Mad in you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story revolves around a girl who believes that absence of one person can ruin our whole life and life can be devastated by the absence of those whom we want,need and are keen about but in a short time she walks from "LOVE IS LIFE" to "LIFE IS NAME OF PROCEEDING AND FORGETTING".

A girl standing besides the river sobbing, her eyes are puffed presenting a shade of helplessness, tears are constantly spurting down her emerald eyes.She puts her lying handbag over her shoulder and calls for taxi.She opens the wooden door with a key from her handbag and walks inside.

"Welcome Evelyn".Her maid greets her.

She is a girl from a broken family.In early age, she suffered the separation of her parents who now belong with different cities and have nothing to do with her except helping her in expenses.They are so busy in their own lives that they contact Evelyn only when she asks them to.She doesn't even remember when she saw her father last time perhaps, six years past when she was ten.She has a hunger and that is to be wanted,to be cared, to be remembered.In her life, she is searching for life.Its her break up night which she spent wandering on streets.She tried to contact him hundred times but he didn't pick up and tonight he declared "Theres nothing between us now." over a phone call.

"Thanks Rehanna! I want to take rest.''She tries to overcome the moans turning towards her room's door.

"As you find better."

She gets into her room the lamps felt like they are blazing and piercing into her soul.She finds better to turn light off.Sometimes, all we need is to be darkenened and vanished.The things that she is thinking are striking her mind like jolts.

"John it feels secure to be with you."She says caressing his knuckles.

"It means am meant to secure you, hold you."He says gripping her fingers.

"To enlighten me as well."She leans down over his shoulder.

"I want this to be never ending ."

"Likewise me."

"I love you Evelyn Russell."

"I love you more than you can ever do me."

"Intense love measures nothing it just gives all what it owns."

Her moans become louder as she sobbed in the pillow."I love you Evelyn Russell.I love you not only with my heart but the intent of my soul and thats all what I own a heart ,a soul."

She gets up, intrudes towards the bathroom, pulls the blade out of razor.Keeping her wrist over the commode's rim severs it forcefully.

"AAAAAAAAAAArgh."A loud shrill sound followed by moans.

Blood blurts and sprinkles out on her face.She closes her eyes and and another one.


She opens her eyes blinking towards the white ceiling, looking around she finds herself in hospital.

"You better need a psychologist."The old doctor says.

"Yes Doc. I'll take her."Rehanna replies.

She looks out of the window past Rehanna's shoulder.Firstly, she couldn't belive in her own eyes.


She stands up and rushes towards the door.

"Stop Evelyn!"Rehanna shouts behind.

She comes out in a big hall seeing her John ran down towards the main entrance.She rushed behind him.

"John listen please."A breathless plea escaped her lips.

She chases her onto the road.John pulls the car out,boosts the speed,he is about to apply gears but he saw Evelyn standing in front of his car, she looks pitiful.

"John come out."

In the amidst of the road,wearing hospital dress,having bandaged wrist,long untidy hair she was requesting.He takes a deep breath and comes out.

"Yes,what the mess are you creating for me."He blurted words to her face.

"John I love you."

"I know it."He rolls his eyes.

"Don't you love me?"Hope in her emerald eyes.

"I used to love you girl."he puts his sunglasses on.

"Used to!"

She fetches him into a hug.

"Please John I need you don't go be with me forever."She says with sobbing words.

"Don't try to be a shit babe."

He turns and purrs the car away.She slammed her hand on tne windscreen.

"Please john take me with you , please John."

She lay where she was standing.

"To every start there is an end,to every hope there is disillusion, to every

light there is darkness,to every thought there is impossibility, to every

decision there is hindrance, to every pride there is fall, to every love there

is loathe, to every life there is death, to every extreme there is extreme."

Tears wetted her eyes, she rubbed her bandaged wrist on the road.

"Don't do that!" Rebecca shouted."Come get up we are going to psychologist now."

They walk for a few minutes and Rebecca left her to a door.With pounding heart she openened it.

"Miss Evelyn right."Evelyn was looking down."Say it Evelyn, say it.What are you thinking."

She couldn't help herself to stop.The words were resting on the tip of her tongue.

"Evelyn they are saying you have psychological problem.They are looking for asylum.Say it Evelyn, say it."

"Can I trust you?" She lifts her eyes a little and she looks at the wrinkled hands of the doctor.

"You can, a person can have only two best freinds his diary and his psychologist."

"You know Doctor I am sixteen."She says looking down and pauses as to seek response.

"Yes I know it."

"And I have gone through the things you cannot imagine."She pauses again.

"What they are? I want to know them please tell me."

"Rejection, can you even imagine it?"She says emphasizingly.

"I can imagine well."The doctor says as if he has some old relation with that.

"I have felt it at ten."She sighs.

"It hurts?"

"Yes it hurts so deeper and its unbearable to bear it."Tears escaped her eyes.

"I know."

"No you don't, how can you? Her voice raising and lowering with moans.She stops for a while."You know at every step I realize I am nothing as if I have no weight.There is nothing in me as if I am arbitrary."

"You are not."

"Yes, I am a vessel with floral exterior but inside I have pore I am broken, I have emptiness and darkness."

"No, you don't."

"Stop negating."

"Why you wanted to be with him?"

"I never wanted, I demanded, I needed.I feel like people are getting out of my life and one day my life will be empty."

"It would never happen!"

"How can you say that have you ever experience a life without life?"

"You can never, people say I am mad yes I am mad, I am mad in him.John is life for me.He meants a life to me."She was weeping bitterly and her words were rapidly coming out of depths.

"You told me your life is like vessel."

"Yes, its a broken vessel."

"Evelyn if John is your life then why were you there? Why are you here?These are all your tactics to deny yourself.What you know about Evelyn?Do you even know her."

"Yes I know."

"Define Evelyn please define her."

"She is the girl totally dependent,she is the girl all destroyed,she is the girl meant to be nothing,she is none."

"Evelyn think for a while you are,what you will be?How will be you if you stay?"

She pauses "I will hate rejection.I will try to be something,I will be looking for hope to live,I will search for love and I will be mad in the person who will give it to me."

"Its all within you,you are within you,you are seeking for a thing thats all in you.Love is not tit for tat its to get deprived for your beloved one the more you deprive the more you love.Isn't it?"She nods in yes though hesitated.

During whole conversation she kept on gazing her hands and now she looked up to pass a smile to the doctor and she was astounded to see he was a young man from his hands she estimated him to be 60-65 but he was so young.

"I supposed that......................."She chuckled.

''Welcome back Evelyn! a really warm welcome."

The room echoed with their laughters.










Submitted: July 20, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Javairia Aftab . All rights reserved.

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