Veronica (A Night in November Series Part 2)

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Natalie is betrayed by Veronica after relocating to the Newport Beach home and held hostage with the threat of Ken Ryan being invited to do the honors in murdering her. However, the forty-something Natalie has a sexual sickness that far surpasses anything Veronica's inexperience could conger-up. Instead the struggle between the two women leads to a closer relationship due to circumstances. In the end Ken Ryan is out there making friends request for everyone on Natalie and Veronica's list.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012




The Second Installment of A Night in November Series

written by James L. Adams Jr.

©2012, All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 had come to an end as the bronze sunset silhouetted the faint outline of Balboa Island in the distance through Natalie Olson’s upstairs bedroom picture window. Veronica Noland enjoyed the view, sipping through the straw from a bottle of Snapple Raspberry Tea and ignoring the ghostly reflection of Natalie Olson’s nude, bound-body strapped to a chair in the window. She placed the bottle on the ledge of the window next to a boning-knife with a red –handle and replied, “Natalie, I must say that you do have great taste.” Veronica sniffed the lingering scent of Escada perfume from inside the fine white satin-fabric of Natalie’s favorite house-robe. She batted her gray-eyes while leaning back and bracing against the window-ledge. The white-satin belt from the robe slithered from around Veronica’s waist to the stained-oak hardwood floor. Her flawless naked and hairless body rested underneath in plain-sight. Natalie sat naked and helpless crying in frustration. “You don’t seem so high and mighty now!”

“Oh yeah… Sorry about slapping you around a bit earlier, not cool I know!” Veronica sipped from the bottle of tea and stared at the sharp blade of the knife. Natalie’s modestly-toned shoulders and thighs tightened before her bladder gave-way followed by a deep and loud fart as she turned her head away. Veronica applauded, “God that so turn’s me on!” Natalie was humiliated, biting into the tape and wiggling her arms and legs frantically. Veronica leaned in front of her and patted her cheek. “Now that's such a good girl...quiet and beautiful. Now look you’ve ruined your hand-polished floor.” Veronica rose and paced around her.

“You know, if I really was a bitch, I could have called Ken and let him come here and have his way with you.” “I’m sure he would enjoy seeing me make love to you while he slit your throat.” She paused and pondered. “But I could never let that happen” as Veronica continued to pace around her. Natalie's reddened eyes seemed to plead for freedom as tears drained from the sides of her wrinkled face.

“The problem for me, Natalie.... is that if I told Ken where we are..., more than likely he would just kill us both.” “Now, I know what you're thinking… You’ll just break free and call the police and I'll go to jail for kidnapping and you would return to Santa Monica and live happily ever-after”, said Veronica is a pitiful chuckle. Veronica leaned over Natalie's shoulder with the blade resting on her shoulder. “That just would not be a good idea because no matter what happens to me legally, Ken will kill you and I am the only thing keeping you alive. Understand?” she asked softly.

Natalie's eyes shifted toward the blade pressed into her shoulder. Abruptly, Veronica snatched the duct-tape from her lips. “Ah!” shouted Natalie. “Okay Veronica, you win!” Natalie professed while exercising her jaws. She leaned only inches away from Natalie’s face. “I'm not sure I believe you.” Veronica stood erect and draped the robe behind her hint of stretch-marked hips then placed her bare-foot in the puddle between Natalie's thighs.

“Lick me.” Veronica said dryly while peering down on Natalie’s auburn hair. She pressed her bald crotch forward touching Natalie’s clinched lips. Veronica quickly placed the blade over Natalie’s green jugular vein underneath pale liver-spotted skin. Her other hand clutched the clump of the auburn curls and pushed her head forward. Natalie’s thin rose-colored lips parted and her tongue emerged briefly and then suddenly vanished between her thighs. Veronica's eyes rolled upward to white as her grip tightened on the handle of the knife. Her mouth arched open into the letter “O” as she locked her thighs over Natalie's cheeks while grinding her face deeper between her thighs. “Damn you eat me so good...” purred Veronica. Natalie's eyes wandered upward to see Veronica fully involved. In one motion, she clamped her jaws shut on Veronica’s labia and violently shifted her weight forward. With a deep grunt the two ladies slammed hard to the floor with Veronica’s back-giving-way with a loud cracking sound. Natalie landed with her face snug in Veronica’s blood-smeared abdomen just under her belly-piercing. She flinched, but Veronica was knocked-out-cold. Natalie’s arms and legs were firmly taped to the arms and legs of the chair. The knife landed within arm's-length but Natalie had no way to get it. She shifted her knee over Veronica's thigh as the front leg of the chair pushed the knife closer to Natalie's wrist.

Her face grimaced as she rolled the chair over Veronica's thigh, landing on top of the flat-side of the knife. Natalie’s fingers of her left hand fished underneath the arm of the chair until touching the blade of the knife. Carefully, she panted, grabbing the tip of it making a small initial tear in the duct-tape with the tip. Veronica's eyes batted open and Natalie’s fingers clasped the blade and rolled the chair over Veronica. The blade dug into her skin as her left hand became free. Veronica tried to get up, but Natalie's freed left hand clutched her throat in a death-grip.

“Give me a reason Bitch! And I will kill you my goddamn self.” Natalie tilted forward using the back of the chair as leverage to apply pressure under Veronica's neck as she freed her left leg. “I'm sorry! I thought you'd turn me in. My legs, I don’t feel my legs!” squealed Veronica in a childish tone. Natalie did not break eye-contact with Veronica while cutting the last pieces of tape from her right arm and leg. “You have absolutely no idea who you've fucked with Little Girl!” Natalie crawled to her bed and opened a shoe-box from underneath it. Veronica sat up rubbing the back of her head only to face the barrel of a chrome-plated Dan Wesson 41 Magnum in Natalie's firm grip. “Ouch.” Veronica cried while touching the back of her head. Natalie stood up with the gun pointed directly at her. “If you say a fucking word, I have no problem blowing you away” said Natalie firmly. She rifled through the shoe-box and tossed a pair of hand-cuffs to her. “Put these on!”, commanded Natalie in a cracked voice. The blood from where the knife had nicked her dropped onto her bare-thigh, matching the remnants on her lips. Veronica fastened the hand-cuffs on her wrists in front. “Now scoot against the wall there.” Unexpectedly, Veronica burst into chaotic laughter before having to use her cupped hands to slide backwards to the wall underneath the picture-window. “You know, we could have really made a great couple”, she said laughingly. Natalie snatched-up the belt from her robe next to the puddle and walked over to her slowly. “Raise your hands!” Veronica complied. Natalie verified that the cuffs were tight.

“You really have no idea what you have done. Do you?” Angrily, Natalie wrapped the belt around Veronica's ankles until the flesh bulged. “Seriously! I can't feel my legs,” said Veronica. Natalie ignored the statement and disappeared into the adjacent the walk-in closet, returning pushing a large black leather trunk. “There is a reason why I kept this place all these years.” Natalie opened the trunk and pulled out a huge black leather paddle, a two-foot-long strap-on device, nipple-clips, a set of chrome benwai-balls, black leather mask along with black leather hand and ankle restraints.

Veronica’s laughter subsided upon seeing the array of tools in store for her. “I'm going to do every evil deed imaginable to you my dear.” From outside the beach-front home the Pacific Ocean's roar drowned out Veronica's pleas for mercy and forgiveness.

By day-break, both women were exhausted. Natalie's skin was pale with the black leather strap-on device affixed to her waist. Veronica was spread-eagle underneath her faced-down with each of her limps restrained on the thick wooden bed-posts with leather-cuffs. Natalie rolled off of her extracting the large appendage attached to black-strap-on device from deep within. Veronica's beet-red buttocks had swollen whelps from the paddle resembling miniature speed-bumps. She moaned softly with her face buried in a pillow.

Natalie unfastened the strap-on device and dropped it into the trunk before noticing the name “Ken” in the phone crystal of Veronica’s phone atop the dresser. She immediately clicked the “Answer” button. “Hi Ken! No. This isn't Veronica. Who am I? Let's say someone that is not on that Online profile picture.” Natalie paused to listen as Veronica tried to turn her head to eaves-drop. “Sure, you can speak with her, she's right here.” Veronica shook her head “No”. “Please God no Natalie!” she begged. “Ken wants to speak with you now!” scolded Natalie.

She walked over to the bedside and placed the phone to Veronica's ear. “You fucking liar! Had me kill those two innocent women for nothing! Blood is on your hands Bitch! “

“But it wasn't that way...” exclaimed Veronica. “I don't wanna' hear it! Just shut the fuck up! We had a deal!” “Put the other lady on the phone!” “He wants to speak with you.” mumbled Veronica.

“Yes Ken?”asked Natalie.

“How much do you want for her?” Natalie chuckled. “She's not for sale, she's my lover.” “Isn't that right Sweetie?” asked Natalie to Veronica. “Yes ma'am” said Veronica. “I will find you and her and...” Before Ken could mention another word, Natalie threw the phone against the wall, shattering it into pieces.

She laid next to Veronica and looked into her eyes. “Here are your four life choices, one, you could go to the police and at best wind up as an accessory to a double homicide; two, you can go on your own and try to start your life over with Ken hunting you down; three, you can try your luck with Ken; or four, you can act like you've got some sense and stay with me.”

Natalie attempted to get up when Veronica said, “I want number four.” She quickly released Veronica from the restraints. Slowly, she struggled to turn Veronica on her back until realizing that she could not move her legs. Natalie voice conveyed serious concern. “Come on Baby move your legs for me.” Veronica grunted, but could not do it. “Oh my God what have I done to you?” screamed Natalie. “In some ways I fucking deserve it” said Veronica in a broken tone.

Natalie disappeared into the bathroom, threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and dressed Veronica in a pair of her finest silk pajamas. She deliberately chucked the hand-cuffs into the drawer from the night-stand as an after-thought. Natalie huffed and struggled to carry Veronica down the stairs into her BMW Z4 Coupe and sped-off to the Emergency Room at the hospital.

After enduring a three-hour wait in the Emergency Room, the doctor admitted Veronica and assigned her a room. The doctor’s name-tag read “Bowman E.R. Doctor” when the short stocky lady arrived in the waiting-room to see Natalie. “Hi, Mrs. Olson, we have admitted your sister. She had extensive damage to her the nerves in her lower back and some vaginal-tearing.” she said as Natalie swallowed hard. Dr. Bowman carefully glanced about and asked a direct question, “Have you spoken with the Detectives?” Natalie's heart raced. “No, I haven't .” “Suspicions were raised by the medical staff upon seeing the whelps and vaginal tearing along with the nerve-damage she sustained” added Dr. Bowman. “I’m afraid that she maybe permanently paralyzed from the waist down” she hobbled away as if throwing out the trash back into the Emergency Room.

Detective Bryan Holmes entered the waiting-room carrying a note-pad with his badge gleaming underneath the fluorescent lights. “Mrs. Olson?” he asked. Natalie sat down. A sense of relief over-came her when she discovered that Veronica told the police that her ex-boyfriend Ken Ryan was responsible for the attack. She had literally told them everything she knew about him from the carousel of phone numbers to the information about his Facebook profile page. Veronica had done her a huge favor and it was Natalie’s to blow it. After disclosing what she knew, the detective continued to call from time-to-time, but had nothing new on Ken Ryan. It was as if he had vanished out of their lives.

Three months later, Natalie had thrown away the B & D chest, sold the pistol and the condo in Santa Monica and spent some of the proceeds to install ramps and renovated the Newport Beach home after paying Veronica’s medical bills. Natalie and Veronica spent hours together cuddled in bed after retiring early from her job. Occasionally they would peruse the Internet together on their lap-tops. Exactly to the day of Wednesday, November 20th, 2012 both Natalie and Veronica received emails from friends asking if it was okay to add a mutual friend to their social network by the name of Ken Ryan. Natalie and Veronica wrote “Hell No!” in big bold 72 point print. Out of curiosity the two women pulled up the old profile that started things in the first-place and noticed a collage of their mutual female friends posted on the wall with the word “N E X T” written over their faces in bold print.


© Copyright 2018 Jausan. All rights reserved.

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