything is set for the bachelorette party in Vegas tomorrow night, flights are booked and the girls will meet us there” said Lora in a cheerful tone. Lora fastened Renita’s top, looked around and saw the cluster of men on the peer. “Hey, let’s ruin their hard-on” whispered Lora. “Nope we are not doing this!” chuckled Renita as Lora leaned over and kissed her on the lips. The crowd thinned quickly with only a few determined on-lookers. “And on that note we better get outta’ here” said Renita. The two ladies waddled through the sand toward the pier. Lora was the luscious thicker opposite of the thinner Renita. “Dyke!” a man shouted from the pier. “My cock’s bigger than your’s ass-wipe!” replied Lora. Renita lowered her head and giggled, “I can’t go anywhere with you”. The two ladies laughed climbing up the stairs.

By 6:18pm Renita’s small cramped apartment just off Venice Beach teamed with a host of women packing and trying on various outfits for the trip to Vegas. “We need to get it together because our flight leaves at 9pm” cackled Ramona Bingham in a suffocating voice from the severely botched plastic surgery that decreased the size of her nostrils and flattened her face. “Don’t worry we’ll get there one way or another” said Lora. Renita stood in the hallway leaning against the washer-dryer stack talking on her iPhone3Gs with Rob. “I can’t tell you the truth because it may offend you” said Renita. “The last time we spoke, I told you what he did when I met them!”

“What’s going on between her and Rob?” asked Ramona inside the kitchen. “She met the parents and Daddy’s began to wander in disrespectful places” replied Lora. “That’s all?”…”I would love for a man to look at me disrespectfully anytime” said Ramona. Lora shook her head. “Spoken like a true horny forty-four year-old Cougar.” “And what’s wrong with that?” replied Ramona strutting away wearing a pair of Pajama Jeans. “I hope you are not wearing those ridiculous pants on the flight” commented Lora. “How do I look?” asked Renita's younger sister Barbra sporting a silver corsette, black leather jacket, and matching leather pants. Lora gave her the thumbs up as Renita stepped from the hallway and into her small bedroom, slamming the door. Lora immediately followed her, closing the door. Renita laid across the bed on her stomach still wearing her swim-suit. Lora's eyes slowly undressed her best-friend since high school even though she would not dare be foolish enough to make a move. Her eyes probed all of the lines of her sculptured and toned body. “Why are you so quiet?” asked Renita. Slowly, Lora placed her knee on the bed beside her as Renita hugged her friend. “I really don't wanna' do this you know.” Renita confessed much like a little girl. The laughter throughout the house almost drowned-out her words. Lora trembled, fighting the temptation that had dwelled inside her for years. “Why are you shaking?” asked Renita. Lora rolled up her glassy eyes and said “Oh God!”. Assuming that their friendship would be immediately terminated, she caressed Renita's teared face. “I just don't know what to do Lora...”. Suddenly, the door flew open with Ramona's bulky frame blocking the door-way wearing the same exact out-fit Barbra wore. “So what cha' think?” she asked before noticing Renita's tears. “What happened?...That weasel hurt you again with his words?” “She just needs a minute and make sure the shower is ready for her.” said Lora, ushering Ramona out the door. “Don't worry, things are going to be fine, in any case we are headed to Vegas Baby” said Lora with her voice cracking a bit.

A couple of hours later Renita, Ramona, Barbra, and Lora were on a Southwest 737 in mid-air toward Vegas with only forty minutes left to go on the trip. Ramona snacked down on a bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken as Barbra sat beside her with her blue eyes suspended in disbelief. The smacking sound of her teeth gnashing into the extra-crispy recipe annoyed most of the people seated around her. A distinguished lady across the aisle from her stared at the juice dripping down the side of her thick red-painted lips as piece of skin crunched in her mouth and other morsels fell into the aisle. Ramona sucked the drumstick clean of meat, and waved the bone toward the lady. 'Want some?”

Lora shook her near the window as Renita rested her head on her shoulder. She breathed deeply, enjoying the faint smell of her floral-scent body spray and Escada perfume. Lora glanced down at her breasts a noticed that her pegged nipples were erect just at mouth-level of Renita. She turned to catch a glimpse of the wing underneath the moon-light to suppress the urge brewing inside her.

A couple of hours later, the women finally arrived to their master suites at the Bellagio Hotel Spa and Resort. Ramona waddled inside and fell face-first on the bed with the bucket of chicken locked in her grip. Barbra's mouth could not close from the minute she walked in to the moment the door closed behind her. Lora and Renita stepped inside through the entrance in the adjacent suite. They all stood by the window enjoying the view of the Vegas Strip as Ramona snored loudly on the bed. “Okay, the sleeping arrangements are as follows, Ramona and Lora are paired-up and Barbra, you're with me.” said Renita. “Oh great thanks a lot!” said Lora with a joking smile. Renita closed the door connecting the rooms as Lora looked down on Ramona in full stride snoring before releasing one of the loudest farts ever heard.

After everyone had settled in for the night, Renita had a talk with Barbra. “Thanks sis for inviting me.” You need to return the favor when you get married.” “Are you really going to go through with this?” asked Barbra. “I don't know.” replied Renita. “Mom and Dad aren't convinced that Rob is the right guy for you.” “Why is that?” “Your lack of enthusiasm.” “When you were with Rick, the relationship flowed like a stream.” “Until I found out he was listed as a sex-offender.” Barbra stood in the mirror primping. “I'm headed down-stairs to the slots, wanna' join me?” Renita looked down at her cut-off light-denim jeans, black cowboy boots, and white t-shirt and replies. “No you go ahead, I'd have to change and I'm beat.” Renita sat on the bed and tugged at her boots. “Oh, by the way, I told Mom and Dad my little secret.” “You came out?” Barbra bobbled her head Yes. “And what did they say?” Barbra put her French-manicured nails over her eyes and said, “You should join your sister to complete the set of fuck-ups they created.” Barbra dropped to her knees in tears.

On the other side of the adjacent door, Lora listened with tears streaming down her cheeks. Ramona continued to snore on the bed with her leather pants and panties crumpled at her ankles as she tried wiggling her feet free. Lora glanced toward her to see a colorful and giant butterfly tattoo that covered booth cheeks of her liquidity buttocks. Again a sharp fart echoed from her bottom that startled Lora.

Back in Renita's suite she and Barbra embraced as the sisters wiped tears and spoke of happier times. “I better go win us some money.” chuckled Barbra as she stepped out the bedroom. A faint knock resonated from the door to the adjacent suite. Renita opened the door and saw Ramona sleeping with her pants and panties around her ankles. Renita fell backwards on the bed laughing hysterically. Lora stood beside the door with her hands on her hips cracking a smile. Nora attempted to shut the door, but Renita gestured for her to leave it open as she pullout her Iphone and snapped a photo. “Priceless!” she squealed while uploading it to Twitter with the caption, “Only KFC and no booze yet?” Lora laughed as well, but stole a few glimpses of the darkness between her thighs and leg of the jeans. Renita leaned on her back on the bed coughing from the laughter. At that point Lora was able to see the bald-darkened outline of her labia. “Renita, we need to talk.” she said in a serious tone. Just then the door-bell rang. Lora's eyes-rolled upward.

Renita sprang from the bed and opened the door to a bevy of her friends that made the trip. Gina, Constance, Florida, Gloria, Teena, Britney, and Aleshia filed into the the room exchanging kisses, hugs, and greetings. Lora returned to the suite, closing the door behind her. “I have the wrong genes, too fat, too shapeless, too too too... “she sighed in discomfort. Finally, Ramona woke up, rolled on her back and stepped out of her pants and panties, kicking them across the floor. The front-door of their suite opened and the party had moved from Renita's suite to Ramona's. She yawned, scratched her ass and farted before going into the bathroom. The crowd said in unison, “That's Ramona.” “Where is Barbra?” asked Gina thirty-one year old former co-worker of Renita's. “She went to play slots.” The conversations varied as some asked about past experiences, others asked about people, and yet others just yielded superficial compliments. “Come with me.” Renita told Lora in a stern voice. “We'll be right back.” said Renita. Lora trailed with an awkward smile toward the crowd. The ladies wasted no time opening bottles of champagne, and filling glasses. Renita guided Lora into her suite, closed the door and asked “Okay, what the hell is wrong with you?” Renita began another sentence before Lora embraced her and landed the most passionate kiss she could muster on her thin rose-painted lips. Renita, pushed her away. “We can't do this, it isn't right, I'm about to get married and the last thing I need is this!” shrieked Renita. “I'll pack my things and leave you with your friends.” said Lora turning away. “If you touch that door, I don't ever want to speak to you again.” said Renita in a deep forceful voice. “I mean it so help me Lora.” “Our friendship is finished... What is there left?” “You just let me handle this...” Renita walked back into Lora's suite clasping her hand.

“Quiet!” she shouted. The conversations and laughter ceased. I want to propose a toast to my life-long best-friend Lora Jeanette Myers. The glasses were raised and Teena brought the two ladies glasses of champagne and they drank. Suddenly the toilet flushed loudly and all eyes and heads turned to the bath-room door. Ramona came out wearing a white terry cloth robe, walked over to the table and pour a glass of champagne before farting once more. “Thank God she dressed herself” echoed the proper English voice of Gloria Reiney. “No You shouldn't have said anything...” added Renita. Ramona lifted the bottom of the robe and ripped another fart that immediately cleared the room. Everyone ran into the hallway and held the door closed. “Please tell me she wasn't invited to the party at the Palms tomorrow night?” asked Florida Crawford wearing a lime-green wig a couple of sizes too small that contrasted against her dark complexion. “Yes ladies, she is because like Lora, she's my friend. Renita professed. “If there's a problem flights are departing Clark Field first thing in the morning. The hallway fell completely silent when Renita dropped the news. “Now that I have you here, I might as well tell you. The wedding has been called off, but I didn't have the heart to tell you guys.” Renita came clean, explaining that Rob had dumped her for a twenty-five year-old waitress that lived in Pedley, California. At the beginning of the week. Renita began to cry as the crowd gathered around her with hugs. “Okay! Enough of the boohooing it's time to party... Where the men at?” asked Constance McCoy Renita's former assistant at the hair salon. The petite African-American woman gyrated her hips. The door to the suite opened and Ramona stepped out with fresh lip-stick and make-up wearing the outfit that matched Barbra.

“And where are you going?” asked Renita. “I'm horny, gonna' find me a man.” Ramona shook her hips walking down the hallway out of sight onto the elevator with the lingering echo of one of her patented farts. “She's got the right idea.” The huddle of ladies headed toward the elevator. Aleshia Barnes dialed her Samsung Galaxy SIII and called. “Yes, I would like to cancel the reservations for Renita Tyler's bachelorette party tomorrow night. I understand there is a cancellation fee, but my best friend from college made the right choice”. Aleshia hugged Renita as the elevator doors opened. “Our friend deserves more than one night of celebration.”

The next morning the sun crept into booth suites and the adjacent doors were wide-open. All of the girls had gone back to their rooms. Lora was still fully dressed and snuggled tightly against Renita totally nude underneath the covers. Empty champagne glasses, bottles and clothes lined almost every square-inch of he floor.

Inside Lora's suite, Ramona laid naked and shoring atop a very thin man whispering, “Help...Someone. Please help. Barbra strolled into her sister's suite and noticed the disaster. She stepped forward and peered into the adjacent suite where she saw Ramona's massive bare- back with her buttocks covered by the sheets. Two little feet dangled from underneath the covers at the end of the bed. Barbra walked closer to hear the parched voice of an exhausted man red in the face from Ramona's weight say. “Help me...” Barbra burst out in laughter waking up Ramona from her static snore. Lora jumped to her feet in the other room and padded toward the door. She gasped upon seeing Ramona lift her 300 plus pound frame from atop the slinky man. Barbra was in tears of laughter as she tried to balance the purse on her shoulder.

“ I don't wanna' know what happened on this floor last-night... seriously.” the half-nude man hobbled on one leg while dressing out the front-door. Renita awoke as Barbra stepped into the suite. “So how was your night little Sis?” asked Renita. “Oh! A little beyond spectacular.” Barbra dumped stacks upon stacks of bundles of one-hundred dollar bills onto the bed. “What?” said Renita in awe. “Ninety thousand dollars in cash.”

With Barbra's big score, the last-night in Vegas was insane, Barbra was over-joyed to hear that Renita cancelled the bachelorette party and instead the girls partied on the Strip with about ten-grand. Ramona rented a room down-stairs and from what the police report said she sent a man in his forties running out the room as she chased him wearing a chocolate-flavored edible g-string and bra using a pony-whip and Lone Ranger's mask. Barbra sent for her girlfriend to join them that night and Renita and Lora actually gave intimacy a try together. The rest of the women waited until almost sunrise before bursting into Renita's suite of course after bailing Ramona out of the Clark County jail.

Renita and Lora returned to Venice Beach and had a wedding on the beach at sunset even though her parents didn't show, Barbra, her girlfriend, Ramona and Barry the guy that escaped from her room that night attended with Renita's ensemble of friends. Ironically, Rob called just after Lora placed the ring on Renita's finger.


© Copyright 2018 Jausan. All rights reserved.

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