hidden truth about human races without prejudges

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here you will see why there are differences between races and why racism is bad and condemnable but also the equality concept is also wrong. here is a quality writing without taboos or prejudges and very revealing whit lots of esoteric and spiritual thinking

Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012





As the average civilized people can agree now a days to talk about human races in a free spontaneous way is almost a taboo, you know it’s like anyone can take it personal, the first thing that comes to mind is racism, or holocaust, well, i almost have to laugh when i think about that; humans are very easily diverted, you know after many years of traumatic experiences maybe we won’t be able to talk freely or speculate about anything without incurring in some taboo or forbidden terrain.

I’ll take my chances. The people that might take the wrong way my thinking anyway they are the most orthodox and intolerant “just follow the trend and you are on the right pad”. I don’t care about trends or so called rightness I just care about the only thing that can transform a piece of meat into a spiritual men and that is the true, whatever it is.

Secondly I want to make clear that this is not a review lesson of other authors teachings this is a new interpretation taking on count new and old sources, so I will limit myself give the estimated lector some references for if he would like to corroborate or further investigate my claiming.

It often happens that when you talk about some complicated subject (complicated to some people thus subjectively complex) is better to start with an open mind, assuming NOTHING, no filters, because that could make the whole difference.

Prejudges can distort and give the information a totally different interpretation than the intended or the real one.

Some time I said: well I explained you the issue and you answered that what I have told you could not be true. I agree that what you THINK I told you cannot be true but what I really told you but you didn’t understand did can be true.

What happens whit the human races subject is that there so much prejudges like everything else intentionally seeded to distract people from the truth.

The same people that defends furiously the Zionist movement without criteria or the human races equality also without really investigating alternative sources, are the same people that if tomorrow the media decided to support racism (something they already have done not many years ago) they will support it also whit the same ferocity because these people feel that their job is to defend not to truly research or analyze, just believe blindly in the establishment.

My dear friend don’t think I’m a racist I believe on the spiritual potential and immortality so what matter if there really are physical differences? they can only limit if the knowledge to overcome it is hidden.

The same establishment that lobbied without estimating on human resources for supporting slavery and inequality of treatment is the one that is supporting exactly the contrary now a days.

The establishment doesn’t loose an opportunity to divide and oppress people they did it on the slavery times and when it was no longer bearable for the expansion of civilization and for the next stage of the agenda, they decided to take the lies to the other extreme from saying that some races are like animal and deserve only bad treatment they ended saying that in fact we are all the same and that apparent differences were mere accidents of the climate. Well I think that neither of the above ideas are correct and any of them is nearer to the truth that the other.

Studies from many impartial sources say again and again that there are very verifiable differences on capacity and behavior within the races. Like the ones from J. Philippe Rushton: Race, evolution and Behavior, The bell curve of Richard j. Herrnstein and others.

They mention 3 races but in fact there are 4: the black, the red, the white and the oriental or yellow.

It seems that from looking to the skeleton or the human fluids scientists can determine the persons race so this is not just about the skin color, even the race determines the persons iq range of course whit its exemptions .

In IQ Orientals seem the highest (108 aprox), the whites in the middle (100 aprox) and the blacks at the end (80 aprox).

Not only that physically some races are more symmetric and aesthetic.

My point here is that your body is the house of the soul so imagine that a very unskilled architect decided to do a house for his own maybe won’t be as imponent and artistically designed than the one made by a very talented and creative architect but will be more primitive. Well the same is in the body according to your spiritual development is the human race where you born and your individual physical characteristics, and I’m not talking about beauty only that is of course also related but about abilities and creativity.

So is not that your body is something imposed to you by accident it is your own creation and the good news is that when you change your awareness you can change your physicality also.

Normally the people that today are on the less favored races in the next incarnation perhaps will born in a better race and circumstances.

But there are some case in which even in the same race some individuals succeed over their relatives and they end looking very different and developing better abilities and getting involved in better conditions.

So what matters if there are racial differences if they depend only of you. To say that we are all equal is mostly a diverting thinking.

Epigenetics is the new science that tell us that the genes are determined by the people’s behavior and attitudes (not viceverza) so while most families share exactly these things they end sharing the genes also.

The equalitarian supporters say that theres no gene for race well why should there be a gene race in order to acknowledge the differences on races, we share more that 99% of our genes whit chimpanzees and we won’t ever confound one whit humans and not only this little genes difference is noticed physically but in the intellect.

We should know that the sole contact of the spirit whit matter made it beautiful and intelligent. is not the external factors that matters because they can easily be overcome by the intelligent awareness. When we change internally our extern situations reflect it.

We all humans are beautiful but some are more advanced in the spiritual path and that reflects on the physical vehicle.

Why so much scandal? If someone told me that is something better that I can aspire instead of degrading that something I would be stimulated to achieve it, why if some races are on its souls childhood instead of helping then develop they cheat them telling them that there’s nothing better?.

This is important the system has used the differences to justify horrible thing (they use everything they can to justify their ends) but these same differences can be used to justify a better and more compassionate world.







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