Son of Indra Chapter 4

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Mt Kailash, a beautiful and religious mount for many religions. I hope you like the chapter.

Chapter 4- Mt Kailash

We had just crossed the border from India to Tibet; it took a long time to get our visa. I felt like Percy was hiding something from me, he was a good friend but things were happening so fast that I felt I had missed some main things out. Was Ravan behind this, was Kali and Ravan in some sort of partnership. Things weren’t making sense at all. Mt Kailash wasn’t far from the border it was a short drive after the getting our visa.

I got out of the car; my legs were weak after sitting that long. I turned around to face a huge mountain, it was amazing. The snow tipped the top of the mountain, a fresh icy river flowed beside it. I had a feeling that I couldn’t describe; it just made me freeze. I looked at the peak of the mountain; I could just barely see a face. It made me feel like I was in heaven; I knew how heaven felt like I was born there and when I was 11 I visited my father. “It’s great isn’t it?” Percy said looking at the huge mountain; I guess he had the same feeling.

“It’s amazing” fog appeared out of my mouth, the air around us was cool and it was starting to get frosty. Percy walked to the boot of the car and opened it, he took out a huge bag that said “FOR MOUNTNEERS” “c’mon it’s getting late, we should make tents” Percy spoke


And I helped him set a tent up. It was a huge tent and it was comfy inside. The sun was setting; I and Percy sat on a giant rock watching the sun set in the mountains, the smoke from the fire kept the mosquitos away, but not the ants. I got bitten by a huge black ant, the huge one didn’t really bite they were the collectors for the pride. They still can bite if threatened, and their bite stung. I ignored the big black ants beside me and looked up; the sun was setting in a valley. It looked amazing, once in a life time opportunity. I was so dazzled by the site; that I watched the sun until it completely disappeared leaving darkness behind.

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