The Drama

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

When we were young we all had dreams of achieving greatness, no matter our race, religion, or culture, we all felt we were made for something. Along the way we lost sight of the goals we had, and now we are all actors and actresses stuck in midshow with no hope of finishing.

You're an actress in the spotlight, just trying to get your lines right.

And you're nervous as you stumble and fall, they point and laugh as you wish you could end it all.

You cry realising this isn't just a show, this is your life, and the thought of failure rips like a knife.

You wait for the lights to turn off, hoping the curtain will fall fast on this horrible act.

Your once great Emmy performance has withered and died, you just want to stuff it all down, you wish to hide.

Tears roll down your face as your critics take note, "Worst showing ever" they all gloat.

You gasp for air, choking on tears, this is the moment you dread, time to face your fears.

You look around, your fans have all gone, replaced by critics telling you all your wrongs.

You think back, you had always dreamed of this day.  Why did everything go this way?

Alone frozen by a bright light, no one to turn too.  What can you possibly do?

In a moment the crowd and the light start to spin, and you pass out.  You think about your life, maybe this wasn't the right route.

You awake to sound of a soft whisper, "Get up," you hear it say, "Get up and let's give them a play!"

"They can't see your heart," he says to you, "show them what you have." And in that moment you know what you must do.

You stand, refreshed in confidence, facing the silence, it's time to begin new, it's time to repent.

You remember standing in front of the mirror when you were little, and you remember why you're here.

To make an impression, to make a drama that will be carried away in the wind, to be seen and heard over and over again.

You're the star, so walk through it, calm and collected, because you are the one in the spotlight.

Just remember who your co-stars are, help them up when they fall down.  Pick them up and erase their frown.

And be sure to put on the best show you know how, and when it's all said and done face your fans, face your critics and take your bow.

From begining to end we are all stars living out our own movie, never let go of how you want it to be.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Javel. All rights reserved.

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