Son of Indra Chapter 1

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Son of Indra in Hinduism, Son of Zeus in Greek and Son of Jupiter in Roman.
The gods are real!
I am inspired by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson)

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



Son of Indra


Chapter 1- My Secret

  I was walking through the busy corridor of school, my next lesson English. My heart was pumping; we were supposed to get our essays today. I was the best in English in my class but even I had trouble with it. I reached for the door of the English classroom, as I entered my teacher Mr. Robert smiled at me. I was about to get good news I guess.  I sat in my chair waiting for some people to arrive; everyone sat down as Mr. Robert began to speak. “Ok class, settle down, today you will get your essays back with their grades” Mr. Robert began to give out the marked essays; my heart was pumping as he handed my paper to me. I looked at the grade he had given me; A+ I felt joy burst out of my heart.

As I was leaving class, Mr. Robert made the stop sign. I stopped; he waited for everyone to leave. “Where did you get this idea? It’s so good” he said excitedly.

“Well, I always thought Greek gods, Roman gods and Hindu gods are similar. Except them have different names, they all have the king of gods and all of them have the power of the sky. Indra the king of gods in Hinduism controls the sky, Zeus the king of gods in Greek controls thee sky and then Jupiter the king of gods in Roman controls the sky. You see they sort of have resemblance.” I explained

“Wow that is a good idea. Ok you can leave now” he said

I left the class room and headed for lunch time, he didn’t know one thing about this idea I had got; it was based on real life. The Gods are real! Well some of them. I am the son of Indra because I am Hindu, in Greek I would be the son of Zeus and in Roman I would be the son of Jupiter. 

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