Job Well Done

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Two creatures fight for food, but there is more going on than first seems. Neat little story.

Submitted: July 27, 2008

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Submitted: July 27, 2008



The two beasts battled fiercely, each tearing at the other, both desiring the carcass a few meters away, neither willing to share. Their roars echoed through the dense forest surrounding the small clearing, scaring the majority of the weaker fauna from the vicinity.

One was a lithe, two-meter long reptile with piercing yellow eyes and gleaming teeth. He was a stubborn creature, one that wanted the animal it had hunted and killed mere minutes ago. That animal would be his, of that he was certain. Whirling around to face his foe once more, he lunged at it with a rippling snarl.

The other combatant was of the mammalian class, her sleek black fur shining blue in the sunlight. Repeatedly jumping and dodging the reptile, she taunted the other, her amber eyes sparkling. As she leapt, her paws would leave gouges in the earth where her claws raked through the soft soil. The mammal was ravenous. She would feast on meat tonight.  Already her opponent was tiring.

As the reptilian finally managed a decent blow, his furred enemy shoved off the tree she was smashed into and swatted him with her paw, leaving four deep gashes across his scaled flanks. He howled in frustration at his failure to deter the mammal from his meal. They both separated for a moment before merging anew in a blur of gnashing teeth and ivory claws with twin roars.

A third creature peeked through the underbrush into the clearing and watched intently, mildly amused by the battle taking place. The black one was doing well. Sadly, her competitor was too skilled a fighter for her to easily kill.

The observing creature was a humanoid, one that had learned how to survive, to adapt. Being only a meter or so in height, it could be said that he had a disadvantage in such a savage world. WhoeverCor whateverChad said that would be wrong, perhaps fatally, because he had an advantage over the beasts of his world. This slight humanoid was intelligent and innovative, with a sharp mind and good intuition. One of the greatest weapons.

Brushing his four-fingered hand over the leathery skin of his head, he continued to watch from the shadows, awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

The two beasts raged on before they broke apart and paced in a circle, panting heavily. They stared warily at each other as they waited for the brief respite to end. It was soon broken when both creatures flowed forward as one and it seemed as if they had achieved an arcane agreement exactly when to engage beforehand.

Now was the time.

The humanoid simply strolled into the clearing, slung the carcass over his shoulder and vanished into the hazy foliage of the underbrush completely unnoticed by the two carnivores.

Three minutes later, the reptile found himself victorious as his adversary unexpectedly fled, its footsteps soon fading into the distance. The exhausted beast limped in the direction of his kill. He looked towards where it should be and instead saw an empty patch of land. Sniffing the duff on the forest floor in confusion, he desperately searched for his prize. He numbly realized he had been cheated. The reptile lifted his head toward the heavens and released a low, lamented howl that echoed through the branches of the forest.

The humanoid, now a safe distance from the clearing, looked back over his shoulder in amusement before continuing toward his cozy abode.

u u u

Later that night, a carcass was roasting on a rotisserie over a fire pit in the center of a modest cave. The luscious scent of the meat was wafting through the air and the cave=s inhabitants= mouths watered in anticipation.

Hoping it was done, the humanoid poked the meat with a stick before deciding it was ready to eat. Careful not to burn himself, he took the meat from the flames. Taking out  a small flint knife, he carved off a large slab of the perfectly cooked animal, carefully handling the meat so not to spoil it.

AYou did an excellent job, Sheba.@

The large, dark shadow luxuriously stretched in a nearby nook paused in the cleaning of her claws to gaze appealingly at the humanoid, her amber eyes blazing as they danced in the firelight, clearly anxious for the meat she was about to receive. She had gotten her feast.

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