Someone I never knew

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A poem about my changing these last few months.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



I was a liar claiming to be a Saint, I was painfully obvious.

I was a shadow beneath a midnight moon, so mysetrious.

I was a psychiatrist tying a noose, never taking my own advice.

I was all these things and ran with them, even though it never felt right.

I was a sea serpent amongst mermaids, destroying everything beautiful around me.

I was a lawyer passing you judgement, but I never stood and gave my plee.

I was an great actor involved in smut, I thought I was making art.

I was all these things, why did I keep going even though it broke my heart?

I was a racer sprinting to the finish line, I sabatoged so many races.

I was a con man, selling fakes to all the pretty faces.

I was a rich man amongst the poor, but they saw none of my wealth,

I was all of these things, and this was "just me" and I would try and sell it.

But now:

I am an honorable man amongst the saints, and I practice what they preach.

I am a shadow in the light, layed out for everyone to see.

I am a psychatrists, burning thoses nooses, saving people who need me.

I am all these things and it's all I want to be.

I am a mereman amongst the mermaids, holding their beauty tightly.

I am a laywer, judging as if it were me in that seat.

I am an actor forging a great film, something to be proud of.

I am all of these things and I am finally someone I can love.

I am a racer playing by the rules, and doing what is right.

I am a genuine merchant, selling myself in a new light.

I am a rich man sharing my wealth with all those that need it,

I am all of these things and now there is nothing to regret.

I am you son, out to make you proud.

I am your brother, and I've changed without a doubt.

I am your friend and I will no longer stab you.

I am me someone I never knew.

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