Agent 1 Chapter 3

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Sorry guys chapter 2 is called agent 2 chapter 2 i messed up with the name. Please read leave a comment. Become a fan please.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



Chapter 3- Things start working out

The bell rang telling us lunch time had started, I was feeling how normal it was to be a normal kid. As I was exiting the music room, someone grabbed me by the arm. I turned around, a bunch of girls were looking at me with fingers on their mouth. They patiently waited until everyone had gone. They spoke in harmony “Do you like Kirsty?” .Was it ok to say it in front of them, I slowly nodded. Their eyes got bigger, they were Kirsty’s friends; they were all in my class. One of the girls called Anna spoke squeakily “You know she likes you right, don’t tell anyone” her eyes became serious. Slowly they giggled and walked away. I was overwhelmed by the news, and ran downstairs. I ran looking for Kirsty, my running practice kicked in, I ran past doors in order to find Kirsty. My heart setting beat for a love song, I needed to find if what the girls said was right. I reached the Library floor, I stopped, and I slowly walked towards the doors of the library and entered. My eyes searching for her, looking through bookshelf. I turned; Kirsty was standing right behind me. She spoke with the softest of voice “Are you looking for me? Cause I was looking for you” I stared into her eyes, she was waiting for me to say something. “You know there is this restaurant, do you want to you know, come hang out with me?”

“Yes, I want to come with you” she boomed.

Dinner night, I wore the best I could, a nice suit that fit me, Nike trainers. We had decided on a restaurant, it was actually her restaurant; her father was the manager. It was a well know international chain restaurant. This was the first time me meeting her parents, of course they knew who I was. Kirsty didn’t know that her parents were Secret Agents once. I arrived on a bike, Mr English had told me to and talk to her father, I actually lied to him about the date, I told him it was like a class party. It was a grand hotel, the name, Saison, I entered through the door. There was quite a lot of people there, I looked around a bit and moved forward. Then a waiter came up to me and asked “Are you here to meet Kirsty?”

“Yea” I nodded.

“Please follow me” he was a kind young Vietnamese man. He spoke good English. He lead me through a corridor until, we arrived at a door that said Private. He opened the door and let me in. “Thank you” I said. He nodded and walked back the way we had come from. I entered a room with bright yellow lights, there were fewer tables in here, in the middle there was a grand table. Kirsty turned around and smile at me; she wore a beautiful red dress with matching earrings, she had makeup on and a red bright lipstick. She looked beautiful, she walked to me and gave me hug “So glad you came”

I looked at her “You look amazing, beautiful even!” she gave a small smile. She took me by the hand and guided me to the table we were going to sit on. Kirsty’s dad came as we were heading to the table, he was like a bodyguard; he had muscles showing through the coat. He had a rough face, some parts wrinkled. His blue eyes starting through me; he reached out his hand to me to shake it. I shook his hand; his grip was really tight he was obviously much more than a restaurant manager.  “Hello, you must be Abhishek or Ab as my daughter likes the Ab more” he smiled. His voice was rough, and low.

“Hi, I am fine with that, the whole class calls me that” I smiled at him. He smiled back, he turned around “you guys go ahead start dinner, I have some work to take care of.” And he walked away. I did my part pulling the chair and waiting for Kirsty to sit down first, then me. “Wow you know, many people are scared of my dad, but you we different. If I had a boy or boy’s come over he would literal survey me. When he heard your name he was like bring him over.”

“I am here only you” I told her. Kirsty blushed.

Dinner was great I met Kirsty’s mom and got to know her dad better. “Hey agent 1 we have a message from the agency.” I ran to agent 21

“What does it say?”

Agent 21 read out be careful, we are finding lots of activity going on. It’s going to be the worst of the worst.









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