Taming our lions

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Peace can be obtained, you can train a lion if you try hard enough, the urge may still be there, but nothing like it was before.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



We go to war with them, our enemies.  Brute force will teach bring us ever elusive peace.

We steal each others land hoping to find resources that are gone in the blink of an eye.

We let our greed overtake us,  for more and more we will reach.

Yet what for?  Just for a little dot lost in the abyss of time?

Brothers at war,

Parents torn,

Everyone is sore,

But we must have more!

Leaders deciding our fate from their office,

Dropped into a war against enemies in the same predicament.

I guess ignorance really is bliss,

Because for every man I kill the more I'll get.

Countries fighting over nothing,

Every language recognises the sound of a gun.

I guess it starts with me and the peace I'll bring.

I'm not just going to turn my back and run.

Because I don't care, everything is wrong,

There's a time to pray, and there's a time to fight.

But not with brute force, but with my somber song.

It's time to make this right.

So brothers and sisters drop your weapons,

Let your greed leave you, you can tame a lion if you try hard enough.

People of this world, my closest friends.

Let's show them that we've had enough!

Let's start a worldwide revolution,

Let us save our souls!

Let's become part of the solution.

Let's kill this ticking bomb before it explodes.

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